Beyond the Pyramids: Nubian Culture and Their Painted Doors

Me Ra Koh

Once you get outside of Cairo and go beyond the pyramids, you begin to experience another side of Egypt.  The Nubian Village was one of our family’s favorite parts of the tour.

On the outside, the Nubian village looks simple, dry, and is almost easy to miss with all the rubble.

Nubian Village, Aswan, Egypt, Family Travel

But the wonders of what lives on the inside of these stone walls inspired my heart and creative spirit.

Aswan, Egypt, Nubian Painted Doors

Follow us into Fazi’s village as we visit a school, explore their painted doors, and are inspired by how beauty and creativity flourish in the most simplest of places.  And get this, Nubian men are expected to cook, play the drums and sing!  Need I say more?!

Aswan, Egypt, Nubian Village, Family Travel, Me Ra Koh Photography

CLICK HERE to see the photos from our time at the Nubian Village. (All you “door lovers” are going to enjoy!)



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  1. I really enjoy seeing Egypt through your eyes

  2. Julie Watts says:

    Cook, drum, sing? That’s sounds like my husband!! I didn’t know there were more of them!! 😀

  3. Me Ra Koh says:

    LOL Julie!!! There is a whole culture of them! Girl, you are always cracking me up! did you see my birthday post of us posing as 1920 girls? Thanks again for coming to my bday party, I just love YOU!