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The 2012 Election: A Photo Challenge for You and the Kids!

Me Ra Koh

How would you document America this election year?  How would you document it with your kids?

How would you document the upcoming election?

Blaze had just finished his presidential election speech, and the crowd went wild!  He promised to provide lots of snacks for girls ALL day, EVERY day.  🙂

Set Up:  We borrowed an old ladder from a local vintage store.  I had the kids sit on their knees so I could see more of Blaze while still giving the impressions that the crowd was excited and cheering him on.  If the kids didn’t have a costume, I had them wear read to contrast Blaze’s blue uniform.

What ideas does this stir in you?  Kids LOVE dressing up, no matter how old they are.  And what a GREAT springboard for talking about the election with them!

Don’t leave your photos on your computer!  Enter them!  Popular Photography magazine and SONY are hosting a photo contest around the election!

Deadline is September 2nd 2012!  More details here!

See how the other SONY Artisans of Imagery captured the election theme!




  1. Hanifa says:

    how fun!

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