Photography Workshop for Women Scholarship Opportunity (June 2017 Workshop)

BreAnna Schumacher

Me Ra’s popular 2-Day CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for Women is coming to New York City!  Women of all ages and stages of life come.  For over ten years, she and Brian have had the opportunity to give numerous scholarships to specific moms who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to attend this special workshop.  But this scholarship isn’t for just any mom.  It’s for a photography loving mom who is running on empty.  Do you know a mom running on empty?  If yes, keep reading!

Photography Workshop Scholarship Opportunity!

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!


On June 6th & 7th, Me Ra and Brian will hold their 2-day CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for women in New York City.  This is an almost sold out workshop!  Women are flying in from all over the US for June’s workshop.  All levels of photography attend.  All women with beautiful hearts.

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!

It’s very common for each workshop to have a mix of total beginners AND paid pros from graduating seniors to young moms to published, paid women photographers to aspiring photo-loving grandmas.  Yet, no matter how diverse the group is all the women have one thing in common, they desire solid confidence in their photography.  That’s why Me Ra and Brian call this richly packed 2 days, the CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for women.  But not only are there a few spots left to register for, there is also a reserved spot for a special mom.  Me Ra and Brian have set aside a special scholarship seat for one woman.

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!

This is a scholarship for a photography loving mom who needs a break in life.  Do you know a mom who deserves a weekend getaway filled with photography confidence building, inspiration, creativity and laughter?  Do you know a mom running on empty?  If yes, keep reading!


If you know a MOM who is;

A. Running on Empty

B. Lives near the NYC area or has air mileage to spend

C. Can arrange for a sitter and be free for Tuesday, June 6th and Wednesday, June 7th.

D. Most importantly, is the perfect fit when you hear the words “Scholarship for a Photography Loving Mom”.

Nominate her TODAY!

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!


Nominations must be in by Wednesday, May 31st at 9pm CST.

We will announce the winner in time for her to jump in and make all the arrangements. So make sure your nominations are all in by Wednesday, May 31st, at 9pm CST. If you are not familiar with this scholarship, read Me Ra’s description below and see what it’s all about!  Moms are one of the most beautiful, powerful people in our life. This contest is all about acknowledging their purpose, even when they are Running on Empty (and they sometimes know it least of all).

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!

Note from Me Ra:

“In honor of how wonderful moms are and all that they do and give, Brian and I keep one spot reserved in (almost) every CONFIDENCE workshop for a special mom like YOU!  That’s right, you (or she) will get a free pass to the upcoming CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for women in New York City!  This is a $1249 value, wrapped in a couple of days of inspiration and creativity.  (Please note, we don’t provide room/board and travel.)

To nominate a mom, you must post a comment below telling us about the mom who you think deserves a big break in life! If you are a mom, you’re probably laughing because we ALL deserve a serious break. But the moms we’re looking for are the ones who have had a ridiculous amount of stress in their life whether from trauma or things just not going her way. She is a mom in your life that needs a serious blessing. She needs a serious surprise that gives her empty tank some fuel. If she is a woman that has miscarried, she is still a mom in my mind b/c I know her heart became a mother’s heart the moment she found out she was pregnant. Don’t hesitate to nominate her too.

I’m proud to say that some of our previous winners stepped out on a limb and nominated themselves. Take courage in them and feel free to nominate yourself if you know you need a serious break. Who knows, you may have your house remodeled by Oprah!  Yep!  A previous winner went on to nominate her family’s story and home.  You never know what will happen when you put yourself out there.  And you are worth it.  You are worthy of all the goodness life has to give.  Let Brian and I bless you and your creative spirit with this special scholarship for photography loving mom.”


Me Ra

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!



After the due date, Me Ra’s team will collect all the nominees, have a wonderful committee of former scholarship moms vote, and then let the winner know!  Choosing one mom is not an easy job. As one said recently, “After reading each story I’d say, ‘I’m voting for HER’.”  Each one of you is so deserving.

Nominate the mom who is coming to your heart right now.  Nominate her today, and together, let’s turn her day (maybe even life) around!

Photography workshop for women with Disney's Photo Mom, Me Ra Koh. April and June 2017!!


Don’t forget to let her know you’ve nominated her too! If I was a mom nominated I’d love to know my friends were thinking of me whether I won or not!

*Deadline for ALL nominations is Wednesday, May 31st, at 9pm CST. 

Nominations MUST be posted as a comment on this blog post.  Nominations emailed, posted on other blog posts or FB may be overlooked. Please post all nominees in the comments to this post . Thanks! (Helpful tip: write out your nomination in Word or another writing program, then copy and paste over – just in case.:))

We will email/notify the chosen nominee by the weekend.  You will have 48 hrs to get back to us.  If you don’t respond, the spot will go to the runner up.

What do past attendees say about the CONFIDENCE Photography Workshop for women?  Take a look at Me Ra’s birthday post where over 100 women shared what a difference her CONFIDENCE workshops have made in their life.  CLICK HERE to read their comments!

With summer coming (can you believe it?!), make this one mom’s best year yet!  Imagine all the GREAT photo stories she’ll capture this summer!  Nominations are now open!

