Look What Just Arrived: Your Child in Pictures!

Me Ra Koh

As I furiously type away to meet my book deadline for Your Family in Pictures, look what Fed Ex JUST DELIVERED!!!  YOUR CHILD IN PICTURES!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Me Ra Koh's second book, Your Child in Pictures

A first copy of Your Child in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Toddler and Child from Age One to Ten
by yours truly!!!!!  WOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!

The book starts shipping October 1st, but you can now pre-order your own copy of Your Child in Pictures: The Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Toddler and Child from Age One to Ten!

Check it out!!!  Your Child in Pictures has forty new photo recipes for the first ten years of your child’s life.  You are going to LOVE it!!!!


I tried to hold still for the snapshot but just couldn’t!  😉

Me Ra Koh's second book in series




  1. so CRAZY excited!!!!

  2. YAHOO!!!!!! SOO excited to see it!!!

  3. awesome! happy for you!

  4. So cool! Congratulations 🙂

  5. Congratulations Me Ra! We need to have you and Brian come back to Mike’s Camera to lead seminars or hands on shooting workshops for our Colorado & Northern California stores.

  6. BreAnna S says:

    AHHH! I’m SUPER excited for you!!!! I *love* the cover, too!! I will most definitely be pre-ordering this soon. I seriously have been waiting for this forever!! So many of my friends can benefit from this and I can’t wait to start recommending your book to them!

  7. Yay!!!! I just pre-ordered it!!!! 🙂

  8. Erica Loewenguth says:

    Congratulations Me Ra! So exciting!!!!

  9. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    How awesome to actually have your hands on a copy! Congrats on all your hard work! The book looks beautiful! It’s got to feel so good! XO

  10. Congrats!!! Have it on my Amazon list already!

  11. ali anderson says:

    you, my friend, make my heart sing. xoxoxo

  12. Congrats! I am so excited for this!

  13. Thanks SO MUCH everyone for your AWE-mazing support and excitement with my new book!!! I can’t tell you how much it blesses me. You are all such an incredible gift!

  14. Alex Christianian, you are to kind! You have the most amazing, supportive camera stores! You know @BrianTausend and I are always BIG fans! Look forward to doing something in the future together!!!