The Me Ra Koh Travel Show is Live!

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The Me Ra Koh Travel Show

After almost three years of building an impossible dream, the Me Ra Koh Travel Show is LIVE!  With our partners, Disney and Scripps Network, we were able to air a select number of episodes through Scripps Network. 

(Update: You can now see ALL our episodes on our YouTube channel Adventure Family!)

So many of you have walked this intense road with us.  You’ve cheered us on, believed in us, supported us financially to get off the ground, and I’ve got tears as I type “The Me Ra Koh Travel Show is LIVE!” We’re keeping the name Adventure Family until the deal with the network is finalized.

The Scoop

In 2013, we presented the concept of a family travel show to Disney, and they introduced us to Scripps Network (the network that owns Travel Channel, Food Channel, HGTV, and more).  Everyone liked the idea of partnering together, but contracts can take forever.  So with your support through a Kickstarter campaign and all our savings, we took the leap of faith and bought one way tickets to New Zealand in March 2014. You don’t have to worry about traveling abroad! We got you here.

Brian, myself, the kids, and Kevin Lee (our other camera man that we meet when filming our Disney Jr show) filmed as much content as we could.  Through divine provision, like people offering to let you live in their jungle home in Thailand for over a month, or offering to fly you to Israel to film content for them, we somehow circumnavigated the globe for over five months!

We came home with $15 to our name.


And the first morning we were home, we got an email from Disney and Scripps Network, offering to contract Me Ra Koh Media for 10 webisodes and a twenty-two minute Pilot that would highlight New Zealand, Israel and Thailand.  The editing began.

Partners Involved

With the help of Covenant Church’s editing team, we came to Dallas and created our vision for this show.  Working through hundreds of hours of footage, we put together a show that Brian and I are super proud of!  I’ve learned so much through this process, and one of the biggest things is that you can’t launch a vision like this without a team of excellent partners.

The Me Ra Koh Travel Show editing room

Jeremy did all the Animation/Graphics and is the ultimate “cut it down” editor.  Covenant’s editing team is beyond EXCELLENT!  We loved that they weren’t in the entertainment industry, but a church in Dallas with the most creative people you’ve met.

The Me Ra Koh Travel Show, Me Ra and Belinda, Story Producer

(Belinda is one of the best Story Producers ever! When you work long hours, you start to do the same hairstyles. LOL!)

They worked with Brian and I for MONTHS so we could create a show that didn’t feel like everything else out there.  We didn’t want any negativity or forced conflict.  Cheap drama isn’t why we risked everything.  No, we wanted a show that left viewers feeling good inside.  That entertained both parents and kids, while educating you at the same time.  It was a HUGE ask, and they helped make it possible.  They also introduced us to a philanthropic investor in Dallas who partnered with all of us to film Israel.  You’ll get to see this philanthropist’s special work in an upcoming Israel webisode!  I love it when an executive of a network or corporation says “Now where did you find your editors?  From a church in Dallas?”  Yep.  No better place!  LOL!


One more fun fact, we also had David and Nicole Binion (two amazing songwriter/performers, worship leaders at Covenant, and dearest friends) help us write the show’s theme song “Take the World”.  You get to hear a short version in these webisodes.  Wait till you hear the whole song!  Your family will be singing it in the car ALL the time!


Sony was amazing in sending us all the camera gear to film this show.  We filmed the whole thing on Sony’s DSLRs and lenses.

The Me Ra Koh Travel Show #SonyAlpha

Yes, the technology in the Sony Alpha a99 and a7 series is more than good enough for broadcast quality.  It’s phenomenal.  As board members, networks, and more have reviewed this show, they all say the same thing “The filming is so beautiful.  It’s visually appealing to look at not to mention everything else.”  You need talented cameramen like Brian and Kevin, but you also need GREAT camera gear that can go from humid jungle temperatures in Thailand to the dry deserts in Israel.

It Takes a Team

Kevin Lee, our Director of Photography, was a complete gift.

The Me Ra Koh Travel Show, Kevin Lee, Cameraman

He knew all the risks up front, and he lept with us.  With Brian, he helped us film a show that exemplifies the fact that we started as photographers and want the show to visually inspire you with breathtaking b-roll, and more.  Whether we were river rafting underground through caves in New Zealand (an upcoming webisode you get to see) or doing a homestay in a Muslim village in Thailand (you get to see that too!), he was all in!  He did the work of three cameraman, and we will always be so thankful for him.

A special thank you to Britz campervan for partnering with us too!  We know the webisodes and Pilot will make you want to rent a Britz and explore New Zealand for yourself!

Before we pitched this show to the networks, we met with our business mentor of ten plus years, Jeff Jochum.