Excited for you!


Workshop Coordinator for MK

p.s.  We are always looking for baby and family models!  If you live in the NYC area and are interested in more details on how to be one of Me Ra’s workshop models, email me at


  1. Lorin Farino says:

    I would absolutely love the opportunity to nominate myself. I am an English teacher to middle schoolers in NYC and a mom to a beautiful and curious two your old girl. For years, photography has been an important part of my life. I have always been the friend/family member always trying to capture the memories we have had. With life comes long days and busy schedules and not a lot of time for myself. I would love the opportunity to learn more about taking the best pictures!! I love following and watching the amazing adventures your family goes on. I would absolutely love the opportunity to meet you and learn from the very best! I was so excited to see that you were having a class in the area! Thank you for your consideration and generous opportunity for a lucky lady to win. Enjoy Greece!!

  2. Kelly Mulay says:

    I would love to do this! What an awesome opportunity!

  3. Victoria says:

    I would love to nominate myself for this scholarship. I am a mom in rural Wyoming with 4 beautiful kiddos. 3 girls and 1 boy. I have an incredible life. My husband is a school teacher and I run the youth sports recreation program for our town. I babysit 3 kids each day while their moms teach school. I am surrounded by beautiful children who do great things each and every day. It is amazing to watch kids practice and get better at sports, reading, piano, dance class, drawing, writing their name, being a good friend, and we are always working on the good sibling skill at our house! I recently (2 weeks ago) had my 4th miscarriage (all 4 after my 4th baby). I feel better physically but am so heartbroken. I thought this one really was going to be the one I would get to keep and watch grow up. I have enjoyed taking pictures for years – I have 4 really great kiddos to take pictures of doing so many great things. I always enjoyed taking family pictures of my friends and family as well. I love family pictures! The last couple of years I have hardly touched the camera. I have been busy and haven’t missed a moment watching any of my kids doing any of their great things but I have missed taking their pictures. I have an appt with a specialist to see why the 4 miscarriages in a row after 4 babies at the end of June. I would love to take a little trip and not think about that appt for a couple of days. I would also love a reason to get my camera back out and remember why I loved taking pictures in the first place. Plus June 7th is my birthday. My husband is teaching summer school and I will have to get a sub coach for my tball team – but I think they will all understand 🙂 I have saved my airline points for years hoping to go somewhere cool. I have dreamed of going to NYC my entire life. I would love this opportunity. I know there is so many other mothers out there who deserve this scholarship more than I do. I am an incredibly blessed mother who has zero reason to complain – but would love a reason to rejoice in a cool opportunity to take my mind off of the last couple of weeks. Thanks!! Victoria

  4. Kelley lorich says:

    I would love to win a chance to attend the Confidence workshop. I have alway loved photography and the walls of my house are filled with pictures of my family. I recently bought your book to teach me how to use my DSLR camera I received for Christmas but I am still a little lost. This workshop would help immensely.
    I am a mother of two amazing children that I love dearly. My daughter just turned 4 last week and my son is 18 months old. The past few months have been rough. In February my son was diagnosed with Caudal Regression Syndrome, which has required weekly visits to multiple different specialist and neurosurgery a few weeks ago.
    A few days in NYC spent with other inspirational women learning about capturing everyday moments of my children’s lives sounds absolutely perfect right now.
    Thank you,

  5. Jessica says:

    I nominate my dear friend, Amanda. If you rip open Amanda’s shirt you’ll see an ‘S’ on her chest. She is a devoted daughter who is currently updating her mother’s house for free, a very involved SAHM with a husband who is a semi-professional cyclist and away EVERY weekend for either races or joy rides. She is left at home with two VERY active boys ages 6 and 3. Amanda doesn’t complain to her husband or tell him to slow down. She’s very supportive of him and his passion. Amanda really never gets time for herself because the boys are always with her and she falls asleep/passes out from exhaustion shortly after they go to sleep. To be honest, I don’t know if she would take time to herself if she was given an opportunity. If she wins this scholarship I may have to physically force her into the car.
    She is calm, cool and collected even when times are rough. She’s got a wickedly dry sense of humor that I wish everyone got a chance to know! When her husband was suddenly laid off, Amanda remained calm, cool and collected because that’s what everyone around her needed her to be despite her own break down on the inside. When her best friend and I cried our eyes out just about every day, SHE was the strong one holding us up and reassuring us that we’d see each other again when it should’ve been the other way around! No one had time to digest the news of the layoff and them moving to another state. Within weeks her boys were uprooted from the only home they had known and the friends they had grown accustomed to see every day for tremendously long playdates because we just couldn’t get enough of one other. We were like second moms to each other’s kids. Our friendship got to the point where I was sure that if anything happened to my husband I’d have her move in like that sitcom ‘Kate & Allie’ despite the status of her marriage!
    Amanda has a Masters in photography. You would never have known if you met her because you’d be so focused on this amazing, fun mom who is always entertaining her kids AND everyone else’s. The mom who somehow sprouted an additional 3 sets of arms and 2 sets of eyes. All you would see is the ‘S’ on her chest. The mom who runs mostly solo at 100 mph from 6am-9pm (the boys waking hours).

