Launch of New Beginnings Photo Contest!

Me Ra Koh

Picture me standing on top of my dining table–this morning–screaming “WOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!”  Now picture me doing a little tap dance on top of the dining table, and now I’m throwing blueberries to the kids, as I go crazy giddy over our latest project and partnership to launch!!

Last October, the Nielsen Photo Group approached me and Brian about becoming partners and collaborating together on some pretty awesome projects.  Who is the Nielsen Photo Group?  Well, first they are a part of the Nielsen company that does all the TV ratings…yep, they are a BIG company.  The Nielsen Photo Group division does PDN (the Photo District News magazine and website), Photo Plus Expo (the HUGE tradeshow in NY ever year), WPPI (the biggest Wedding and Portrait Photographers International expo in Vegas every year), and Rangefinder magazine.  It’s safe to say that they are one of the most successful and influential brands in the world of photography.  When the VP approached me, who is this warm, beautiful, business savvy woman, and asks if we’d be interested in talking about partnering…I’m listening.  All that to say, they have been a total JOY to work with for the last ten months!  This partnership has been more wonderful than I could have first imagined!  And today, TODAY, we launch our first project together the New Beginnings Photo Contest!!!

One of the most popular requests from all of you is MORE Photo Contests.  It’s been a while since we’ve hosted one on the blog.  Now you know why!  LOL!!  We’ve been working away on a photo contest that is larger than anything else we’ve ever done.  And we won’t be limited to highlighting the top five photos, we will get to feature new submissions every week!  I’ll be picking faves and giving them critiques!  And there is even a Kids Click category that I’m crazy about!  How many of you would agree that our kids, with no training, take the most amazing photos!  The winner of that category gets a $250 GC to Toys R Us–if you want mom, we will keep it a secret so you can use it for his Christmas presents! 🙂  We are also tying up the judges!  Wait till you see who these awesome people are!!

Go check it out!!!  The first 25 people to enter get fun door prizes!!!

And meet me tonight at 6pm PST for the Twitter Party! We are talking about photography, confidence, creativity, balance as a mom, and more!  Bring your questions, I’m so excited to party with all of you and have a candid conversation about our passions!

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  1. denise karis says:

    oh my goodness! so exciting! like SOOOOOOO exciting! Ive missed your photo contests so much! I will absolutely sign up!! 🙂

  2. Lisa Novitsky says:

    What a perfect pairing and a perfect launch for it. I love how you bring everyone along as your star rises. So excited for this and for you.

  3. Kim says:

    MeRa, I am so happy to see a category for photos by children! My son is always wanting to ‘play photography’ with me and I think he is just as excited about this as I am!!

  4. Marla-Dee says:

    How fun! My Bella Mia just said last night that she wanted to be a “photographer”, so it will be fun for her to enter and me too!

  5. Ahna McCue says:

    Soooooo excited Congrats to you all. Thank you doing this. Im new to this but admire your work. You inspire me. My kids will love this.

  6. Julie says:

    Fun contest!! However, I get a fatal error message upon opening this blog page.

  7. Laurette bourassa says:

    Where do we submit photo?

  8. Laurette bourassa says:

    I get a fatal error as well!!

  9. Laurette bourassa says:

    Can Canadians enter

  10. Laurette bourassa says:

    Can Canadians enter?

  11. Michelle says:

    What a great contest!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to read all the details and enter!!!! You guys rock!

  12. jeramy says:

    this is super cool.

  13. Juanita says:

    Sounds great…how and where do we upload to though? I couldn’t figure it out from the page itself and there didn’t seem to be anywhere to click to do anything else.

  14. Me Ra says:

    Hey everyone!! We are working out the kinks to the website!! Things are looking really, really good!!! Wait till you see the updated home page of the contest site!! So excited!

    and great news!!! You can enter the contest if you live outside of the U.S.!! That means Canadians especially!!! LOL!!!


  15. Amanda Mays says:

    I see the contest landing page but don’t see how you enter. I must be missing something! =)

  16. Gargi A says:

    So excited about this contest. Waiting to see more details. Thanks!

  17. Charisse says:

    That is such great news!!! It is beautiful to see great things happen to people as wonderful as Brian & yourself MeRa! I am cheering so loudly for you guys over here in my neck of the woods. Can’t wait to see you guys in September!

  18. Shana says:

    How do i do the contest would love to do it but unsure how to upload pictures and where to do it I cant seem to find where to go .. Please help so excited to do it

  19. Luis says:

    i cnt make it but my photos can.