Does Your Home Tell Your Story? Tune in to The Nate Berkus Show TODAY!

Me Ra Koh

Happy Monday everyone!  Today is such a BIG day!

First, tune in to The Nate Berkus Show…TODAY!   (CLICK HERE to find what time it airs in your city!)  Today’s show is all about telling your family’s story throughout your home.  If you are a lover of family photos, you will love the storytelling photo tips we discuss!

Nate Berkus has been so incredible to work with.  As many of you know, Brian and I are working toward me having a weekly show!  I can’t tell you how much I am learning about TV, how a show runs, scripting, etc.  Nate’s amazing team works at such an insane speed.  So when he offers to show support for my new book, Your Baby in Pictures, and do an Audience Book Giveaway (not only do I want to kiss him a zillion times, but I’m also feeling like I’m going to explode right off that seat I’m sitting on!)  Nate’s generosity means SO MUCH!  Watch for the book giveaway at the end!  (Thank you Nate, with all my heart!)

But that’s not all!

Today is the sixth day since Your Baby in Pictures was released!  On Friday afternoon, Amazon SOLD OUT! (my jaw dropped TO THE FLOOR!)  I was so bummed when we didn’t see the “official” SOLD OUT words on Amazon, but a fabulous gal named BreAnna made up for it with this photo!  (Girl, you are so awesome!)

Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have more copies in again.  Phew!  🙂

The last six days of sales have been way beyond anything Brian and I ever imagined.  We’ve been told that if the numbers continue to stay high for the next eight days (the official first two weeks of the book’s release), we may have a shot at the New York Times bestseller list.  (It’s such a LONG shot, but I’ll take it none the less!)  I’m thrilled to just have a stinking SHOT at that famous list!  (I mean seriously, are we even talking about this?!)

So again, thank YOU a million times for buying copies not just for you but all your friends!  I’m just speechless at how many of you have emailed after buying not just one but half a dozen copies!  It’s because of YOUR incredible excitement, awesome and honest reviews, and viral support that the book is even this high in the rankings (and that is without TV exposure!  You are all AMAZING!!).  I wish I could reach through my monitor and give you each a BIG, BIG hug!!

Thank you a MILLION times!

I also LOVE the photos that you are sending me!!  Seeing you with the book makes all of this that much more real and not virtual.  Keep sending them because I LOVE to see your beautiful faces and especially your babies!!

You have NO IDEA how much photos like this make my day!!



p.s.  Who lives in Arizona? Tune in Tomorrow to Channel 3 News!

If you live in Arizona and watch the Channel 3 News (sister affiliate to CNN), tune in tomorrow morning!  I had the pleasure of doing a special interview with their morning show on Empowering Women In and Through Photography!  (a topic I am just a “little” passionate about :))

p.s.s.  Early Bird for Spring CONFIDENCE Workshops extended to this Thursday!!

We’ve got limited spots left in all three workshops this Spring!  We are coming to New York, Seattle and Chicago!  Make sure you CLICK HERE and grab a spot before the Early Bird Discount ends this Thursday at midnight!  See you this Spring!!

p.s.s.s. For all the guys who love stats!  I think we’ve lost Brian since the book came out!  🙂  How much do you want to bet that he’ll be pulling every stat of Amazon and every other place throughout the week!  If you saw him the last six days, you wouldn’t bet at all!  🙂




  1. denise karis says:

    omg! seriously? Thats amazing! SO amazing! Me Ra, think of how many mamas you’re helping to get brilliant photos of their babies!!! SO AMAZING! so much love to you, girl! Im stoked – SO stoked!

  2. jeramy says:

    beyond excited for you guys! i love it! 🙂

  3. I am LOVIN all this Me Ra! Such amazing things!

  4. Rhonda says:

    Yay!!! Soaring, my friend – SOARING!!!
    And I have to say I just LOVE that last picture with mommy and baby reading the book.
    Looking forward to watching you this morning on the Nate Berkus show. LOVE. YOU!

  5. BreAnna S. says:

    I absolutely LOVE when you’re on the Nate Berkus Show! I get to see two of my favorite people on the same show! I didn’t know you were working toward having a weekly show….that is AWESOME!!

  6. Me Ra says:

    ha! “Working” is the key word BreAnna! 🙂 Going for it with all our hearts!

    And yes Rhonda!! Soaring–SOARING!!!!

