Workshop Inspiration, 20 Family Photo Ideas

Me Ra Koh

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Meet the Seattle Fall CONFIDENCE Workshop, a beautiful group of women who flew in from all over the country!  On Day Two, we start the morning with unpacking metering so that we can be shooting in Manual Mode by the time the Family Shoot happens that same afternoon.  Women are always a bit nervous, especially the beginners, that they will not be able to make it happen.  But you are about to see twenty photos that prove they not only made it happen, but they knocked it out of the park!

Some of these ladies have blogs and websites, we’ve hyper linked their names if they do!  Be sure to check out more of their work.  And if you have a few moments, leave a comment of celebration or encouragement b/c they all worked so hard and really pushed their limitations for two days.  Super proud of these ladies!

We start the family shoot with me “thinking out loud” as I walk through setting up my camera and the family for a holiday photo, and then what other poses/set ups, tricks to help them relax, after we’ve got the holiday photo done.

Check out these 20 Family Photo Ideas I found from Me Ra Koh, The Photo Mom

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