Posh Little Brings a Surprise!!

Me Ra Koh

Have you seen this website yet?

A hip moms guide to posh products and sites. Free baby names, due date calculator, photo contests and more. Sign up to win posh prizes and have cool things for your posh little delivered right to you!

If your a mom you must! If your a husband looking for gift ideas, here you go! 🙂

But the coolest thing, is that Posh Little emailed me and said they did a review of our DVD series!! This is our first online review, and I can’t tell you how exciting it is!! You can read it below, or you can check out their fabulous site!

The Art of Storytelling

The Posh Find Refuse To Say Cheese Instructional DVD
The Skinny

How many times have you lined up your kids in an attempt to get them to simultaneously “say cheese” but failed miserably and didn’t even get a single usable shot? Not only did you frustrate yourself trying to dictate the picture, but you have disrupted a rare, peaceful and picturesque moment posing everyone! Refuse To Say Cheese, Capture The Story is and easy to follow instructional dvd where Me Ra Koh, internationally acclaimed photographer and mother of 2, walks you through some fantastic elements of photographing your children and “storytelling”. Me Ra shows you some surprisingly simple and fun tips that will make picture time an entirely new experience. You will easily and excitedly have a new take on photography and look forward to the moments when no one is looking when you take your picture.

Me Ra goes a couple steps further with a second dvd to the series with Beyond The Green Box, Understanding Your Digital Camera. I knew I had aspects of my digital camera that I was ignoring, but I didn’t realize what I was missing until Me Ra and her zany side kick, Professor T, wittily pointed out some terms and functions that even the most basic digital cameras, like mine, have. She actually makes you want to break out the manual and learn more about the functions of your camera. Another great aspect of this video is that she touches on some pointers about pursuing your own photography career. Me Ra turns technical into understandable and “manual” into exciting! This is a truly inspirational series that will change the way you capture your posh littles childhood!

Where To Buy RefuseToSayCheese.Com

Thank you Posh Little! You are so special to me for being the first to review this series!



  1. Denise says:

    That’s awesome! And what a cute website too!

  2. Liza says:

    That is amazing! I absolutely love that site as well. Good job Me Ra!

  3. What a great place to have your first review! It was nice visiting and giggling the other night. Jon and I have been back to the Upper Crust twice already. Have a wonderful holiday with your cuties!


  4. I attempted a subscription towards your rss feed, but had an issue adding it to google reader. Could you please check out this page.