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Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child

Me Ra Koh

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child – Dallas Frisco Family Photographer – Me Ra Koh

The thought of a brain aneurysm happening to a child is every parents worst nightmare. Brain aneurysms in children typically have no symptoms until they burst and bleeding happens around the brain. Little OJ was turning seven in two days, his birthday is on Christmas Eve day. He was at a friend’s house playing video games when he started complaining his head hurt.

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Omar and Edith explained OJ never had headaches. And even though his head hurt, they never imagined a brain aneurysm in their child. They took him to Children’s Hospital in Dallas, and OJ slipped into a coma for the next three weeks.

Their First Response

What do you do when trauma hits your family, and you are in desperate need of a miracle? What is your first response?

Omar told me about the day he opened his restaurant. He will never forget his first customer. It was a taller, older gentleman with kindness in his eyes. His name was Mike Hayes. He and his wife not only became regular customers, but over the years, they became good friends.

They talked the way old friends do about family, children, and how Omar’s restaurant was doing. In time, Omar discovered he was a pastor. But Pastor Mike never preached at him. He loved on Omar and his family like good friends do.

When Omar and Edith found themselves standing in the ICU, looking at their son in a coma, he knew who to call. Omar picked up the phone and said “Pastor, we need your help.”

I just love this part of the story because Omar had never called Pastor Mike his pastor. But in the midst of a life threatening storm with doctors telling him his son had suffered severe brain damage, and may never be okay again, Omar knew there was someone he could count on.

Keeping an Atmosphere of Faith

What Omar didn’t realize is that Pastors Mike and Kathy had experienced their own son being in a coma several years before. It wasn’t a brain aneurysm in their child but a car accident that doctors said he’d never recover from. They witnessed God do a miracle healing in their son and knew how to pray for someone else’s son’s miraculous healing.

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Pastor Kathy knew what Edith’s mama heart was going through on an intimate level. They came to the hospital right away, and she gave Edith very specific instructions.

Pastor Kathy told Edith not to let anyone in OJ’s hospital room who didn’t have faith for his complete healing. Even though OJ was in a coma, Pastor Kathy believed his spirit could hear everything. Little OJ needed to hear words of life and hope not doubt, fear or death. Even if her own husband was struggling with doubt, she told Edith not to let him come in the room until his faith was strengthened.

Omar chuckled when we talked about this part of the story during their photo shoot. “It’s true. Edith took her words very seriously. Even me, his own dad, couldn’t come in if I didn’t have faith for his healing that day. She wouldn’t let me cry in OJ’s hospital room…We learned the importance of having God and faith in our hearts.”

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Standing for Healing

I’ll never forget being in church the following Sunday after Christmas. Pastor Mike got up and said their good friends’ son was in a coma from a sudden brain aneurysm and needed a miraculous healing. Would we stand with him and pray for God to do a miracle? Thousands of us stood that Sunday morning and prayed for a boy we’d never met, a family we didn’t know, believing God STILL does the impossible.

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

On February 11th, OJ walked out of that hospital. Omar said they entered their home and realized all the Christmas decorations and presents were still out. OJ was so EXCITED to finally open his Christmas presents. Since then they celebrate Christmas on 2/11 giving thanks. He is a living, breathing testimony of miraculous healing from a brain aneurysm in a child! (Wait till you hear what they do on Christmas now!)

Let Me Introduce You…

It’s been 7 years since that critical time. Everything about OJ’s family has changed–for the better.

A few months ago at Pastor Kathy’s 70th birthday, Pastor Mike asked me “How old does a Rising Phoenix have to be? Can a child be a Rising Phoenix? Because one of the most amazing Rising Phoenix stories I know is that young man over there,” he said. “Let me introduce you to OJ and his parents…”

To celebrate the miraculous healing God has done for this family, Pastors Mike and Kathy personally gifted the Rising Phoenix Experience with beautiful, powerful wall art to see and experience their testimony every day in the living room.

When I asked OJ’s parents what it would be like to see the story of their miracle everyday, they said “It’ll be a HUGE impact! Bringing this to his environment, for OJ to see every day, reminding him that he is here to share his story and the difference God makes in your life. God is with us. We can overcome. Hope is there. This will be our daily message and reminder of how important it is to share your story.”

My Everything

When I asked Edith to describe what she loves most about OJ, she said “He is my everything. I keep breathing because is here. He is my heart. God gave my little boy back to me.”

I wanted to capture the story of OJ’s mama holding his head, his precious head that went through so much trauma, and the deep peace they now experience.

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

When Edith saw this, she burst into tears. She said it reminded her of when he was a baby, just born in the hospital, and how peaceful he looked. OJ will always be her baby.

“OJ is very sweet. He’ll hug and kiss me and always say sorry if he does something wrong.”

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

“And he loves people. OJ will tell you how special you are, that your eyes are beautiful and your smile is beautiful.”

Heart of a Lion

When I asked Omar how he’d describe his son’s resilience, he said “OJ is my inspiration! He has the heart of a lion. He has overcome all the brain trauma not once but four times, four surgeries!”

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

After OJ’s brain aneurysm, he had to relearn everything but his dad said OJ didn’t care. He was ready to go! Every morning OJ wakes up with a big smile and says “My day is going to be so fun and awesome!”

Edith told me they didn’t go to church much before. But when OJ woke up from the coma, he talked about being with Jesus and the angels. “Hearing this changed our whole life,” she said.

I’ll never forget that Sunday Pastor Mike asked their family to come up on stage so we could meet the boy we had all prayed for. The whole place jumped to their feet, thousands of people clapping and shouting for joy! They’ve been a part of our church family ever since.

Celebrating Christmas Eve at Children’s Hospital

“This experience in our life changed the way we see everything. It brought our family closer together and made us stronger.” With the biggest smile and tears running down his face, Omar said, “I tell everyone, I have a miracle in my house!”

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Since they open Christmas presents now on February 11th, every year on Christmas Eve (OJ’s birthday), they cook a big dinner for the families and children at Children’s Hospital. And OJ shares his story, his miraculous healing from his brain aneurysm. Omar said the families that can’t go home for Christmas are the ones who are the most sick, most vulnerable. He and Edith know what it’s like to be there on Christmas Eve, feeling so helpless as your child suffers. Spending Christmas Eve at Children’s is the only place they want to be.

Words of Truth and Comfort

Whatever mountain you’re facing today or impossible situation, I pray OJ’s story gives you hope. And Omar’s words echo through your heart all day long.

“God is with us. We can overcome. Hope is there. This will be our daily message and reminder of how important it is to share our story.”

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

“This year is the first year without a surgery!” Omar said with the biggest smile. “And the aneurysm is not showing on his brain scans!”

Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child portraits FIORIA by Me Ra Koh

Support Edith’s Cakes!

Omar and Edith lost their restaurant and many other things during that first year of OJ’s brain aneurysm. But they are still going STRONG and thankful for every day! Omar is one of the head managers at XOXO Dallas, the iconic Dallas restaurant that you must experience at least once! When you go, ask for Omar and let him know how his miracle boy inspired you.

Edith is the most phenomenal baker! Just look at some of her cakes!

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Miraculous Healing: Brain Aneurysm in a Child by Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan and Disney’s Photo Mom



  1. Michele Fideler says:

    Wow. I cried all the way through the story about OJ and his family! The Lord is beautiful. The family of God is so dear. And you do AMAZING work!!

    • Me Ra Koh says:

      Thank you Michele! They are the most incredible family, and it is such a HONOR to share their story! I pray EVERY heart finds this story that needs reminding of how the impossible is STILL possible with God! xo