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A Day in the Life of a Photographer

Me Ra Koh

Welcome to a new monthly series–an exercise in creativity–to inspire you and your photography!  Starting with this month, me and a number of our CONFIDENCE Teachers will join together to give you a dose of photo inspiration based on a certain theme.  Similar to a relay, I will link to the next CONFIDENCE teacher so you can see how she captured the month’s theme, and she will link to the next teacher and on we go!  Fun, right?!

This first month’s theme is A Day in the Life of a Photographer.   I had a LOT of fun with this one!

Brian and I had this idea to film a special video near the pyramids that involved camels, tons of sand, Bedouin Guides who took us by camel to find the right spot, and a handful of other funny things that will entertain you!  This photo is a still taken from our video shoot.

As I was shooting, and the camels were being super fussy and whiny (who knew camels could whine!), I kept thinking ‘I can’t believe this is a day in my life!  What a life!’

We hope this series of posts will inspire, entertain and empower you!  And we invite you to join in by taking your own photo of the month’s theme and posting it on my Facebook page!  You don’t have to be a professional photographer to join in the fun.  You can use whatever camera you have; a smart phone, Point and Shoot or DSLR. The most important thing is that you shoot from the heart.

Now head on over to our Chicago CONFIDENCE Teacher, Kelli Kalish Photography, who takes the most BEAUTIFUL BW imagery to see what a day in her life looks like!





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  3. Love this new series! It was so much fun to follow along with each photographer as she went through her day!

  4. Say hi to Brian. What is the time difference from Eygyt to here?

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