Top 10 Louvre Museum Tips for Families

Me Ra Koh

Bypass the Lines with Time Slot Tickets

If you visit this page on the Louvre’s official website, the first option is to buy specific time slot tickets.  This means if you by 10am tickets, you show up a little before 10am to enter.  I couldn’t believe the lines we were able to bypass by having done this online!  We walked right in at the Glass Pyramid, notorious for long waits, and skipped the lines in Napoleon Hall.  That’s my kind of ticket!

What to Expect Once You’re Inside

Under the glass pyramid is the Napoleon Hall lit by natural light pouring in. In the center of this great hall is the information desk where you can get your maps of The Louvre.  This is also where you can check your bags and coat for free, find the restrooms, peruse the gift shops, then explore options of where to eat.  If you didn’t buy your time slot tickets, you’ll be getting in another line for entrance into the Louvre exhibits.