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The Best Way to Pack Your Camera Bag for Travel! (VIDEO)

Me Ra Koh

Best Way to Pack Your Camera Bag for Travel – Gear We Use – Me Ra Koh

Yes, this post is titled “The Best Way to Pack Your Camera Bag for Travel”.  Why?  Simple. Brian is behind this post.  And in Brian’s mind (I simply don’t fight it anymore), there is only one way to pack your camera bag.  That is way is the best way.  You are in luck because he is excited to share this best way with you!  🙂

I totally tease him, but I have to admit he has earned my respect when it comes to “packing expertise”.  Every summer, I see ALL the camping gear set in the driveway.  I think to myself ‘There is NO WAY we are getting all that gear in the car, plus the Golden Retriever!’  And every year, Brian asks me to go inside while he works his magic.  To see all that stuff actually in the car…well, it really is magical. 

So when I told Brian I wanted to do a post for Disney on how to pack your camera bag, he was like “How to pack it or the BEST way to pack it?”  He proceeded to tell me the science on how he packs our camera bags.  And you know what, not bad!  In the end, this Disney post was pretty much by him!

Watch the Order of How He Packs

Read his 8 Tips for How to Best Pack Your Camera Bag.  But before you jump over to Babble, check out this fun little time lapse video demonstration!

Thanks to Lowepro for setting our abroad shoots up for success with their great camera bags!   To Triple Scoop Music for giving us the greatest music!  Video shot with SONY’s HD Action Cam.

*To see more videos with fun photo tips, see my Disney Junior show Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh




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