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Women Over 40 Require Courage

Me Ra Koh

Women Over 40 Require Courage – – Dallas Frisco Photographer-Me Ra Koh

Women Over 40 Require Courage by FIORIA, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

Many of us experience tremendous change in our 40s (and I’m sure it continues into our 50s).

Kids leave for college. The last eighteen years of raising children, helping with homework, making lunches and dinners, carpooling to sports, dance, music lessons feels like it ends overnight. Now it’s about helping our adult kids navigate life away from home (which is way more emotional at times than I ever expected).

For some women, they also have aging parents who need care. A role reversal you’re never really prepared for happens. Hard, emotional decisions need to be made. Courage is required.

It Isn’t Trauma, It’s Life Changes

Rising Phoenix, Carley, was going through all these things.

With her daughter in college, her son preparing to go, Carley felt lost. “After realizing in my 40’s I had no idea who I really was I wanted to reclaim myself. It felt like I had lost all my identity other than being a mom and wife. Where had I lost myself?”

I love how she said “This isn’t trauma but life changes. I could be any woman. But we can do it. We have the strength. All these things need to be talked about more. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by fabulous women I can reach out to. It’s okay to even fall apart a little, but just a little. Because you’ve got this.”

Women Over 40 Require Courage by FIORIA, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

One of the words Carley chooses to describe her Rising Phoenix is courageous. She’s absolutely right. None of these big life changes are trauma, but the change of landscape is so dramatic. Women over 40 require courage.

Two Big Steps of Courage

How did Carley navigate all of the change she was experiencing?

She shares two big steps of courage she took.

Step one, “Determination. I reclaimed my physical appearance. Trained for a 1/2 marathon. But I wasn’t addressing the inside. I was doing things I thought I was supposed to do.” She began taking inventory of how she really felt inside and started getting wise counsel on what to change and heal from.

Step two, “Found my confidence.” Carley is a trained Speech Pathologist. But she decided to try something totally new! She dove into the world of commercial real estate!

“I usually take the safe and conservative way. There was a good chance I could fall flat on my face. I was terrified but also knew I was going to do it. And it’s okay if I mess up. It’s been the biggest rush (but also) exciting!”

Monument Commercial Real Estate Branding and headshots by FIORIA in Frisco, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

Carley remembers studying at the kitchen table and her son saying how cool he thought it was. That is the BEST! For her teenagers to see mom reinvent herself, become a beginner again, and find her confidence in a whole new way…INCREDIBLE!!! Carley, you are so inspiring to us all!

What Her Co-Workers Say

I had the most wonderful call with Kelly. When I asked her what words she uses to describe Carley’s Rising Phoenix, she says, “Confidence.” The attribute Carley set out to find a couple years prior was the very attribute her co-worker now used to describe her!

“Carley exudes a quiet confidence that our clients benefit so much from.”

Women Over 40 Require Courage by FIORIA, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

“It’s scary to sign a lease. She has a genuine kindness, listens to all their concerns. It’s a BIG transaction for them. These are only some of the reasons why Carley has built such a great reputation in our industry. And I value the great friendship I have with her,” says Kelly.

What Her Daughter Says

Brighton took time out of her college schedule to share the most beautiful things about her mom. I asked what her mom has taught her in this season of life. “My mom has shown me you can get out there and do things you want to do. You can be a mom but also reinvent yourself when it’s time. She is such a good role model, to see my mom working hard and owning it.”

I love that sentence in bold. What a powerful lesson to teach her kids by modeling it for them. Yes, being a woman in your 40s requires courage but look at the reward and impact when we take that courage and leap! Look at the CONFIDENCE Carley exudes! She is now the Vice President at Monument Realty Group!

Monument Commercial Real Estate Branding and headshots by FIORIA in Frisco, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

“Before having us, my mom worked with special needs kids so commercial real estate is a 180!! As we are getting older, she’s been wondering what’s next. Commercial real estate is really a self-motivated job. You have to put in what you want out of it which again speaks to how motivated and hardworking she is. This job suits her. You’d think she’d done this for years! She seems so fulfilled!”

“And no matter how busy she is with work, my mom is still here to listen when I have problems. She takes time out of her day to make sure we’re doing okay, helps me and my brother if we’re struggling,” Brighton shares.

What Her Husband Says

Perseverance is the first word Luke uses to describe his wife. “Whatever Carley puts her mind to she accomplishes. She is the best wife and mom, now pursuing a fulfilling career as an accomplished commercial real estate agent. All the kids saw her study 6-7 hours a day. They see how they can do anything they put their mind to. All throughout our marriage and her life, Carley’s done that.”

Women Over 40 Require Courage by FIORIA, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

Heart is the next word. He says that he first fell in love with Carley’s heart. “No matter what, she never lets the important things go by.”

Heart for Fostering Dogs

Luke described Carley’s heart for fostering dogs. “The act of ‘I’m here for you,’.” She’ll love the scared, 3-legged dog back to life. “Our kids see her helping “the whole” situation, not one and done saving a dog, but who we are, saving lives.”

(If you have a heart for saving lives, Carley volunteers for the amazing woman who founded Archangel Animal Network.)

What Her Sisters Says

“Carley likes to have fun! She loves it when we are all together having fun. She loves spending time with her family, and with her friends.”

Women Over 40 Require Courage by FIORIA, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

“I also admire her inner strength and determination…her ability to set her mind to doing something, and then she does what it takes to accomplish it. And it never appears like Carley has any doubt that she will get it done. Like running a marathon or embarking on a new career. Carley is confident in herself and so unafraid to go for what she wants. She is very adventurous in this way,” says her middle sister, Ashely.

