21 Inspirational Baby Images from the Women of Tampa CONFIDENCE Workshop!

Me Ra Koh

Tampa, Florida…I will never know why we waited so long to hold a CONFIDENCE Workshop in your wonderful state!  And even when we did release the workshop, it didn’t fill up right away.  I kept thinking, “uh-oh, did we hear wrong on this.”  What do you know, we ended up having a WAITING LIST and the BEST two days on the beach!  This was a crazy time too because as I think back, Brian and I ended up going to the Nate Berkus Show in NY last minute before we came to you.  And then we were crazy sick, slept all of Friday before the workshop in our hotel room, and burst in with ENERGY Saturday–laughing the next two days about moving couches and crying at whatever we felt like crying about!  Bliss ladies, I’m telling you, it was the most fun two days!

We had the MOST DARLING babies for our Day One Baby Shoot.  Oh, these babies!!!  I could eat them up!  The workshop ladies split into small groups and did the baby shoots in hotel rooms, hotel lobby area, the hotel restaurant…you name it!  And if they looked like things were going to easy, I loved up’ing the challenge for them.  The Tampa ladies were champs!  Take a look and be inspired by all these wonderful baby photos!
Alla Rozenberg used the light coming in from the side to give great dimension to this portrait.  The catch lights totally make her eyes sparkle.  I also love that the little girl is laying up against mommy in this image.  This is a great reason for mom to wear a simple black camisole during the newborn sessions…it makes an excellent backdrop!

I am so fond of the brightness and color in this image.   Vikki Sloviter did a fabulous job composing this image.  Seeing mom smiling at her little one on the edge of this image really “completes” this picture!

Vicky Bryan…Oh My Goodness!  Isn’t this just the greatest catch of baby happiness!  Fantastic!

I feel gentleness and calm when I look at this beautiful image that Tita Nelson took.  Capturing babies with hands in their mouths also remind us of a certain time in their short first year of life.  So sweet!

Suzanne Hamels shot a portrait that was similar to Alla Rozenberg’s.  The light falling on this little girl is so spectacular.   When you have a cooperative baby positioned in perfect light…shoot away!  Beautiful Suzanne!

A few weeks ago you probably saw a shot of my blog with this couch and these little guys.   Sheetal Kakarala caught this adorable image of one of the twins.  I am just in love with the colors going on here.  You would have never guessed we were in the hotel restaurant here.  The blue and golden walls work so well with baby skin!

Robin Nierman shot this little guy as he was trying to escape.  I love how big his eyes are!  Great shot!

Mary McGuire…what a special detail shot!  These little fingers will turn from this into chubby little fingers before you know it.  What a great remembrance of what they looked like at this stage of life.

Laura Sharbaugh, I am speechless when looking at this image.  It is perfection…the color, the expression of baby and momma, and the composition!  Bravo!

This little boy was so quiet.  Kathy Haywood captured his demeanor perfectly.  We are really drawn into his expression because of the simple, blurred background.  Very nice!

Mom is looking so beautiful in this image  Joyce Levy shot.  I am thinking this shot should be in a magazine somewhere.  The black and white conversion is done so well!

Jill Furlong, this little one had an outfit for every direction she turned!!! I LOVE this moment that you captured!  Just crazy ADORABLE!!!

Jennifer Tacbas…Wow!  I am in love with your Black and White conversion here.  It is so light and airy!  It screams “Baby”!  By shooting him with the simplest of backgrounds we are completely focused on his precious face and smile.  Super Cute!

We had a window that was pouring in this beautiful light, but as you all know that putting this light behind your subjects can be very tricky and you have to shoot this kind of shot on Manual Mode.  Georgina Petrosky did a fantastic job with this challenge!  Yay Georgina!

There were so many wonderful shooting options with this little guy on the bed.   Debra Dremann had a shot that looked completely different than the others.  I chuckle when I look at this image and wonder what he is thinking about.   Super job!

Shooting on an aperture between 1.4 and 2.8 will give you the look that Carla Kasera got in this image.  You can tell it was shot like that because this little guys eyes are in focus but his ears are blurry!  When you do shoot with an aperture like that, you have to really get that focal point on the correct spot and Carla nailed it!

So peaceful.  Brittany Carpenter captured a moment of tenderness and security between a mom and her baby.  It is such a soothing image to look at!  Wonderful!

Bea Byers shot this great image of what I might call “modern portraiture”.  The background color finished out with the color of moms fingernails…Love it!

I am so glad that Barb Skrobuton shot this lovely image of this family together!  I tell you the best images are those in which no one is looking at the camera.  The black and white creates a completely timeless portrait!  Yay!

Anna Serebryanik shot such a sweet image of this little guy in the chair.  Look at his expression!  Oh, and his little fingers are pinching his leg:)  Too cute!

Ambar Scofield got in a little closer.  Even when he looks off to the side, it still creates an image that the parents will always look at and remember “that look”.  Amazing!

A HUGE thank you to the baby models and their wonderful mamas!  This was such an incredible experience, and we thank you for being so generous with your Saturday afternoon!  I know we all learned a TON of things!  It’s been wonderful to see your emails to Genie and see how happy and excited you are about all the photos that the workshop attendees captured.  I just remember all of us ladies sweating like crazy, trying to distract, capture, repose, sweating even more, but LOVING the whole experience of it!

Tampa CONFIDENCE Ladies, I LOVED…BRIAN AND I BOTH LOVED…every minute with you ladies!  From our Saturday dinner to the shoots, laughing on the beach, challenging your creativity, filling each other with inspiration and coming away with CONFIDENCE not only in your camera abilities but in you as a creative woman!  What a honor to have had two wonderful days with you!

Stay tuned for the Family Shoot on the beach tomorrow!  Going over all these photos makes me so excited for the Huntington Beach, CA workshop this weekend!  ONLY TWO SPOTS left if you want to join us!!!




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  2. This was an amazing day. The pictures of Elliott mean so much to me. They are beautiful!!!

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  5. Sarah Nguyen says:

    These photos are SO beautiful!!! Great work, ladies!

  6. The whole weekend was such an amazing experience. I gained so much from it and I say just Do It! to anyone wavering on whether or not to attend.

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