    I don’t know if she’ll get offended that I think of her as a mom running on empty. Amanda, if you’re reading this, I mean it in the best way possible! You need a fun two day workshop on a subject YOU are passionate about. You give and give and give to your family and friends and leave nothing for yourself except the pleasure of cracking open your weekly box of wine 😉 I love you with all my heart and I am so grateful for the deep friendship we have created. If you aren’t chosen for this workshop I will nominate you for every scholarship Me Ra and Brian offer until you are chosen haha!

    Thank you for reading my submission,


  6. Pamela Dotson says:

    Hi there!

    Photography loving mom running on empty sounds exactly like me! Lol.
    I am a mom to an incredible just turned 5 year old boy. I absolutely love being a mom and have poured my life into him for the past five years. I left my job as an elementary school teacher to stay with him when he was a year old. I started an Etsy business to supplement our income and last year started working remotely 40 hours a week in addition to the Etsy business. I have been trying to break into photography ( lots of great ideas and a wedding under my belt) and while I have been taking photos for friends and family for years, I have not had the time to really learn what to do with my camera or to set up a photography business. I also, without a doubt, lack confidence in this area. I think I can imagine the shot- line it up- try to get it right, but I am full of what if’s and need guidance in all related areas. I’m so lacking in confidence and afraid to put myself out there in this way . I’d love to shoot families and lifestyle photos and/ or weddings. I’d love to learn what to do with the light and how to make it magical. I love candid shots and those shots that just make you gasp for a breath and I want to be one who can shoot and capture those – hopefully consistently.
    I’m self taught which means I really do not know much and am constantly trying to figure out my camera, editing and how to improve. There is so much to learn and I have so little time to sift through it all. Retaining it is another confidence issue- being a drained mommy does crazy things to your memory and can at times make me feel like I have no brain left at all.
    I’m one of those moms who seriously has not been without her child for any length of time. He’s with me 24-7. No grandparents to baby sit- no relatives to give a break etc. my husband, while wonderful, works full time and supports his mom via farming the family farm. His mother also has pancreatic cancer, diagnosed last year so he is away at the farm and with her just about always. Talk about desperately needing a break. I am one who can attest to motherhood being all consuming , exhausting, and leaving one empty. I have let go of my horse hobbies (my sons allergic) and my hiking adventures at least for now…. photos of him are where I’ve directed my hobbies now and I have ZILLIONS of him.
    I’m honestly not sure how I’d handle two days away from him but I do think it would be good for me. Probably great for him. 😉
    So – if you need a mom who loves photography. Check.
    Loves her kiddo more than life itself- check.
    Exhausted- check
    Lacking confidence- check
    In love with your travels and lifestyle- check
    Still dreaming- check
    Missing her identity- check
    Needing to be filled up inside and catch a breath- check
    Wanting to catch magical moments- check
    Wanting dreamy light photos- check
    Wanting to learn- check
    Needing confidence- check
    Wanting to visit santorini- check
    I’m sure this list could go on and on….
    Good luck to whoever is chosen! I know it will be a fantastic opportunity. Thank you for considering those of us who are running on empty photography loving moms!

  7. Laura Leigh says:

    I nominate myself. I am a mom of 3 running on empty from many years of giving to my littles. My creative tank feels completely depleted and I need to thrive again. I have been knee deep in babies the last 10 years! As each child in their independence and I started to gain an ability to start working on my photography and more opportunity to do other things related to my sense of self, I was knee deep in “baby/toddler” again. My youngest is 3 now and I am ready to find a deeper sense of self, purpose and way to give to the world outside just my own nuclear family again. I have resolved to learn to choose love over fear—to step into fear and find a way to love abundantly and to give again. It is my desire to give my creativity wings and find a way to balance this need with the selfless giving I attempt to provide my family each day. I have loved photography since I was a pre-teen and it is a true love of mine that I have never fully developed. I would love an opportunity to study with you and grow in this passion. I can’t say that I am the most deserving of your consideration, but am grateful for the opportunity to throw out my desire to the universe and be considered. Thank you for the opportunity. Laura

  8. Lorie says:

    While I am not a Mom of human children, I am “Mom” currently two beautiful fur baby’s. Also an auntie to 8 nieces and nephews. Love being able to share experiences with them. My husband and I have gone on ski trips with them and had the privilege of introducing 5 of them to SCUBA.
    While I always enjoyed taking photos, I never really got the whole apperature / f-stop thing. I have taken some good shots by accident- I know the image I want to capture, but doing so consistently alludes me. A few years ago I started taking under water photos, so I took a resort photograph/ dive course. Then I found Me Ra! I bought two of her books, and started following her blog.
    As much as I want to improve my photography , I love recording stories, I still feel it is hit or miss with capturing the moment.
    My work in a hospital laboratory has been very fulfilling, but involves long days. For our new computer system go-live, I literally worked 22 hours straight.
    To be able to meet and learn from Me Ra and Brian would be such a thrill and treat.