Top 10 Louvre Museum Tips for Families

Me Ra Koh

Visiting the Louvre is a big undertaking, but these Top Ten Louvre Museum Tips for Families will help you navigate your day. Between everyone in our family we’ve been three times.  When you first step arrive, you’re in awe of the sheer size!  You can tell why it was originally a fortress. CNN reported that if you took one minute to observe each piece of art in the Louvre, it would take you 64 days to see everything.  Our family had read all these facts before we went, but when we first arrived I was still speechless. Through trial and error, we came up with our favorite Top 10 Louvre Museum tips for families so you can have the best experience possible!

If you're planning on taking the family to The Louvre in Paris, France read Top 10 Louvre Museum Tips for Families. From Adventure Family

Every Age Can Enjoy The Louvre.  Why We Waited.

Little ones enjoy The Louvre Museum as much as adults.  The amazing sculptures and sense of awe you experience when you see a painting the size of a wall is something any age will appreciate.  In fact, I loved this snapshot that a mom captured of her little boy when they went to the Louvre.

However, we purposefully waited to take our kids until they were thirteen and sixteen years old.  We’ve been traveling abroad with our kids since they were little.  Our first big trip was when we rented a home in the jungles of Thailand for six weeks.  The kids were four and seven.  We went back to Thailand for the next ten years, along with other countries that had awesome wildlife and adventure that younger kids would love.  As they started approaching their teen years, their appreciation for history–especially art history–deepened.  This made the Louvre that much more rewarding.