Confidence Teacher Spotlighted on TV!

Me Ra Koh

I am so excited to share our latest news!  Our spring photography workshops have made TV!  WOO HOO!!!

Our CONFIDENCE Teachers are doing so well!  Not only have they scheduled their spring dates for all of you, but they are out their making waves!

Check out this TV interview from Nicole Elliott, our North Dakota teacher, who did her first morning show appearance!   She did AWESOME!!!

spring photography workshops, Me Ra Koh Teachers

WPPI, the huge tradeshow in Las Vegas for wedding and portrait photographers, is happening this week.  Tina Erdman, our Wisconsin teacher, was one of the speakers!  WOOT WOOT!!!!  Amy Rhodes, our Las Vegas teacher, was in the front row to support her and grabbed this quick snapshot for us all!!!  So proud of you TINA!!  This awesome lady is also leading the Confidence Cruise!

spring photography workshops, Me Ra Koh and teacher Tina Erdman

Laura Swift, our teacher in Christiansburg, VA had an Art Opening for her beautiful birth photography exhibit!  She was a delivery nurse for over 30 years, and now she captures the birth experience like no one else.  Can you a imagine a more qualified woman?  Photographer and Nurse!!

spring photography workshops, Me Ra Koh with Laura Swift

Spring is going to be awesome this year!  Our teachers are making waves and ready to empower you with your camera!

Meet the Teacher Nearest You!

Below are their photos and bio, you will find their spring photography workshop dates.  They are happening in the following cities and states!

Bismark, North Dakota w/ Nicole

Seattle (Eastside), Washington w/Neyssa

Seattle (South Sound) Washington w/Nikki

Salt Lake City, Utah w/Nikki

Las Vegas, Nevada w/Amy

Christiansburg, Virginia w/Laura

Leesburg, VA w/Allison

Dallas, Texas w/ Jill Ann

Dallas, Texas w/ Janna

San Antonio, Texas w/ Summie

Milwaukee, Wisconsin w/Tina

Bahamas Cruise w/ Tina

If the weather is getting you down, if your creative spirit needs some tending, if you need a serious break from the kids, if you are tired of photos that are “happy accidents” and ready to learn how to use your DSLR, if you want Mother’s Day this year to be monumental, check out our line up of spring photography workshops!

*These workshops are kept small (6-8 women) for a more intimate experience.  To learn more about a teacher and workshop, click on the state nearest you!

Huge congrats to Nicole for making her first (of many to come) TV appearances!!  And big congrats to Tina for her first time speaking at WPPI (it’s only the beginning girl!).





  1. laura says:

    so excited for the spring workshops! yeah for nicole and Tina!

  2. So so proud of my fellow Teachers, Nicole Elliott, Tina Erdmann and Laura swift!!! I am honored to be working with all of these women Nationwide to reach out to Moms everywhere to understand and use their cameras to their fullest potential! Every mom hearts Photography of their kids and Every mom hearts photography that tells the story of their lives!!! Moms hold the key to their families story!

  3. Couldn’t be prouder of these ladies…they are fabulous people all around with beautiful hearts for teaching moms how to use their cameras!!! What more could you ask for? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!