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5 Tips for Photographing Multiple Siblings in Italy

Me Ra Koh

Photographing multiple siblings is no walk in the park.  In this case, it was a walk down the romantic roads of Vicenza–a small town in northern Italy where every street is a beautiful backdrop to a photo shoot!  Just one of the many reasons we lead our Portrait of Italy: Photography Workshop and Culinary Tour in Italy every May!  (shameless plug, but it’s ITALY!)

It was a honor to do a few family photo shoots while we were in Italy, especially with these beautiful girls!

Look at these 5 Tips for Photographing Multiple Siblings on

These five sisters are darling!  Five different dresses.  Five different smiles.  Five different personalities.  5 Tips for Photographing Multiple Siblings!

Let’s start with the facts!  The one who kept me on my toes was the youngest!  I knew that we had to keep this photo shoot moving, or I would lose her quickly.



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