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14 Photo Tips for Capturing Your Love this Valentines Day

Me Ra Koh

I love any excuse to celebrate and capture love, and Valentine’s Day is one of the best reasons ever!

With the help of my fourteen CONFIDENCE Photography teachers, we came up with 14 Photo Tips to help you capture your love!  Whether it’s the love between two sweethearts or the love between two siblings or a love that has lasted forty plus years, we invite you to be inspired!

Here is a BONUS one for our readers only!  See the other fourteen photos and photo tips on my Babble column!

Harness your Surrounding

CONFIDENCE Teacher, Nicole Elliot, shares her creative thought process behind this photo; Think about the feeling you want to convey and use your surroundings to help convey that emotion. The image on bended knee evokes a very soft, organic, mid summer nights dream feel. The soft trees in the background – the bed of roses add to the story of the image.  Ask yourself this question “Does this surrounding help tell the story of what I am trying to capture?” If so then shoot away – if not then consider a different location that would emphasize your image more.

Watch!  Looking for tips on taking your own Sweetheart Photos when you are painting the town red this week?  Watch this video from the Nate Berkus Show, when Nate and I walked a couple through photo tips and it ended with a BIG surprise!

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Nicole Elliot does some great stuff – I’m debating whether I should stay in with my bloke this valentines day, or should I do what I really want to do and get out there and snap some Sweetheart Photos as you suggest…hmmm, I wonder haha