Protection from the Storm Within when Fear Overwhelms Us during the Coronavirus. Me Ra Koh Photography

Ancient shepherds used to anoint their sheep with oil for protection. Learn how you can take this metaphor and find protection from the storm within.

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Portrait of Me Ra Koh and her daughter. Cure for fear when raising kids in uncertain times.

Do you have young children? If you’re struggling with fear, this is a story of when I first found a cure for fear as a young mom nineteen years ago.

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Ben if 14 years old. Hear how he flipped the script to overcome fear. I also share a list of my favorite actions for defeating anxiety.

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One of the best way to handle fears is to ring your YES bell that actually exists in the PNW mountains!

My mom and I took a special three day hiking trip together. Along the way we discovered a huge YES bell in the middle of the forest! I had never seen anything like it! Little did I know, this bell was the best way to handle fears that day! The massive bell was suspended from […]

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overcoming your greatest challenge can feel like you're riding into an ominous storm, but there is a path. This is about overcoming fear.

Overcoming your greatest challenge can feel riding into an ominous storm.  (shot with SONY a7r) Overcoming your greatest challenge is essential to dream building.  But what is the greatest challenge?  To build your vision is to engage in a process of many steps.  Are there steps that are harder than others?  Absolutely.  It’s a long […]

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Our family of four stepped into the unknown on March 25, 2014. We put our sweet home of 10 years on the market, packed all our belongings into storage, and set off to film our dream — a family travel show that goes off the beaten path, inspiring families to become their own adventure families […]

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