Your Results from “Your Baby in Pictures”!

Me Ra Koh

Now that “Your Baby in Pictures” has been out for three weeks, I’m starting to get the most WONDERFUL-WONDERFUL emails from readers that are sharing their Photo-Recipe results!  This precious photo was taken by Theresa who wrote; “These were taken just two days after getting your book and the day after I got my 50mm fixed 1.4 Cannon lens.  See what going to your workshop, learning to shoot in manual, getting inspired by your book, and having a low f stop lens will do!  I’m soaring!   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Yeah Theresa!!! GO GIRL!! GO GIRL!!!!

Look at this photo by a sweet mama named Karyn.

In Chapter 4 titled, Peekaboo! Your Baby Finally Sees You!, I give ten photo-recipes to try with your 3-6 month old.  One of photo-recipes is called “the unforgettable baby detail” and highlights the growing bald spot on the back of baby’s head.  It’s a timely detail because within a few months it will start to disappear.  This is the photo-recipe that inspired Karyn’s gorgeous photo!  Didn’t she do an AMAZING job!  (Check out Karyn’s website–some beautiful, precious images!)

Does your baby have a little bald spot on the back of his head right now?  If yes, make sure you check out the photo-recipe on page 60 to capture that fleeting detail.


And keep sending me your photo-recipe results!  Whether you are a new mom with a camera or an aspiring pro, I’d be so honored to see what you are cooking up from the photo-recipes in “Your Baby in Pictures”!  I love posting them on the blog for readers to be inspired by!  And seriously, seeing your results from the book are the most wonderful gift.  Submit your photo today, email

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A former workshop attendee and beautiful mom emailed me this weekend with the best story.  She had bought “Your Baby in Pictures” as a gift for her friend.  When her friend opened it up, another mom at the party shouted out with excitement, “”I know that book! It was on some big famous show like Oprah. No, not Oprah, the Nate Berkus show! I hear a lot about this book. It seems like such a great book!”  Okay, for real…I LOVE THAT STORY!!  🙂


I’m so excited because the first Thursday of the month means we have a new ASK & LEARN with a pro on the SOARORITY forum!  We’ve got a wonderful pro photographer that is going to give us two hours of her time on Thursday!  Tomorrow we’ll introduce you to her through an AMAZING MOM interview, so you can get to know her and gather all your questions for the special ASK & LEARN on the forum!



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  1. Natasha says:

    ~yay,so excited to see a fellow dc workshop gal on here:0)

    ~way to go Karyn,awesome shot!!

    ~al of these shots are great,obviously a great teacher MeRa,in person or by book

    ~BTW MeRa,did you see the dedication that I wrote for you on your wall on Saturday?
    i almost revoked it when my camera died on me half an hour before the cake cutting!!! LOL JK :0)

    Natasha x

  2. Me Ra, I dont have a baby any more… but I promise to send you pictures of my sons bald spot that happens when I try to cut a 3 year old’s hair 😉

    These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. pascaline says:

    oh mera i read your blog every day! your such a rock star!thank you for the book you wrote!your bigest fan pascaline

  4. Me Ra says:

    Pascaline Josette, you should be doing homeschool right now with DAD! You little stinker!

    love, mama

  5. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! I love it Me Ra and Pascaline! So funny!!!! Thanks for the good laugh today!

  6. Idie A says:

    Ha ha, Pascaline! You are hilarious!

  7. Marian says:

    Pascaline!!!! You are my rock star!

  8. Pascaline says:

    man,every day writing that blog!IT must be hard.Blaze wants me too get in you:)

  9. christen says:

    Love it Pascaline! I can’t wait for YOU to be a guest blogger on here. 😉

  10. Kara S. says:

    Sweet, Pascaline.. moms love the great support that daughters give! 😀

  11. Pascaline says:

    GREAT book mom.Can i have my own book,becouse its so good and i want my

    love Pascaline.