We Need Your Help with a Title!

Me Ra Koh

This week Brian and I do our first mock presentation of the family travel show, so mentor and friend, Jeff Jochum can tear it apart.  🙂  I say that last bit tongue-in-cheek because Jeff is simply amazing at finding all the holes and weaknesses to make your proposal that much stronger, and yet it can be so painful.  But no pain, no gain!  Right?!

But we need your help too!  Specifically…we need your help with a title!  Will you help us think of a ROCKING title for this show?  I can write a whole book about something, but ask me to sum it all up in two or three words…ugh…NOTHING.  I STINK at titles!

If we choose your title to be the “working title”, I will send you an autographed copy of my new book Your Child in Pictures which hits stores when?????  Yep, October 1st!!!  That’s Tuesday folks!  Woo hoo!!  You’ll be one of the first to get a copy of my new book!

thinking of titles

(Shot in Egypt when our Land Cruiser got stuck in the desert sands.  I LOVED everyone’s shadows.)

Parameters for the title:

-It can only be one, two or three words

-We need the word “family” to be one of those words

The slogan might be something like; taking you off the beaten path…

I know some of you are just whizzes with thinking of smart, fun titles!  Calling your gifts today!  Leave your title ideas in the comments!  And then check back here on Tuesday to see if we have a winner!  (What else is happening on Tuesday????  The book releases!!!!  I know I already said that, but I am pretty excited! :))

Look at the Travel Channel website for ideas of what has already been done.  You’ll see why we need the word “Family” in it.  We want viewers to know right away when they are looking at TV guides and programming that this is a Family Travel show.  (whoop!  whoop!)




  1. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Oh, I am so excited for you guys!!!

    Family Travel Adventures

    Fun Family Travels

  2. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Traveling With Family

    Exciting Family Destinations

    Adventurous Family Travel

    Can’t wait to hear other ideas too! 🙂

  3. BreAnna Schumacher says:

    Here’s a few to start with:

    The Family Map

    New Family Map

    Family in Flight

    Family Quest

    Family Trek

    World Family Trek

    Family Journey

    Family + Map = Adventure

  4. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Destination: Family Adventures

    Global Family (pick one: Treks, Adventures, Travels)

    This is too much fun! It is making me want to travel too! 🙂

  5. BreAnna Schumacher says:

    I’m hoping by putting my thoughts down, it may spark a new & better idea from someone else…

    Family Baggage

    Family of Four

    The Family Compass

    Destination: Family Fun

    Destination: Family Adventure

    Family Frontier

  6. BreAnna Schumacher says:

    Okay, I’ll take a break now 😉

    Unexpected Family Adventures

    Unexpected Family Destinations

  7. Linda says:

    Family Destination: Egypt. Exploring ancient architecture and sandy terrain.

  8. Linnea says:

    Family Wanderlust or Wanderlust Family.
    Family Venture or Venture Family.

  9. Linda says:

    Exploratravel and Family
    A Family Abroad
    Family Journey
    Slogan: exploring ancient sites with young children

  10. Familiys Endless Hourglass ?

  11. Karla Di Saverio says:

    Family in motion
    Family destination: The world
    Family Destination
    the globe-trotting family
    Global Family excursions
    Journey as a family
    Family, travel, memories

    I had some more, but my phone died before I could publish the comment. I’ll add some more if they come back to me. Good luck with the pitch

  12. Theresa LaFrance says:

    Fun Family Adventures

    Vacations Family Style
    Fabulous Family Fun
    Memories: Family Style

  13. Karla Di Saverio says:

    Family globe trotting 101
    A Family’s global adventure
    The family travel challenge
    Family traveling 101
    A family’s journey

  14. Rekha says:

    Fabulous Family Getaways
    Fun Family Getaways
    Family Getaways
    Adventures: Family Edition

  15. Sarah Card says:

    Family Moving Forward

  16. Me Ra says:

    I’m SO GLAD I just asked all of YOU!!! These ideas are simply FANTASTIC!!! Keep em coming!

    Sending you the BIGGEST thank you!!!!


  17. Stephanie H. says:

    Fun, Family, Travel – One Adventure at a Time
    Family Leaving Footprints – One Community to the Next
    Family Trekking Forward
    Fresh, Family, Adventure – Are You With Us?
    Family Ventures Forward – Making Travel Memories

    Blessings to you and your family! Thank you for sharing your heart and vision.

  18. Erica Loewenguth says:

    How about:
    Unimaginable Family Excursions

    Unforgettable Family Adventures

    The Gallivanting Family

    Journey…Family Style

    Bon Voyage Family

    Amazing Family Journey

    Congratulations Me Ra & family! Can’t wait to see the show 🙂

  19. Michelle S says:

    I cannot wait to hear about your adventures!!!!!

    Traveling Family Style
    Family Around the World
    Me Ra’s Family Adventures

  20. Michelle S says:

    Globe-Trotting Family Fun/Adventure
    Real Family Travels/Vacations/Getaways

  21. Me Ra Koh says:

    Thanks for all the AWESOME IDEAS every one! Hope to hear more! Loving all the ideas!

  22. BreAnna Schumacher says:

    Postcards from the Family

    Family Postcards

    The Hitchhiking Family

    Family 2 Go

    The Off-road Family

  23. Genie says:

    The Land of Family with Me Ra Koh – am I too late???

  24. Juanita says:

    ‘Living the Dream’ Family
    Family Nomadic Adventures