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Video: Halloween Photo Recipe! It’s Still Not to Late!

Me Ra Koh

The Nate Berkus Show has received a handful of photography related questions from viewers who have watched my segments (YEAH!).  The NB team asked me to answer some while I was Behind the Scenes last week.  One of the questions I answered was all about taking Halloween Photos!  To my surprise, it’s the Featured Video on the NB home page!  Yeah!

Remember the Halloween Photo-Recipe I posted on Friday?  Did any of you try it?  If you prefer video blogs over reading, here it is!  It’s not to late to get your kids and do a night Photo Shoot!

We made it home from Photo Plus Expo late Saturday night…just in time for a FUN FILLED Halloween!  And oh my goodness, wait till you see our costumes!  Oh man, did we ever have a blast with making this year’s costumes!  Photos from Photo Plus and our Halloween costumes are coming soon!  But first…day of REST for me.

Love you all!  Happy Monday!




  1. Natalie Johnson says:

    I am so glad you got to be home with the kids for Halloween! When I woke up Sunday and we had a beautiful day here I was sooo thankful that all the mammas and little trick or treaters had a rain free day. We walked out of the North End house where we were celebrating last night and it was starting to rain and I thought yeah! it stayed cleared just for trick or treating. It is rare that is it is dry here for Halloween. Can’t wait to see your costumes:) Enjoy your day resting!!!!!!

  2. Delanae says:

    I wanted to try the Halloween Photo-Recipe, but I don’t have kids at home and believe it or not, even though I live on the highway now I didn’t have one single trick-or-treater. Well, unless you count the stray pit-bull that showed up at my door with a broken rope tied to his collar. So I didn’t get to try it. 🙁

    Congratulations being the featured video! 🙂

  3. Me Ra- So happy to here you where home for Halloween fun as a family and that your having a day of well needed rest. Love the behind the scenes tips! How exciting to be the featured clip! You look as beautiful as ever, purple is amazing on you Missy! I tried my hand at a few late night shots, but unfortunately I was fighting a fever and didn’t get to play with the lighting as mush as I’d hoped. I’ll give it a whirl soon enough, with or without costumes. Excited to see what you and your creative gang dressed up as! ; )

  4. Shannon Long says:

    Thanks for sharing!!! Too late for this year, but it’s in my bag of tricks for next year!