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Turning 40 in 1920s Style!

Me Ra Koh

Right before our plane started to taxi down the runaway, headed to Cairo, my little brother called and said “What do you think about me and mom planning a 40th birthday party for you?”  Wow, I am a blessed woman!  My mom and brother knocked it out of the park with a Roaring 20’s theme!

But not just these two!  Even my grandparents, in their eighties!!!, dressed the part of 1920’s style!

Aren’t they DARLING!

My dad wore a top hat, tails and cummerband!

My dearest girlfriends from college days came!  We’ve been laughing loud for over 22 years!

Dear friends I’ve met through the photography world, like the spectacular Julie Watts and her hubby Brent, blessed my party.

And Misty, one of the greatest gals I know!  She and my mom crack me up all the time!

My sweet cousins!

Brian called my cousin, Jason, the Newspaper Reporter!

I think Brian was the Gangster!  🙂

My cousin’s boyfriend was the suspicious Bootlegger.

Even my chiropractor and his beautiful wife came!  (I love my chiropractor!  He’s been helping me since I was 15 years old.)  This little family doesn’t survive all our travel without Dr. Kahrs!

And Pascaline!!!  Boy, did she ever rock her little Flapper Dress!

I love laughing and dancing with my girl!

During the toasts, Brian did his camel impersonation for everyone!  (oh my!!!  We should have a caption contest around this photo!)

Four Special Generations!

Your 1920’s family; The Gangster Dad, the Great Gatsby Mama, the Flapper Dress Girl and the Newsboy!

My dad texted me this morning.  I have to share this because it is so great. “Here on, our family, 40’s is going to be big celebration. It is going to be family tradition.  It will be bigger and bigger every generation.  Someday one of our great, great, grandchild will ask why.  It’s because great, great, great grandma loved her daughter so much and had 1920 style party.  Her daughter Me Ra laughed for whole time loud, so happy loud, any who comes on party instantly jubilant and excited.  It is the story of our family’s 40’s birth party.”  Can’t you see this written on a scroll!  I love my dad!

Thanks to my beautiful CONFIDENCE Teachers who sent the perfect basket of fruits, chocolates and red wine!!!  Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes this weekend, posted them on Facebook, emailed…I read them all and can’t thank you enough! I am so blessed to have all your love.  Look out 40’s!!! Here I come!!!!



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  1. Michelle S says:

    LOVE the pictures! It looks like it was SO much fun!

    You are going to rock the 40’s (I will be joining you in the 40s this summer!).

    I especially love your dad’s text. That made me tear up!!!

  2. 40 and more gorgeous than ever! LOVE the picture of you & your dad. Can’t wait to hear Brian in person!

  3. Looking at the images, I felt like I was there! SO. MUCH. FUN!

  4. So wonderful and beautiful (of course, I mean both you and the party!)

  5. Welcome to the 40’s club! I love your 20’s themed birthday party…how fun! You are so beautiful MeRa! Happy Birthday and Lord bless you in the year to come!

  6. Tina says:

    Thank you sharing – I love the photos! And I especially love the text from your father…so very special. Welcome to the 40s!

  7. Wow MeRa! What an amazing CELEBRATION! Beautiful pictures that tell the story so well! Looking forward to seeing that Camel impression at the Workshop, OH MY! Happy 40th!

  8. Sara Arrigoni says:

    Fantastic pictures! And seriously, it is a good thing that Brian also has a youthful look, because judging by your gene pool you are going to look like you are 30 forever! Do you guys have a fountain of youth on your property or something? 🙂

  9. Ryan Fonkert says:

    Looks like a blast. A belated happy birthday to you! I have mine today, one year behind you…

  10. Jill Velazquez says:

    It looks like you all had a blast! What a beautiful family. 🙂 YAY 40! May it be grand!

  11. Loved the pictures! Luke totally looked the part….

  12. Amanda Mays says:

    You look Beautiful!!! That dress is to die for. Where did you find your dresses?

  13. Stephanie says:

    Absolutely love this theme. Your family is gorgeous.

    Wishing you a spectacular year. 40 looks good on you. 🙂