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The Visual Language of Love

Me Ra Koh

by Tracey Clark, guest photographer and founder of Shutter Sisters

The more I open my eyes to the visual language of the world, the more I discover. More peace, more compassion, more kindness, more togetherness, more beauty, more love.

Heart revealed

I have considered myself “a photographer” (both in hobby and in career) for nearly 20 years. 20 years! And even still I know that with each photo I am learning, not only about photography as a medium but about the world around me and even more about myself.

I believe in everyday magic—in any and every capacity—so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise to me that beautiful things appear before my eyes everyday from seemingly out of nowhere. Inanimate objects display hopeful human gesture, heavenly light creeps in illuminating what is important, and tiny treasures that can so easily go overlooked gleam and glitter, begging to be noticed. The more I acknowledge the visual language of the Universe, the more is revealed to me. Even in the most unlikely places, at the most unexpected times love can appear.

Sugar by Tracey

I was finishing up a photo shoot yesterday and packed up my camera bag wearing a satisfied smile on my face, grateful for the opportunity to have a career doing what I truly love to do. I had the privilege of spending the afternoon capturing images of a local Buddhist Zen Monastery. It was an amazing experience. As I walked around quietly shooting all the details of the enchanting temple I watched each picture come to life, listened to each click of the shutter and heard my own rhythmic breath; inhale and exhale. As I walked back to my car still beaming from being in that creative and content place within the temple and within myself, right at my feet was yet another whisper of love. A small heart shaped leaf lay on the grass. I unpacked my camera and honored the moment. So unbelievably grateful for the gift I nodded, I hear you.

Tracey Clark is a photographer, writer, teacher, friend, sister, wife and mother. She is the proud founder of Shutter Sisters, the collaborative photo blog for women with a passion for photography. Tracey also teaches her daily photo-prompt e-class “Picture” series at Big Picture Scrapbooking where her next class Picture Summer starts on July 1st.

She shares her thoughts and images at where you’ll also find inspiring stories from amazing women at her latest offering The I am Enough Collaborative. Tracey is honored to be featured here at Me Ra’s blog and is a huge fan of Me Ra’s work and goodness.


  1. Linda says:

    What a beautiful post Tracey! Thanks for filling in this week.

  2. DawnS says:

    What a nice surprise to find a guest post from Tracey here! Two of my favorite, inspiring photographers (not to mention, inspiring people) in one place 🙂

  3. MJPhoto says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! My heart and soul resonates with this post! Namaste!

  4. Dearest Me RA, ( I don’t even really know you…never met face to face) But Your Dad…his story…his words to you….the lovely spirit in which this post (which I’m sure has been so hard to write) was written. I can’t even try to imagine the anxiety, the pain, both emotional and physical that he (and his family) has been through.
    Oh, my heart breaks for all of you…but even through the tragedy, you and your dad have inspired me from your beautiful words of faith…of hope….of perseverance even in your most difficult times…has opened my eyes to hope…real hope for the first time in four and a half years.
    I pray you and your dad and all the family may find peace and comfort in the arms of your heavenly Father….for there alone is where true help and strength abides.
    My family and I pray for you and your special Father right this moment and throughout each day as I think of what you are all going through…I can’t even imagine having such a special Father.
    Be blessed, my lady of light and inspiration. Your Father was right…you inspire through words in a way like I’ve never read or heard before…May you feel the heart-warming comfort today and always.
    Here is a link to my blog I posted in the “wee-sma” hours of the morning and it is so fitting for what you, your father, your whole family are going through…It’s called “Cover Me” the song was written by Bebo Norman. I hope it brings hope of the grace of God covering every aspect of the lives of you, your Father…your Family.
    I truly do love and admire your strength in the midst of tragedy…may God please grant you all an quadruple extra dose of strength and comfort today and for the rest of your lives.
    Sincerely and with all of my heart,
    Susan Reynolds
    Orangevale, CA

  5. I forgot to post you the link for the song “Cover Me” I hope it bequeaths to you and your family, and your Father, compassion, encouragement and support as you hold to God’s unfailing hand.
    Susan Reynolds
    Oragnevale, CA
    link for you to hear and be comforted by the words and music of the song “Cover Me’ by Bebo Norman…