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Behind the Scenes at Digital Days!

Me Ra Koh

On Sunday, I got to experience Digital Days for the first time.  It’s a weekend photography conference for a 100 plus people.  You get to come one day or both.  The cost is only $159 (for both days–even less if you attend one day).  I had no idea what to expect.

Brian and I got stuck behind a marathon and ended up being 20 minutes late.  What a nightmare!  But when we showed up, Leslie Fisher was already speaking and not only teaching all sorts of good photography stuff but making people laugh at the same time.  I love this woman!  She is such a great teacher and speaker, and I didn’t even realize she was going to be there.    The last time I saw her she had taken me, Brian and Matthew Jordan Smith to this hole in the wall Thai food restaurant in Las Vegas, and somehow convinced us to wait 1 1/2 hrs for a table b/c the food was THAT good.  Lucky for her, it really was that good!  🙂  When I walked in on Sunday, she made me feel at home right away, and helped me transition into speaking after being stuck in the worst traffic.  (thank you Leslie!!!)

Digital Days has a handful of models come in for a live shoot.  They set up soft boxes and let attendees practice working with the models.  The models bring all sorts of costumes to wear, and yes, that is a hula dancer model.  🙂  Seriously, it was crazy fun.

Amanda Mays answered my call for a baby model (in like 30 seconds on Twitter!).  She brought her sweet little guy for everyone to practice doing a baby shoot set up.

And then I couldn’t stand it any more.  I walked over and turned off all the soft boxes lights b/c 99% of the time, you DON’T have perfect lighting for a photo shoot when your doing weddings and portraits.  Lucky for me, the attendees didn’t call mutiny but jumped right in to the learning experience.

Together, we figured out how to get GREAT photos in tough lighting!  It was awesome!

Digital Days was great!  They are coming to three more cities from Long Island SEO (Miami, Boston, and Nashville).  I’m not sure if they are sold out or still have room.  You can check out the Digital Days website to register!

A big thank you to Sony and Popular Photography magazine for inviting me to come and speak!


Me Ra


  1. How fun…well except that dang traffic! Amanda- so glad you answered the call quickest..gotta love twitter! I hope you get to keep some photo’s of you and your little one fo ra keep sake of being models for a day.

  2. Nickie says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Glad you turned off those soft boxes, really who had a soft box they carry around with them to take pictures. Your such an amazing teacher!!!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Looks amazing. And I love that you made it REAL!!! I’m sure those attendees learned soooo much from you.

  4. Sue Christianson says:

    How fun! Tammy was running in that Marathon!

  5. Genie says:

    Correction from a hula girl: that’s a Tahitian dancer 🙂 Looks like SUCH A FUN TIME!

  6. Ryan says:

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