Me Ra Koh's Business Coach

We flew to his home in Denver, CO and practice pitched our concept.  If you know Jeff, you know he took it all apart–finding every hole in it–and helped us put it back together.  The Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh brand would not be where it is today without his wisdom and counsel all these years.

And Margie.  Just typing her name makes we want to cry.  If there was ever a champion, it’s Margie.  Behind the big corporate names like Disney, Scripps and Sony (love you Kayla) are individuals who dedicate their life to help you move mountains.  They don’t expect any recognition because this is their job, it’s why they get up every morning.  And yet, to find champions that believe in you–will go to bat for you again and again…Margie is one of the best.

She was the VP at Disney Interactive for years.  As we finalized the Pilot, she moved on to a wonderful opportunity.  But for the last four years, Margie has championed Brian and I at Disney.  She has believed in us with a fierceness.  Margie championed our current show on the Disney Jr channel, and I know there are thousands of moms with toddlers and preschoolers who love her for it. (love you Margie!)

Unexpected (Divine) Support

Most of all, we are so thankful for the people we met along the way and all of you!  We would literally get off the plane in a foreign country and have no idea of where to go.  We wanted the show to be organic and form as we went.  We met amazing individuals in New Zealand, who you’ll meet in upcoming webisodes.  And we had amazing friends help us in Thailand and Israel.  We felt all of you cheering us on, especially when we were stuck in Thailand’s jungle with no money to fly anywhere.  LOL!  Our family, friends and network never gave up on us.  Thank YOU!!!

Brian and I have never created something more challenging and rewarding.  The project almost broke us at times, and yet, it shaped us into a stronger family, bolder visionaries, and a desire to keep fighting for this concept until we see it on broadcasted TV.

What’s the Next Step

The next step needs your prayers!  An incredible network is reviewing our Pilot right now!!  Yes, for real!  The Pilot includes Egypt and footage/stories that these ten webisodes don’t share.  The Pilot is amazing!  We’ve already had AWE-mazing, God-like breakthrough with finding a company to finance our show.  More on that miracle partnership when we can share.  But we need a network to air the show, and not just any network.  This network would be an incredible fit!  We hope they take it!  Please keep this specific next step in your prayers.

What about the title “Adventure Family”?

We still may use it for the TV show, but we’ve learned that show titles involve a lot of legal work.  The Me Ra Koh Travel Show was a name that Disney and Scripps were able to use without to many legal issues.

(Update: You can now see ALL our episodes on our YouTube channel Adventure Family!)

How Can You Help?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel ADVENTURE FAMILY by clicking here.

You can also help by forwarding this post to as many friends and family as possible.  The more people who watch the webisodes on YouTube channel ADVENTURE FAMILY, the better for our case that this is programming families want!  This show is all about unplugging and having adventures as a family.  Who doesn’t need that message in today’s world of noise?

Visit New Zealand, Thailand and Israel and more!  And if you think our story of “going for the impossible” would encourage your friends and family, share this blog post too!  We are still out here, running after what is the impossible, and if you’re doing the same you’re not alone!


Me Ra, Brian, Pascaline and Blaze


Adventure with Us!

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  1. Me Ra Koh says:

    Holy smokes! Thousands of people must be trying to watch the show because I think it’s shutting their website down! YAY!!! Not “Yay, Ulive’s website is being overwhelmed” but at the same time…”Yay, Ulive’s website is being overwhelmed!” Thank you everyone!!!

  2. Jan Fenwick says:

    Loved it! Wish the episodes were longer! Nothing but perfection! Congrats Travel Family!

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Hopefully we can share the 22 minute Pilot soon Jan…on broadcasted TV!!! You’ll LOVE it! And are you and hubby coming to Italy with us in 2016? 🙂


  3. AHHHH Me Ra! I just watched the show and it’s wonderful! The intro & song are great…the content is fun and interesting…plus I’m so in love with the key message – don’t travel before your kids come…bring them along. Go explore the world together! I feel so inspired. I think I’ll pack up my family and hit the road this weekend.

    Kudos to all of you – you nailed it! Just one problem, the episodes are way too short. More please!!!

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      LOL Erica!!! That’s EXACTLY the problem I want people to complain about!!! YAY!!!!! Thank you soooooo much girl! Your support over the years has meant everything! Gosh, how many years ago was it when you came to the Seattle CONFIDENCE Workshop?! I’m almost scared to ask!!! LOL!


  4. stacy says:

    heading over to watch right now with happy tears in my eyes!!!!

