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First Year: First Time Flying With Baby

Jennifer Tacbas

Jen here with another First Year post!

Tomorrow, Logan and I will be traveling to Ohio to visit my family.  Besides my mom’s visit to our Georgia home in February, Logan has only met my family through FaceTime and the photos I send via text and email or post online.  I could not be more excited to introduce her to all of them in person!

While deciding to go home for a visit was easy, choosing our mode of transportation was a little nerve-racking.  There were two options: take the 900 mile/13 hour trip north by car or take a three hour flight.  It may sound funny, but I actually seriously considered the long car ride option for a good while!  But after coming to my senses, I booked our flight.  EEK!


So why am I so nervous to fly, you may ask?  It’s definitely not due to a fear of flying – I LOVE it!  My fear is centered around Logan and her happiness and comfort.  Would she like sitting in the same tight space for 3 hours on my lap?  Would she mind her ears popping with the takeoff and landing?  Would she be comfortable around so many people she didn’t know?  And that leads me to another fear – becoming THAT mom.  You know, the mom with the baby who cries the WHOLE FLIGHT?  Yeah.  I’m hoping to avoid any unpleasantness – for Logan, for me and for our fellow passengers.

So after talking to family and friends and searching the web, I’ve put together a list of good info to ensure the best possible experience on our flight.  I thought I’d share it with you in the case you find yourself in the same situation one of these days.

Book a Seat with Baby in Mind

I went ahead and booked a window seat in the last row on the plane.  An online article pointed out that if we have seat mates, sitting by the window will give us the most privacy, especially if I need to nurse.  Looking out the window might interest Logan for a few minutes, so that’s a plus.  And if I need to get up to stretch my legs or bounce her to calm her, then I am as close as possible to the small area in the back of the plane where I can do that.

Give Yourself Lots of Time

I plan on arriving to the airport earlier than usual to make sure I have plenty of time to check in, as well as handle unforeseen fun, such as a full-scale diaper blowout.

Pack Smart

I am bringing a diaper bag with Logan’s usual needs – diapers, wipes, bottles with formula (in case she won’t nurse), and pureed food – but I’m bringing extra quantities of everything in the case our flights are delayed or changed.  I’m also packing things I know (or at least hope) will help to make and keep her comfortable – her favorite blanket in case the plane is drafty, a pacifier for her to nibble on (that I’ll attach to her shirt to keep it from falling on the floor), and her favorite small stuffed owl.  I’ll also be packing an extra shirt for me in case of a mid-air baby pukefest.  (Because that would probably be my luck!)

Wear Your Baby

I’ve read a bunch of articles and talked to many friends that encourage me to wear Logan in a soft carrier or sling at the airport and on the plane.  Being hands-free of baby will be helpful for toting luggage at the airport, and wearing her on the plane will help give my arms a rest.  One article mentioned that a lap-seated infant cannot be strapped in a carrier for takeoff and landing – I will check on that today, so that I can plan accordingly.

Feeding Baby

To encourage Logan’s ears to pop with the changing altitude – and to also coax her into taking a nap – I am going to feed Logan during the takeoff and decent, if she’s awake.  I’ll be wearing a shirt that will make it easy to transition her to nurse.  If for some reason nursing doesn’t work out, I’m going to have a bottle of ready-made formula in the seat pocket in front of me that I can grab in a jiffy.

I realize that while I can be well prepared for baby’s first flight, some things are just out of my control.  Here’s hoping that Logan’s first plane ride goes much better than the worst case scenario I have on replay in my head!  HA!


Calling all moms and dads!  I’d love to ask YOU for your advice! What is your BEST go-to tips for flying with baby?  I’d be grateful for any helpful advice you could pass onto this very nervous first time momma!  Please leave me your thoughts in the comment section below…and wish us luck!

First Year Cheers!



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  2. Jennifer Tacbas says:

    Thank you, Laura! Glad to know I’m on the right track. Will let you know how it goes!