Four Egypt Photos at The American Museum of Natural History!

Me Ra Koh

It is a honor to have four Egypt photos at The American Museum of Natural History!  When I first got the word from Sony that my Egypt photos would hang in the Natural History Museum, I about fell off my chair.  Last Thursday night, that honor became a reality!  Here is a sneak peak video of the AWE-mazing night I shared with my fellow family of Sony Artisans.  You may notice that I’m glowing, absolutely GLOWING!

a NYC pop up display printing company did the printing of all the Artisans work for the exhibit.  Every year, we have the absolute honor of Duggal doing the most incredible job with this huge task.  Seeing your photography in print, on exhibit in the Natural History Museum…I am and was speechless.  They did fun interviews from that night with each of the Sony Artisans, and those will be a blast to watch in the next couple weeks as they post them on Duggal’s blog.  You can also watch the SONY Artisans give their Photo Plus Presentations at the SONY booth here!

Here are the four photos from Egypt that were on exhibit!

My twelve year old, Pascaline, learning the secrets of withstanding the sand and wind with Bedouin garb.

Girl in Bedouin Garb, Black and White, Four Egypt Photos at The American Museum of Natural History by Me Ra Koh

The below photo was taken in the Valley of the Whales.  It was probably the most AWE-mazing location to photograph in Egypt.  We were four hours drive from any body of water, and yet the ground was covered with seashells.  Brian and the kids are standing on coral reef from oceans that lived a gazillion years ago.  And as you walk through this valley, you come across the skeletal structure of whole whales that simply ran out of water–every vertebrae in it’s place…the sight is surreal.

Valley of the Whales Black and White Photo, Four Egypt Photos at The American Natural History Museum by Me Ra Koh

Blaze wanted me to take a photo of his footsteps “looping” through the frame.  He wanted it to look like “I’m the first boy to ever walk the earth.”  The creativity from kids never ceases to blow me away.

Boy Walking in Desert, Black and White, Four Egypt Photos at The American Museum of Natural History!

Pascaline and her camel.  Seeing this in print was just magnificent and brought tears to my eyes.

Camel Tours at Pyramids, Black and White, Four Egypt Photos at The American Museum of Natural History by Me Ra Koh

This is a small sampling of the endless beauty of Egypt.  A life changing trip that our family will never forget.  Each of these photos were shot with SONY’s a99 DSLR, and set on the Black and White mode.  I purposely chose black and white to convey the extremes of how the press shows Egypt’s turmoil while not showing the beauty of it.  As Cristina Mittermeier, a fellow SONY Artisan, once told me “It is always easier to photograph the hopeless, but to capture the beauty and hope that still thrives and lives despite the hopelessness–that is the honor we have as photographers.”

Our hope in going to Egypt was to bring a different side of press to the mystery and magic of this wonderful country.  It is a honor to see that visibility reach the Natural History Museum.  May our Egyptian friends feel celebrated and acknowledged today.

Big thank you to Sony for being our champions.  And we could not have made this trip without the travel expertise of Uncover the World.

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  1. ali anderson says:

    woman. you BLOW me away. and daaaaang – how ’bout that a99!!!