I asked Carley’s oldest sister what she hopes Carley’s Rising Phoenix reminds her of every morning when she sees it on her bedroom wall. “I hope it reminds her of how strong she is and how much she’s accomplished. This kind of experience is really out of her comfort zone.”

“Carly’s the baby of 3 sisters. She goes after what she wants. Carley is ambitious, and I’m so impressed and proud of how well she’s doing in the commercial real estate field. She’s such a hard worker and her patience is something I wish I had.”

The Purpose of Her Artwork Placement

Before Carley’s Rising Phoenix Experience, she told me what she wanted her artwork to remind her. “To put me in a good mood, keep me confident and motivated to KEEP GOING! Don’t stop and second guess – take action. I would love to see that – every day I have so many things to conquer but I am excited to conquer them.”

How It’s Impacted Her, Such a Honest Answer

Several months later, I asked Carley how her artwork impacts her to see everyday when she wakes up. Her answer is so honest and inspiring.

“Honestly, I always feel a little uncomfortable looking at pictures of myself. I know it’s a beautiful picture and I love it but I still have to get used to looking at it. I guess it reminds me to keep going, keep pushing, keep growing. That it’s okay to be uncomfortable. It’s probably a good sign I’m still pushing myself. I’m always reminding myself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable to get outside of my comfort zone to help me achieve goals and make changes and hopefully become who I’m supposed to be.”

It’s Okay to Fall Apart a Little

Being a women in your 40s requires courage. You don’t have to experience trauma to know courage is necessary for your next chapter in life. That’s why I love Carley’s Rising Phoenix story.

Her words speak life to all women. “This (new season) isn’t trauma but life changes. I could be any woman. But we can do it. We have the strength. All these things need to be talked about more. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by fabulous women I can reach out to. It’s okay to even fall apart a little, but just a little. Because you’ve got this.”

What is a Rising Phoenix Experience?

This is about you finally seeing the truth of who you are. Seeing your resilience on the wall every day, reminding you of who you are, transforms you from the inside out. If you are overwhelmed with all the reasons why you shouldn’t invest time or money in yourself, I want you to pause and think of all the obstacles you have overcome in your life whether it’s a weight loss journey, depression, anxiety, cancer, the seasons changing with kids leaving the nest, the list goes on and on.

You’ve most likely given to everyone else. The time has come to give something transformational and lasting to you. Just read the following stories.

Losing 150lbs and celebrating it with a special Rising Phoenix Portrait Experience at FIORIA by Me Ra Koh.

Have you achieved a weight goal (read Jamie’s inspiring story of never going back after significant weight loss). Maybe you’ve overcome a serious illness, been promoted in your career, pivoted with resilience in your career, or found healing from something painful in your past?

Do you relate to Tiffany’s story? Maybe you need a deeper healing from childhood trauma. You’ve done the counseling but still struggle to see the truth about who you are.

Or maybe you’re turning 40, 50, 60 or 70+ and feel the need to reflect and celebrate who you are and the possibilities of what this next season of life holds? 

The first step is to fill out our Phoenix inquiry; CLICK HERE.

Michelle Found Courage to Step Beyond Grief

Meet Michelle. She is definitely someone who has known great courage. At one time, she was an interrogator for the US military in the Middle East. This 5’4 woman knows confidence. But two years ago, the loss of her mom changed her life.

There are some seasons in life when we feel unshakeable courage and other seasons that leave us feeling lost. After great loss, it takes great courage to step forward.

Kristina Overcame Cancer

Meet beautiful Kristina who overcame cancer! Even though she was thankful to have defeated this enemy, she struggled with seeing the scar that remained. Once she stopped to think about all of the incredible obstacles she has overcome, she realized that now was the time to celebrate the strong woman she is today. The Phoenix Portrait Experience allowed her to celebrate not only the healing but also embrace this scar. Now every morning Kristina wakes up to see that brave, powerful woman on her bedroom wall. Nothing will ever stand in her way again.

Click Here to see her Phoenix Portrait Experience!

Crystal drove to us from Las Vegas.

A single woman who has always been known for being responsible and quiet, yet there is another side of her that wants to come out. A side that is brave and takes risks—that believes she is worthy of doing something special not just for others but for herself too. Every time Crystal looks up from her computer in her home office, she wants to be reminded of that part of her who is beautiful and brave.

All these women have something in common, they were ready to …

Rise above the ashes of what other people have said
Rising above their fear and doubts
Embracing their beautiful Rising Phoenix within.

Through our Portrait of a Phoenix Experience, they not only did something special but transformational.

I want to invite you to experience it too!

The Portrait of a Phoenix Experience includes:

  • Signature Phone Calls with You and Loved Ones
  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • Wardrobe Consultation & Vision
  • Phoenix Photo Shoot with Me Ra Koh (Sony Artisan, Disney Host, and Live with Kelly & Ryan Guest Expert—You’re in good hands. I will pose you, drop shadows and light on you in the most flattering way that radiates your Phoenix Rising.)
  • Same Day Cinematic Reveal & Custom Design Session with our In-House Design Specialist
  • Beautiful Artwork of Your Rising Phoenix, Custom Designed for the Best Place where it will Speak Truth to You Every Day.

CLICK HERE to fill out the inquiry and begin your Rising Phoenix Experience!

I can’t wait to speak soon!
Me Ra


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