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One Way Tickets to New Zealand: Determined to Move Mountains!

Me Ra Koh

If you weren’t on Facebook over the weekend, a LOT has gone down and this family is DETERMINED TO MOVE MOUNTAINSWE LEAVE Tuesday, MARCH 25th!!

Move Mountains, Kickstarter campaign for Adventure Family

The countdown is on!  There is something SUPER REAL about having the tickets purchased!

But what happened over the weekend?  Glad you asked!  Watch it right now or keep reading!

In the last ten days, we were told that a part of our budget was not going to be there due to issues that have nothing to do with our project but effect it just the same.  That “part of our budget” is about $30K.  Chunk of change and big enough for our launch to feel the hit.

Brian and I got this news and started hustling.  We are DETERMINED to get on that plane March 25th!  We have COME SO FAR!!!  There is no way we are going backwards now!

This may be the SHORTEST Kickstarter Campaign ever done, but we decided last week to focus our attention on creating one.  When you are almost out of time, it’s so hard to know where to focus your attention.  You feel the stakes rise because if the option you choose doesn’t work out, you may not have time to try something else.  Like I said, this may be the shortest Kickstart Campaign, but this is what we are going for.

Friday night, I hit the launch button for our campaign.  We need to raise $30K in TWO WEEKS!  I want to cry and laugh as I type that because it is can feel impossible.  But nothing is to impossible!

After only two-and-a-half days, supporters have pledged over $7K!!!  We are speechless!!!  And this is the first blog post I’ve even written about it since I just launched it Friday night!

I’m SUPER excited for you to watch the sizzle of Adventure Family when you go to the campaign page!  A sizzle is a short production of what you envision your show looking like.  We filmed this in Egypt fourteen months ago.  Brian knocked it out of the PARK!  He did it all on his own; the directing, filming, audio, and more.  He is so excited to have our awesome film crew when we set off for New Zealand, but wait till you see what he accomplished in the middle of Egypt!

Will you help us spread the word about our Adventure Family Kickstarter Campaign to friends and family?  It’s a huge amount to raise in such a short amount of time.  But I know we can move this mountain with your help.  There are also super fun rewards that we came up for every backer we get!   The most popular package is the “Headband It!”  LOL!

Thank you so much!!

No Mountain is Impossible To Move!!





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