  5. stacy says:

    oh, the theme song!!!! I love it and I love you guys so much. The first two webisodes are exactly how I pictured the show to be. I cant wait to show them to the kids in the morning. All my love to you and yours and what an incredible accomplishment you guys. I know how much of yourselves you poured into this and it shows!! 100% shows, can’t wait to follow you all over the world. <3

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Thank you SO MUCH Stacy!!! You are the BEST!!! Isn’t the theme song “Take the World” wonderful?!!! Nicole and David Binion are SO TALENTED!!! What a gift! Brian and I really wanted a song that was catchy, innocent and just warmed your heart. I’m so excited it resonated with you, and seriously, I REALLY want to hear what the kids think!!!


  6. Amy B says:

    You all are such an inspiration. The most amazing people I’ve ever met and funny too! 🙂 Praying for your network and looking forward to seeing more. Way to follow your dreams!!

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Thank you SO MUCH Amy! Brian’s smiling wide at the “funny too” part of your comment! LOL! He is quite the witty, funny, goofy dad. Wait till you see more of the episodes, especially Israel when we visit the Dead Sea. Brian is CRAZY! So glad you liked it and THANK YOU for praying! SERIOUSLY GIRL!!! THANK YOU!!!!


  7. Jeff Kahrs says:

    YAY!! Love my travel family!! The show will be a great hit and you will all be superstars! But you will always be family to me!

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Always Dr. Kahrs!!! And we’ll work in the episode when our chiropractor MUST come with us. I mean, there’s no other way to make this thing happen. Right?! Love you dearly! You are the BEST! You know all four of us love you with all our hearts!


  8. Rhonda says:

    Whaaatttt????!!!!! I am soooo excited for you guys!!!! I’m crying & jumping up & down praising God. Now to go watch it.

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      RHONDA!!!! I wish I could jump through the screen and jump up and down with YOU!!!! Isn’t it AWE-mazing!!! Girl, you’ve been my prayer warrior from the first day we met. Thank you for praying over those impossible mountains. Together, we moved them!!! More to move! Sooooo thankful for your heart and constant love.


  9. Theresa LaFrance says:

    Well, you did it! The first two were great and I can’t wait to see more. Now I want to go to New Zealand.

  10. Nathan Pettigrew says:

    Woohoo!! SO proud of you guys… We love you guys loads and we look forward to catching up again. Come back down to our beautiful country. Lots of love, Nathan and Karina. New Zealand.

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      We love YOU Nathan!!! Friends for life and beyond! We can’t wait for you and Karina to see these episodes, and wait till you see the Pilot! We saved the BEST for the Pilot! 🙂 That’s you!!!


  11. Roxanne says:

    Really fabulous! You are all so inspiring. I especially appreciate the montage of typicality against the exotic. Loved the episode where you’re all packing and dealing with the ridiculous effort required to embark on this dream adventure. And Brian’s jet lag moment is hilarious. The editing is amazing–how they managed to pack so much range (visual and emotional) onto a smaller canvas. Mazel tov! 😉 Rooting you all on from Seattle and definitely sending out good vibes that the pilot gets picked up!

  12. Andrea says:

    Oh my gosh I loved these!! I want them to be longer! They are so upbeat and positive and the theme song was just awesome! I can’t wait for the next ones to come out! Thank you and your family for being willing to get out of your comfort zone!! Looking forward to next weeks!

  13. Julie Watts says:

    Reading everything you’ve gone through makes me all verclempt and emotional inside!!! I will be sharing your we insides to the high heavens!!

  14. Me Ra . I am jumping for joy for you. I know how long you have wanted this to go live. Congrats to you beautiful family. Now how do I get to that hot tub beach? Oh my aching back. Sharing everywhere.


  15. Joan Hayes says:

    Me Rah, I’m so excited for you and Brian! I had no idea Thailand was part of your travels. I can’t wait to watch that episode in particular. My oldest and I will be traveling to Cambodia and Thailand right after Christmas. I know we’ll want to do everything you did!

  16. Julie says:

    Just loved this Me Rah, so excited for you!

  17. Ellie says:

    We LOVE the show and wanna see more :). We loved the episodes and are so inspired just wish they were longer.

  18. Nicole says:

    I LOVE the show! I am a member of Covenant Carrollton and have loved following your family story since I first heard Me Ra speak at Flourish a few years back. We’re so happy to have all 4 of you join our Dallas family. You are all such an inspiration to me! I am a member of the US Bobsled team, and I can totally related to packing up your life to travel for 6 months at a time. It’s never easy to strike out on an adventure when God puts it on your heart, but it’s always worth the leap of faith. It never ceases to amaze me how God works everything out for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. I can’t wait to see more episodes! My friends and I are already talking about taking a trip to New Zealand. Keep dreaming those God-sized dreams!