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She Overcame Cancer, See the Joy that Radiates from Her

Me Ra Koh

She Overcame Cancer – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh

Meet beautiful Kristina, one of our Rising Phoenixes! She overcame cancer!

She Overcame Cancer Twice, What it looks like to rise from the ashes, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

During our Discovery Calls, we learned Kristina’s cancer was just the tip of the iceberg in all that she has overcome in life. This woman is a walking miracle. Not just because she is cancer free, but the JOY that radiates from her!

Kristina told us how all her life people have told her she is strong. And she knows she has that inner strength. But Kristina wanted her Phoenix Experience to capture the beauty in that strength with her surgery scars and all.

Have You Ever Felt Battle-worn?

I can identify with Kristina’s desire to see the beauty of her strength. Some battles take everything out of you to overcome. We can feel battle-worn. But there is a breathtaking beauty that rises up from those ashes!

You could feel the peace fall in the studio.

I will never forget her arriving the morning of her Phoenix Experience. She would be the first to tell you she was a little more than nervous. I totally get it. Most of us are not use to being in front of the camera. For some of us, this is our first experience of having a photo shoot just about us. There is so much you desire from the experience…you can almost be afraid to hope because you don’t want to be disappointed.

That’s why this work is so sacred to me. Women bring their whole heart. They want to see their Rising Phoenix. Whenever we express something we want, there is always a vulnerability of whether or not it will really happen…it will really make a difference.

I remember the moment you could feel the peace fall in the studio.

A sacred transformation was happening, and it was breathtaking to witness.

Getting comfortable in your photo shoot, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Love Pampering Our Rising Phoenixes

I love pampering our Rising Phoenixes. We started Kristina’s Phoenix Experience off with our famous french-pressed coffee. (yep, it’s famous :)) Ginger did her makeup. We talked about all that God has brought her through, celebrating how symbolic this experience was in her journey.

When it came time for the photo shoot, Kristina started DANCING! Talk about BEAUTIFUL FREEDOM AND TRANSFORMATION! She let herself own the deep joy and beauty of overcoming cancer twice…her incredible, BEAUTIFUL strength, and she danced away!

She Overcame Cancer Twice, What it looks like to rise from the ashes, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

We all witnessed her Phoenix Rising!

She Overcame Cancer Twice, What it looks like to rise from the ashes, FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Her Joy to Serve

This is one of my favorite Phoenix portraits of Kristina. During her Discovery Calls, we learned how much she has a passion to serve. Brian and I have experienced this beautiful gift at church on Sundays. She is one of the first smiles you see, and you instantly feel loved when she makes eye contact with you.

Kristina had a picture once of her bowing before the King, full of joy from being able to serve. I had to pause on that. Her joy doesn’t come from overcoming cancer twice but from serving others. That is so powerful. I wanted to photograph that beautiful part of her specifically. And this is what we got.

Installation: Bedroom

It’s powerful to see the spot each person chooses to see their Phoenix Rising. This is a strategic decision. Where will your Phoenix Rising speak to you most? The answer is different for everyone.

Kristina wanted to have her Phoenix Rising portraits in her bedroom, for the truths represented in her portraits to be the first thing she sees every morning.

Her Response to Seeing Her Phoenix Rising

After Brian installed her wall art, she took it all in. And then she looked at him and said, “Now I can soar.”

Tears fill my eyes just typing that.

Yes girl, you were meant to soar!

still we rise,

Me Ra

What is a Phoenix Experience?

When was the last time you did something transformational just for you?

If you are overwhelmed with all the reasons why you shouldn’t spend time or money on yourself, I want you to pause and think of all the obstacles you have overcome in your life.

Have you achieved a weight goal, overcome a serious illness, been promoted in your career, or found healing from something painful in your past? Or maybe you’re turning 50 and feel the need to reflect on who you are and what this next season of your life has in store for you? 

The first step is to fill out this Phoenix form. CLICK HERE.

You’ve met beautiful Kristina who overcame cancer! Even though she was thankful to have defeated this enemy, she struggled with seeing the scar that remained. Once she stopped to think about all of the incredible obstacles she has overcome, she realized that now was the time to celebrate the strong woman she is today. The Phoenix Portrait Experience allowed her to celebrate not only the healing but also embrace this scar. Now every morning Kristina wakes up to see that brave, powerful woman on her bedroom wall. Nothing will ever stand in her way again.

Crystal drove to us from Las Vegas.

A single woman who has always been known for being responsible and quiet, yet there is another side of her that wants to come out. A side that is brave and takes risks—that believes she is worthy of doing something special not just for others but for herself too. Every time Crystal looks up from her computer in her home office, she wants to be reminded of that part of her who is beautiful and brave.

Both these women have something in common, they were ready to …

Rise above the ashes of what other people have said
Rise above their fear and doubts
Rise above what life has thrown at them

… and embrace their beautiful Rising Phoenix within.

Through our Portrait of a Phoenix Experience, they not only did something special but transformational.

I want to invite you to experience it too!

The Portrait of a Phoenix Experience includes:

  • Professional Hair & Makeup
  • Wardrobe Consultation & Vision
  • Phoenix Photo Shoot with Me Ra Koh (Sony Artisan, Disney Host, and Live with Kelly & Ryan Guest Expert—You’re in good hands. I will pose you, drop shadows and light on you in the most flattering way that radiates your Phoenix Rising.)
  • Reveal & Custom Design Session with our In-House Design Specialist
  • Beautiful Artwork of Your Phoenix Rising, Custom Designed for the Best Place where it will Speak Truth to You Every Day.

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Can’t wait to speak soon,
Me Ra