7 Ways to Empower Your kids with Money by Me Ra Koh

What are things you wish you would have known about money when you were younger? Here are 7 ways to empower your kids with money to set them up for success!

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When I feel overwhelmed by all the uncertainity, I plunge my hands into dirt. The practice of planting, cultivating, waiting is like gardening the soul. My heart thinks it wants a crystal ball for the future, but my fortune telling never holds fortune.

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Do you have a reluctant student or child when it comes to writing? Here are 5 Ways to Help Kids with Writing for All Ages from Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. Before she picked up a camera, she taught high school English for seven years! These are her favorite storytelling, writing techniques to engage the most reluctant of writers. .

Forget about final drafts (for now). Let’s unleash the writer first! Here are 5 More Ways to Help Kids with Writing.

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Permission to Grieve by Me Ra Koh, Dallas Speaker and Author

Permission to Grieve – Meditations – Dallas Speaker & Author Imagine standing on a beach with your little ones. Grief is rolling toward you like the waves. The kids don’t see it. They just want to splash in the water and play in the sand. Their joy is overwhelming and only heightens your pain. You […]

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Do your kids struggle with math? Our family shares favorite ways to help kids with math from primary to high school. Be encouraged parents. There is hope!

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Protection from the Storm Within when Fear Overwhelms Us during the Coronavirus. Me Ra Koh Photography

Ancient shepherds used to anoint their sheep with oil for protection. Learn how you can take this metaphor and find protection from the storm within.

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