How to Pack Your Family for the Unknown

Me Ra Koh

The house sitter is almost here.  The bags are packed.  The taxi is showing up any time!  We are headed to Egypt!  I still can’t believe it!!!  There will be so much to share, but I thought I would start with ‘how to pack’ because this alone has already been a little adventure in itself!

Up until a couple weeks ago, whenever I thought of visiting Egypt I pictured the pyramids, lots of desert sand and hot-hot sun.  Now that we are taking the kids for a month long adventure, I’m shocked at what we are actually packing!

With the help of Egypt Uncovered, our tour company, I’m learning that there are a handful of necessary items to bring that I never would have guessed.  I mean truly …. never, in a million years, did I think we’d bring winter down jackets!

To see all seven items that you want to pack for Egypt, go to my Babble column!

Here we go!!!




  1. oh man, this brings back memories of packing for a month in Africa! i had some of the most random stuff in my suitcase that i never would have imagined bringing on a trip, including a jar of peanut butter 🙂