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I’m excited to share our newest EGYPT episode with Disney; How to Photograph Historic Monuments! We filmed this on our third day in Egypt.  Or I should say, BRIAN filmed this, did all the audio, as well as enlisted our Egyptologist and Camel Guides to help.  🙂 It was our first “family travel” mini-episode where […]

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Where men are expected to cook, sing and…

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cast your cares

Cast Your Cares – Overcoming Fear – Dallas Speaker & Author After the many responses and comments from Surviving as an Entrepreneur, I was reminded of how many of us are facing fears and stresses that often leave us feeling isolated. The encouragement to cast your cares is something we know in our head but […]

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The house sitter is almost here.  The bags are packed.  The taxi is showing up any time!  We are headed to Egypt!  I still can’t believe it!!!  There will be so much to share, but I thought I would start with ‘how to pack’ because this alone has already been a little adventure in itself! […]

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