Launching Lindsay Baumgartner to #SOAR!

Me Ra Koh

Happy Monday friends!   I love the week of Thanksgiving!  Magic is in the air!  Heck, SNOW is in the air!

Today, we are going to do something magical on the blog!  We are going to launch our final and third SOAR! Recipient, Lindsay Baumgartner! This was the video that Lindsay submitted with her SOAR! Application last January.  (seriously, you will need some Kleenex!)

When I watched this video, I was feeling like many of you probably feel right now–in utter shock and amazement for what this little family had gone through.  The ending of their video is so triumphant and unforgettable.  How does a family, a marriage, survive something like that?!  And yet, the Baumgartner’s have done more than survived, they have overcome.

When the panel of judges brought Lindsay’s video to the forefront, I had a secret hope inside.  If Lindsay was picked as a SOAR! Recipient, I hoped she would have a year of discovering “her” story.  Her video shared a lot about what happened to her husband, Kyle, and how it affected their family.  But now that they were out of the woods with Kyle’s condition, where did this put Lindsay?  I know what it’s like to go through traumatic events and wonder where your voice is or whether or not it’s okay to ask for more–more than just survival.

Kyle survived a horrific event.  Is it okay to ask for more?  Are we greedy to want more? Will people think we aren’t thankful for what we have been given?  Is it selfish to want more for your life, apart from overcoming the trauma?  At the time, I had no idea if Lindsay thought about these questions.  But these are the questions I hoped her heart would have space to explore and find answers too during the SOAR! year.

And a year later, with great pride, I stand in awe of how this woman has come into a better, richer sense of who she is and what she’s capable of.  Just like Linda and Jennifer, Lindsay rolled up her sleeves and took on the SOAR! Scholarship with every thing in her.  She didn’t hold back, she worked her tail off, she swam in deep waters, and she discovered more than I can put into words.  Here are few things she wanted to share with all of you…

We LOVE Lindsay, and we are SUPER proud of her!

Will you join me in today’s blog post and post a comment of congratulations as we release Lindsay Baumgartner to SOAR!   Not to soar in the shadow of a horrible accident, but to soar in the wide open skies of her own dreams and impossibles.  To know that she is a woman who is worthy of the best.  And for her to want more than her husband’s recovery is not only okay, but necessary because the world is in need of her gifts and beautiful heart.

Check out Lindsay’s NEW WEBSITE!  It’s pretty amazing!

Lindsay, your growing portfolio is just…wow…incredible.  I’m so proud of you, all your hard work, all your courage, and Brian and I feel honored to call you friend.  Now SOAR! girl because you have everything you need (even when you don’t feel like it :)).

love YOU!


p.s.  Do you want to SOAR! this coming year?   Does the SOAR! Scholarship have your name written all over it?  Get ready because tomorrow we re-open the SOAR! Scholarship Program to accept new applications/videos for Year Two!  Woo-hoo!  Spread the word!  Details tomorrow!



  1. shawna says:

    congrats, lindsay. it was wonderful meeting you in the thick of this. (you need to come south more often!) your site is beautiful and you shine right through it. i can’t wait to see where you take your dreams!

  2. Cathleen Woodbridge says:

    Blown away for the third time!!! Wow… is really all I can say. I am filled with excitement for each SOAR recipient and the incredible fullness they are feeling after a year of hard work, soul searching, creating, balancing, stretching, winning and more. Great job! I love the individuality and uniqueness of each of you. You certainly have given motivation and inspiration to more people than you could even imagine. Thank you. Your courage gives others courage to step out and step into the person they were created to be! It is usually way more than anyone can fathom.

    LIndsay, love your work and artistry. You have to be overwhelmed with gratitude for your accomplishment. Wonderful. So genuine. Your message absolutely comes across loudly, clearly, beautifully and with delicate grace!

    MeRa, YES. How can you NOT want to SOAR this year after experiencing these beautiful journeys? Thank you for your vision on this whole idea! Everyday you amaze me. I love your unique tenacity!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! So much to be thankful for!

  3. jeramy says:

    congrats lindsay! keeping pushing lady…you’ve got an amazing story. great images on your site! 🙂

  4. Delanae says:

    Lindsay, your story is amazing. The perseverance you have shown these past few years is that of a Warrior Mom. You earned each and every good thing you have now just by getting up in the morning, putting on your smile and facing the day. Bless you.

    I would be proud to have you as a friend and would consider myself blessed to have you as a photographer. Your website is rockin’ and your work beautiful.

    Wow, I am just so excited for you! 🙂

  5. Kyle says:

    Wow, honey. Where do I begin? Or end? I’ll just leave this with a final thought of what you have gained this year. Self-confidence. Period. I’m so incredibly proud of you, my dear!!

  6. Kyle says:

    And…to the AMAZING MeRa Koh. Where do I begin? Or end? