Want to be a VIP guest on a popular TV show, be mentored by @MeRaKoh & save lives?

Me Ra Koh

We have exciting news friends!  I’m still pinching myself!

Last week, I talked with The Nate Berkus Show about the awesome auction that Thirst Relief is doing.  I told them how amazing it is to have the photography community come together like this every year, what I was including in my package, and… Would it be possible to have The Nate Berkus Show support Thirst Relief too?  (FYI, these requests are never easy because of the endless legalities involved, but it never hurts to ask.)

For some wonderful reason, this opportunity fell together!

I’m excited to announce that The Nate Berkus Show would like to show it’s support of Thirst Relief’s Auction by giving us TWO VIP TICKETS for the show!

What does this mean?  If you are the highest bidder for my auction, you will not only get a Private Mentor Session, reserved spot in our CONFIDENCE Workshops, one of the first copies of my new book and our Complete, award winning, DVD set, but you will also get VIP access to a taping of the Nate Berkus Show in New York!  So fun!!  The experience you have will be unforgettable.  It’s so fascinating to see all that is going on Behind-the-Scenes (especially the funny bloopers that get left on the editing floor)!  So whether you are in NY or want to make a special weekend trip out of this, your adventure is calling!

*The auction ENDS TONIGHT between 6 and 8pm PST!!*

CLICK HERE to place your bid.  Just $5 gives someone clean water for LIFE!

Most of all, a BIG THANK YOU and virtual HUG to Nate Berkus for supporting the awesome cause of Thirst Relief and increasing their exposure even more!  We love you Nate!





  1. Me Ra says:

    So excited about this latest upgrade to the auction!!! Thank you again Nate Berkus and team for supporting us!!


  2. wow, this is amazing!!!!! Thanks Nate and thanks Me Ra!

  3. Delanae says:

    Holy smokin hottie alert!

  4. Kim Curran says:

    you are soooo cool to make this happen!!!!!

  5. Sue Christianson says:

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity!!!