    And holy smokes!! Did you see how much the Nate Berkus Show is promoting the book on their website!! We worked on a number of things together, but you never know what will go live and when. EVERYTHING is going live on their website! So exciting! This morning, the book was ranked 2,517 on Amazon and now it’s at 559!! Yeah!!!


  7. Wow!!! Congratulations!! You look freaking adorable on the show, btw! xo Christiana

  8. Cyndi says:

    Way to go, Me Ra, you are truly SOARING!!!!

  9. Cyndi says:

    Me Rah, I live in the Bay Area, in California(crossing fingers for NO earthquakes). Can you post your Channel 3/Arizona interview? I’m one of your biggest fans and would love to see this! Also, any news yet on that summer Sacramento workshop???? I gotta jump on that early bird rate, once you decide! Congratulations on all your recent successes! You look really cute on that Nate pic above!

  10. Jeff Jochum says:

    It just keeps getting better and better for you guys, doesn’t it Me Ra? Couldn’t be a more deserving pair than you and Brian. Go get em. 🙂


  11. Delanae says:

    Darn, I just posted a comment but it’s gone now. Humm. :/ Perhaps it was because of the link. Oh well… I can work around that. Let me reconstruct that post…

    Me Ra!!! I am super excited! Today the box from Amazon came that had your book in it. ALSO inside that box was a book that I got to shoot the cover for. I was a double shot of WOWZERS for me! I blogged about it and my previous post had the direct link, but you can just click on my name/face and it will take you to my website and then click on blog… you’ll get there.

    I would be so honored if you would leave a comment on my blog too. (Nobody reads my blog… I’m not very interesting.) But this day is super excited… and you will be able to read what I wrote about your book too. 🙂

  12. Debbie says:

    You are “Soaring” and continueing to show woman, what we can do, to be the best that we can be.. Confidence, and security, caring, understanding and love, generate through you to every one who knows you and meets you (Praying I will meet you, one day too).
    These “blessings” I believe are God’s way of thanking you, for and from the thousands of lives you touch, each and every day.
    You are definitely “very Special”
    I pray for continued Success and Blessings to you and Brian..
    Get my book on Wednesday, can’t wait!!!!

  13. Claudia Constantino says:

    So incredibly proud of you Me Ra!

  14. Claudia Constantino says:

    Oops … I wasn’t finished!

    You are such an inspiration to so many! The fact that you dream it and then you do it, is something that inspires me and I’m sure countless others to believe in their dreams!!! So very proud of you! xoxo

  15. Rachel Abelson says:

    Such amazing news! And is that mom and baby Sydney from the AZ workshop? I think it is….loooving that picture!

  16. Melissa says:

    Me Ra, I am so excited for you! I had to run how to see the Nate Berkus taping today and you ROCKED as always!!! My husband even matched it with me because he knows how much I adore you. I signed up for the Chicago workshop and I can’t wait to meet you and learn from such a photography genius!

    P.S. I love the book and have told all of my friends about it. I even blogged about it so that all of my photography buddies could see it too.

  17. Sonya says:

    COME TO CANADA!!! I’d love to participate in your workshops. I’m at home with my first baby and have tortured her in her short three months with inumerable photo shoots! She constantly has a camera in her face. I’d love to be able to take more telling shots in less than a hundred frames. poor thing is so accomodating and is such a funny subject. she’s the only person who finds me hilarious so i always catch her laughing which is awesome, but her patience only lasts so long.

  18. Ali Anderson says:

    My heart has the biggest, cheesiest grin on it right now for you. Keep going, Team Me Ra! Behind you all the way!

  19. Arlene DeLuca says:

    Me Ra – you are amazing in so many ways! I cannot put into words how happy I am for you and your family. You are so beautiful and loving and it’s just simply amazing. Thank you for all that you do and I can’t wait to see what is coming in the future. You rock girl – so proud of you!
    {{{hugs}}}} and xx

  20. Cheryl says:

    I am a professional photographer for more than 25 years and I think what you’re doing for women is wonderful. When I began my photography career there wasn’t any type of support for women and we were always being challenged unmercifully by the male photographers. I love your book and I wish you much success now and in the future.

    By the way Amber…You really don’t get it!

  21. Linda says:

    When I saw you on Nate’s show I thought, now there’s a woman who should be on TV more often, so poised, great communicator, useful insights… and then to hear that you are working on a weekly show is just, well, awesome! Wishing you great success. Keep doing what you are doing. Can you share who makes the top that you wore on Nate’s show?