Overcoming Fear

Flip the Script to Overcome Fear – Dallas Family Photographer

Me Ra Koh

How to Flip the Script to Overcome Fear – Dallas Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh Portraits

Flip the Script to Overcome Fear - Dallas Family Photographer, Me Ra Koh

Culture of Fear

There is a need to overcome fear. When Costco starts rationing their flats of water and TP is impossible to find, things start to feel a bit upside down. You see up close how we live in a culture of fear. The Coronavirus has impacted the world. We need inspiration more than ever.

I can’t think of a better portrait and person to inspire us.

Ben just turned 16 years old. His family flew from Minnesota for their family portraits. Before they came, we found out that Ben loves to do flips. And he’s REALLY GOOD at them!

For most of Ben’s life, he’s had to deal with physical challenges and sickness. When he does a flip, he feels free–as if all those past challenges and constraints can’t touch him now. He leaves the ground, tucks into a ball, and owns his strength and resolve. And when he lands, HE LANDS.

I am Resilient

His mom called his portrait “I am resilient.”

Ways to Overcome Fear

I posted a video on Facebook earlier in the week of Brian and I taking a bike ride. Doing flips like Ben terrifies me. But I hear his message loud and clear. What is one action you can take to flip the script to overcome fear?

For me that action step was dusting off our bikes, Brian blowing up the tires and taking my cruiser with bubble gum pink fenders out for a ride in the sunshine.

Oh, it filled my soul! It was my way of flipping the stress, fear and worry.

More Ways to Overcome Fear

I love that Ben’s mom describes him as energetic, curious, playful, sensitive and an out-of-the-box thinker. You can totally see it, right?!

Every one of those attributes are weapons to overcome fear.

Sometimes it’s easier to think of ideas when you picture what it means for you to be curious. What does being playful look like to you? If you are a more sensitive person, how can you extend that gift to someone else this week?

What is something you can do this week?

Some of my favorite ideas to overcome fear are;

  • long walks
  • trip to the local bookstore
  • take a yoga or zumba class
  • journal in the morning before I start my day
  • read the classic book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie (quite possibly the BEST book, especially now)
  • make homemade soup with Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits playing in the background
  • fill my bird feeders
  • stroll through a nursery or time in the garden
  • ask a friend how I can pray for them
  • find Bible versus on fear and anxiety to write down and stick to my bathroom mirror and share with a friend
  • watch a movie in the middle of the day by myself when I’m really overwhelmed
  • go for a swim to let my mind and thoughts sink into the rhythm of pushing and pulling the water as I do laps
  • rock climb to slow myself down and focus on that next hold and nothing else
  • discover how your loved ones inspire you

Ben, thanks for being an inspiration to overcome fear by just being you! Happy birthday! I wanted to celebrate who you are and what you give to the world!

How Does Your Family Inspire You?

You don’t have to do a TED talk to inspire the world. You can be a teenager like Ben, determined to overcome the limits others have put on him. Instead of letting fear consume you, what if we took time to discover how your loved ones inspire you.

Click this link to schedule a Discovery Call with our wonderful team. Through a series of thoughtful questions, we’ll help you discover and celebrate what means most in this season of life (not fear).

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Family is a Work of Art

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  1. Ben you’re awesome!!! And happy Birthday!
    What great ideas MeRa for flipping all the scripts of fear we hear, especially with this Coronavirus.