Making the Circle: For Every CONFIDENCE Student

Me Ra Koh

For those of you who have been a CONFIDENCE student in our 2-Day Workshop, you might remember how I often end the weekend.  We clear all the tables and chairs and get in a big circle.  Many of you often look at me with eyes that say “I am NOT going to sing or perform!”  And I love to tease that little fear in you.  But to your relief, we go around the circle and each say one, two or three words that represent how we are feeling as we bring an end to the last two days.

I am often speechless when we go around the circle.  The words that women share are powerful, healing and magical.  Confidence is often a word chosen, but there are many other unexpected words.  This last weekend, women shared the words; inspired, ready, nervous but excited too, hope, space to exhale, alive.

When it came to me, I started to cry.  I finish the circle, and yet I was flooded with memories of the last six years–women’s hearts transformed, opened, healed, confidence birthed, and so much more.  I’m not saying Brian and I will never hold our CONFIDENCE Workshop again, but we know that we are pushing pause on an amazing season.  We are stepping forward into the unknown to birth a new creation.  We are mentoring and providing business coaching to our 19 teachers on a weekly basis.  We know this is their season too, and we are meant to help raise them up, build a strong platform underneath them, and coach them into sustaining confidence–the kind that releases confidence into all the women our teachers will encounter.

But can I just say what a honor it has been do know each one of our CONFIDENCE students these last six years because they have passed the tests with the help of  Can I say how much each of you, all 650 plus ladies, have moved my heart, inspired me, and often breathed life and encouragement into me in ways that you’ll never know.  The giving has always been mutual.  The inspiration went both ways.  The empowerment and courage that each of you modeled as you dove into finding confidence, empowered me to not hold back in all my dream chasing.

You are the most beautiful ladies I have ever met.  And I want to thank you for sharing your life with me and Brian.  I believe our paths will cross again.  But until that time, thank you for all the confidence that each one of you has breathed into me.

For the last CONFIDENCE Workshop, we had to do a group shot that was different.  Silly.  Even a little sultry.  (Oh wow!  The ladies were such sports as I set them each up in their spot for this!)  Thank you ladies for making our last workshop so incredibly special.  We were meant to be together this last weekend, and the laughter, breakthrough, tears, all the above…I carry it all in my heart as precious gifts.

Confidence with your camera, Me Ra Koh Workshops

Too much fun!

Confidence with your camera, Me Ra Koh Photography Workshops

As we finish going around the circle, it’s always so hard to break it.  I often want to stay in that circle with all of you, in the safety, the wonderful acceptance, the encouragement we have all found in each other.  That is often when I often look at Brian and make him break the circle.  🙂  But ladies, right now I’m picturing all 650plus of us, standing in this big, beautiful, rich circle.  And I say we don’t break it.  I say we keep it growing, take all the circles and combine it into one big circle.  How?  Not sure, but my heart is open to what new life is ahead.  Who knows, maybe we’ll start doing CONFIDENCE Refresh Workshops in Thailand, Bali or the Maldives!  We could do our circle on the beach!  I can picture it now!  What do you think?!

I’ve created a private Facebook Group that is invite only.  It is for all every CONFIDENCE student that has ever come through our workshop.  If you’d like to join and meet some of the other beautiful women who share your same heart and passion for photography, healing and joy, click here to ask for an invite to the group or look it up on Facebook under MeRa Koh CONFIDENCE Students.  I know you would ALL love each other.  One day I hope to bring you all together at one time because honestly…that would also be TOO MUCH FUN!



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  1. Sarah Nguyen says:

    Me Ra, reading this brought back great memories of the Sacramento Confidence workshop. It was one of the best and most special weekends of my life. I was so blessed to learn from you and Brian and meet the other wonderful ladies that attended. You and Brian made us laugh and cry. You inspired and encouraged us. I loved watching you shoot and connect with people. I loved hearing your stories. I’m excited for the new facebook group and can’t wait to connect with more Confidence ladies there!

    Cheering you on for your new adventures ahead! 🙂 Take care and thanks for everything you do!

  2. Me Ra Koh says:

    Sarah!!! I remember our Sacramento workshop like it was YESTERDAY!!! Where does the time go! Remember the photo shoot we did in the alleyway, and the shots we did in the different bedrooms of that beautiful B&B? What a wonderful weekend, and I’m so thankful for how you keep in touch! It’s such a gift to hear from you, and so encouraging. You must know girl. It’s a gift to see your name pop up in the comments! All my love!!


  3. Shelly Stewart says:

    I hope that our paths will cross again. Good luck with your next dream on the list~

  4. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    My word was limitless. I remember the tears of joy I had in my eyes and the way my voice quivered as I said it…because I wanted to shout it out but tried to contain myself. I remember not wanting to leave that circle, that room, but also knowing I needed to leave to begin the next big chapter of my life, the one filled with an new-found excitement and creativity. That workshop began a new season of confidence in all areas of my life. Thank you for sparking a new beginning within me! Love you to pieces. xoxo

  5. BreAnna says:

    WOW! 650+ ladies?? That’s amazing! I feel so fortunate to have been one of them. I’m so sad that I had to leave early to catch my flight and missed out on the closing. I’m not sure what my word would have been back then, but now I would say “thankful”. I’m thankful for your generosity in giving away a spot to your workshop, I’m thankful for all that I have learned from you on your blog and in person, and I am so very thankful for all of the amazing ladies I met and keep in touch with from the workshop. Thank you so very much!!