Meet Our Teachers, See the New Website!

Me Ra Koh

Our New Store Website is LIVE!

This is a soft launch so let us know if you see any typos and such, but hallelujah!  I can’t believe we are ready for the soft launch!!!  Woo hoo!!!!

One of the biggest reasons we created a whole new store website was to feature our beautiful, trained, passionate fourteen certified CONFIDENCE TEACHERS!!!

Me Ra Koh CONFIDENCE Teachers

You have the chance to meet each one of these ladies by reading their personal stories of how photography found them and seeing their beautiful work!

Check out our new Workshop Calendar in the left margin of the new site!  I’m so excited about that feature because you can click on any workshop or teacher’s name to get all the juicy details!

Our official launch is this January, but look out!!  We have workshops being offered in November as a fun soft launch!  Check it out!!!

YEAH!!! I can’t believe this blog post is finally here!!!

Woo hoo!!





  1. Me Ra says:

    Here we go ladies!!!! Brian and I are SO EXCITED!!! The kids too!!! (they’ve been cheering as we work and pray for this month after month :)).

    I’m still pinching myself and refreshing the new store every few minutes b/c I can’t believe it’s live and ready to share! So much crazy work and wow, so wonderful to see it come to life!!!

    14 beautiful ladies!!!! I celebrate each one of you on this new venture with us!!!! And I can’t wait to meet all the wonderful women that we will connect with, person to person, face to face, lifting each other up through the workshops!

    Dancing over here! so excited! 🙂


  2. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    How completely exciting to finally be able to reveal that I have the honor of being a part of this amazing group of women! I cannot wait to use my passions for photography and life itself to educate, empower and inspire women! A dream come true! YES! My heart is FULL of joy!

  3. Christina says:

    Whoooo hoooo! JESS!!!! LYNDA!!!! CHERYL!!!! Three beautiful women from the Confidence Workshop I attended! I am so proud of ALL you ladies! How exciting. God Bless you on this amazing journey 🙂

  4. Kris says:

    I second what Christina said …

    “Whoooo hoooo! JESS!!!! LYNDA!!!! CHERYL!!!! Three beautiful women from the Confidence Workshop I attended! I am so proud of ALL you ladies! How exciting. God Bless you on this amazing journey”

    I am so blessed to have met you ladies and can’t wait to see the journey that awaits all three of you! I know you all will bless many women discover photography in a whole new way. Blessings <3

  5. @Christina @Kris thank you SO much! i can’t believe it’s finally here! love you guys and so blessed to have met you, too 🙂 xoxo

    @mera thank you so much for all of your amazing work! I keep looking at the site myself…sooo exciting 🙂 let’s do this!

  6. Me Ra says:

    Wow…over 300 likes since we announced our team of CONFIDENCE teachers and new workshops at 10:30am today…seriously, Brian and I are overwhelmed by your support and enthusiasm. Thank you so much!!

    A sincere thank you to all 323 people who have shown how they are behind this new venture of empowering women by clicking that like button–you have totally taken me by surprise…I am overwhelmed. The word has spread far and wide today because of you. I wish I could give all 323 of you–and those to follow after you–a big hug.

    And thank you so much to everyone commenting! Your words of encouragement mean the world!

    Don’t we have an incredible team of teachers!! So fun to see some of you celebrate in your comments because you personally know and remember these women from your CONFIDENCE Workshops. I know you agree that these are awesome women!

    And so exciting to see women registering for the workshops today. I can’t wait for attendees to sit face to face with these women and be inspired, empowered, lifted up. So much goodness is going to come–face to face kind of goodness that I feel like many of us are hungry for. Social Media can be amazing and powerful, but it can never compare to sharing coffee with a group of women as you laugh, cry and leave inspired. That’s the goodness Brian, me and our teachers are so excited for!!

    We couldn’t get this far without all of you supporting us. Did I say thank you!!! 🙂


  7. I cant wait to check it out!!! (Still no power in NJ) for some reason i can access FB on my phone but not websites 🙁 sooo happy for you and again i cant wait to see it as soon as i get power back!! <3 xoxo

  8. yeah summie!!!!! congrats to all the new teachers!

  9. Nicely put. Appreciate it.

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