Do your kids struggle with math? Our family shares favorite ways to help kids with math from primary to high school. Be encouraged parents. There is hope!

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Protection from the Storm Within when Fear Overwhelms Us during the Coronavirus. Me Ra Koh Photography

Ancient shepherds used to anoint their sheep with oil for protection. Learn how you can take this metaphor and find protection from the storm within.

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Mother's Day Luxury Gift Certificates for an unforgettable photography experience with Me Ra Koh Portraits.

Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift — Dallas Family Photographer — Me Ra Koh Portraits Before the Coronavirus, Brian and I were working on a special video to celebrate moms. We wanted to offer an unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift. Now with all the uncertainty around us, this video and promotion couldn’t feel more timely. No matter how […]

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Portrait of Me Ra Koh and her daughter. Cure for fear when raising kids in uncertain times.

Do you have young children? If you’re struggling with fear, this is a story of when I first found a cure for fear as a young mom nineteen years ago.

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How to help your kids survive college rejections.

Helping Your Kids Survive College Rejections – Meditations – Dallas Speaker & Author For nine months, life has been about helping your kids survive college rejections. Pascaline has had quite the journey filled with pain, confusion, disappointment and unexpected reward. We moved Pascaline into her dorm room weekend before last.  She is one of three […]

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What I’ve discovered over the last 15 years… As a veteran mom of homeschooling, I want to encourage you with the 6 most important goals for homeschooling. Each day we did homeschool, I felt a mix of uncertainty, fear and joy. When you choose to swim upstream, you don’t have the mass majority affirming your […]

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