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First Year: Capturing 6 Month Baby Super Powers

Jennifer Tacbas

Jen here with another First Year post!

Recently, Logan received a little package in the mail from two dear friends of mine – Tom and Bonnie.  Inside was something so special and fun – her very own Wonder Woman onesie!  I laughed out loud.  Have you ever seen anything so cute?


Suddenly, I was transported down memory lane.  Tom and Bonnie sent me a similar gift almost two years ago – Wonder Woman pajamas!  My gift had come at a time when I was recovering from a brain biopsy and wearing pajamas – all day, every day – while getting my strength back up.  Seeing Logan’s onesie reminded me of how fortunate I’ve been and how much I have to be thankful for.   What better way to celebrate and show off Logan’s new outfit than with some fun photos?

Logan just turned 6 months old.  (What?!  When did that happen??)  She amazes my husband and me daily with the new things she discovers.  Yep – she’s our little Wonder Woman with super powers all her own.

Blowing Raspberries

Last week, Logan began to blow raspberries.  This could probably be more accurately described as spitting.  She’s working hard to master this new skill, as she practices all day long.  When capturing her raspberries with my camera, I had to make sure my shutter speed was lightning fast to freeze the action because she often uses her whole body to produce the sound.  I just love her facial expression – such concentration, such determination!  This is serious business, folks.  My favorite detail of this shot?   The spit running down the back of the chair!


Flying Through the Air

Tummy time has recently kicked up a notch – Logan’s now lifting her arms and legs off the floor and balancing on her tummy.  She is so proud of herself and always checks to make sure someone is watching her new trick.  To capture this image, I got down on my tummy, too, and rested the camera on the floor in order to be able to photograph her face and capture the full length of her body.  Gotta love that long line of drool connecting her chin to the floor!


Sitting Up on Her Own

Until a few days ago, Logan was still quite wobbly when sitting up to play.  Then all of a sudden, she became so much more sturdy.  This is my favorite current milestone of hers but also the one that reminds me just how quickly she’s growing up.  (sigh)


Even though she needs her mommy less to sit up, she still likes Mommy to stay close by.  Mommy likes that, too.  I thought this milestone would be fun to capture together in our matching attire.  I focused the camera on a stuffed animal, replaced the stuffed animal with Logan, got in the shot with her, and used the remote to click the shutter.  This one’s for you, Tom and Bonnie!


Who knows what super powers Logan will discover next?  I look forward every single one.

What are your children’s super powers?  All kids have them!  Can your daughter build a tall tower out of her building blocks?  Does your son bravely battle his brother’s stuffed animals with the help of a toy sword?  I’d love to hear all about what super things your kids are doing!  Please leave me some details in the comment section below.  If you’re feeling inspired, why not take a few photos of your children’s super powers and post your favorite on Me Ra’s Facebook page?  We would LOVE that!

Meet me here next Monday when I use one of Me Ra’s photo recipes to capture Logan’s love of standing up…with a little help from Mom, of course.

First Year Cheers!



  1. Brian says:

    Logan is so cute! When she flies, she looks just like her momma.

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  3. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    Brian, you crack me up!! Thought you might like this superhero post. 🙂

  4. Darling pictures and a darling little Wonder Woman!! 🙂

  5. Jess Robertson says:

    This is the BEST, Jen!! That pic of her on her belly made me smile SO big! Loved this post 🙂 And I’m so glad you got in there with her! That last shot is just precious!! xo

  6. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    Thank you, Allison & Jess! Mini Wonder Woman & I thank you for reading and commenting! xo