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Watch Lifetime Television’s Balancing Act at 7am this Morning!

Me Ra Koh

In case you saw the Balancing Act this morning, but missed last week’s Behind the Scenes blog post, I thought I would run the post again! Remember to take advantage of the BIG Mother’s Day discount on all our DVDs and 101 Kits.  We’ve had lots of happy customers this week which means lots of surprised moms this weekend!  So fun!  The promo code: mamalove

Happy Mother’s Day ladies!  May you all feel celebrated and appreciated!  I know I appreciate all of you BIG time!

See you next week!


Me Ra

Did you see the Balancing Act on Lifetime this morning?  Did you not love the Mother/Daughter team who won?  The daughter’s story and what she has endured is so amazing.  And how did I do for that 5 minute spotlight?  Not to bad for coming out of the Dengue Fever, huh!  🙂

The purpose of today’s feature spot was for me highlight the Mother’s Day HOT items: the (sexy) Copper Brown Sony Alpha 330 DSLR camera bundled with the instructional  Kids in Focus DVD.  See the trailer HERE!  If you remember last summer’s Behind the Scenes photos (CLICK HERE to see more)…

…Sony had invited us to reshoot different parts of our Refuse to Say Cheese/Beyond the Green Box DVDs, so they could include the revised version with their new DSLR cameras in retail stores!  Isn’t that insane?  I still can’t believe all this happened!

If you missed this morning’s show, Lifetime will be airing it again on May 7th at 7am PST/EST.  So you know what…Definitely, Don’t miss it!  🙂

I had a bunch of Behind the Scenes photos emailed to me.  I thought I’d share them with you too.  Taping that show was such a blast!  I can’t thank Lifetime, The Balancing Act and Sony enough for giving me the opportunity to join them!

Getting Make Up Ready

Going over notes and images with the Producer.

Walk through on set.

Cameras rolling!

What the Producer is watching;  Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3 and the Teleprompter!

Here I am, loving the whole experience!

One of my favorites!

Close up shot on the monitor of ALL our DVDs!  🙂  (yeah!)

And I don’t know about you, but I think this monitor should be replaced.  Look at how much wider we look!  Not cool.

It sounds like I’ll be getting the segment to put on our site soon.  If you are out of country, stay tuned!

And most of all, thanks for all your support!  As I’ve said before, we’ve got a dream to have our own TV show.  This 5 min. piece helps me get more practice and gets us one step closer to that dream.  I appreciate you all praying for us, believing in me, sending me encouraging emails.  I appreciate all of you…more than I can say.

Love you all!

Me Ra

p.s. For more details on the Mother’s Day Special, CLICK HERE!



  1. Natalie Johnson says:

    I am watching the end of the show right now and the gals look amazing that got the makeover. You were fabulous!! You looked so bright, cheery, and beautiful, and I can’t believe that you had just come out of all that traveling and the fever. I can’t wait for you to get your own show. You look so comfortable on camera. I don’t watch TV much in the morning, but I remembered to turn it on today:) I know the gals are getting excited about the Seattle workshop coming up, I would love to do it again sometime because I just know you have even more to talk about after your Thailand trip. Bummer I missed the dvd giveaway package in Jan, but what a great gift you are giving to the workshop women. Fun!Fun!Fun! Can’t wait to hear about it on the blogs! Happy, happy Mother’s Day! Our most rewarding job is being a mother.

  2. Me Ra says:

    You are so SWEET Natalie!! Thanks so much for your encouragement! And Happy Mother’s Day!!!


  3. Yeah, Me Ra! I have had my Dvr set to record every Balancing Act episode since your initial post. I wanted to make sure not to miss it. You did so good. Did you have major butterflies in your stomach? I thought you spoke fluidly and I liked the way you communicated with the lucky ladies. You were very natural. I think of you as my mentor. Seriously!

    I want to share with you that I photographed my first wedding in March. I have a Flickr friend who is a great encouragement to me. I told him about a few of the challenges that I faced, yet I was so proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish. Here are his words that lifted me high and filled my heart to overflowing. His last eight words were major positive reinforcement that I am on the right track.

    Patrick said,
    “…..At the end of the day you delivered to a happy customer and you gained a lot of experience to do better next time. You will go far, I am standing here watching you take off !!!!”

    Me Ra, I participated in Soar. Like so many women, submitting that vid was such a leap and departure from anything I had ever done. Because of you and your constant flow of encouragement, I felt, “Why not me? Why not me? If they can, Why not me?”

    So, a new thing began in me. I secretly started a blog because I wanted to be like Me Ra (no joke). I knew I had something to say but didn’t think anyone would be interested. So, I set it up just for me right after you went live with the Soar Challenge. Because the “I think I can” train had just started chugging, I submitted my Soar video. I can not tell you how proud of myself I am for participating. I was chugging and chugging with more purpose and focus each day. I felt my power because I knew that I had started that positive train a’rollin.

    Fast forward to today, I have so many people that are following my blog. (many, many more than the 17 so called Followers who signed in). Almost everyday someone tells me they look forward to my daily posts. Even though some days my posts are super silly and some super sentimental. They are all facets of me! I am doing the Artist’s Way and I love it. I use my blog as a true journal and try to share a bit of myself each day. Layer upon Layer, Strength upon Strength, Memory upon Memory, Sentiment upon Sentiment my blog is unfolding the Memoirs of My Life. Again, I am so glad that I opened that blog so that I could be like Me Ra. 🙂

    There are so many things that you have taught me that I take to heart and run wih. Or, should I say ‘Chug’ with’? Cuz, I’m gonna climb that mountain! I’ve got some pretty amazing momentum right now. Instead of “Why not me?” I can now say, “Me too!” I think I can, I think I can! God Bless You and Thank You.

  4. Oh, and this just in…immediately after I posted my loooong outpouring above, I went back to my home page and notice a new incoming email. It was from my third potential bride who is planning to be married in December. She wanted to tell me that she chose me and wanted to know about payment scheduling! Yes, I said that was my bride number 3! I have an engagement shoot tomorrow and a bridal shoot on Monday for my 2nd wedding which is next month! See Me Ra? It’s momentum. The only marketing I have ever done was post my heart and passion for photography on my blog. All three of these brides seemed to fall out of the blue and into my lap! No exageration and NO complain-eration either! 🙂 I looooove it!

    I had no idea whatsoever that I was going to be a busy wedding photographer. It’s just growing organically, exponentially with blazing speed. It is blowing me away in one way but I know that I have put in the hard work when no one else was looking. So, today I am prepared. I want to keep getting blown away. I can take those challenges because my confidence level is where it needs to be now. I’m not saying I know it all. Actually, the opposite is what I believe. I am just saying that I am PREPARED!

  5. joan benn says:


  6. So, So Cool MeRa! Oh my Goodness… your Grandma is too cute! Beautiful and Natural is most definately in the genes! Watch out cable network….here she comes! ; )

  7. Tina says:

    Did you have to apy $19,700 to be on the show? they approached me to do a 3 min segment…..curious….thanks

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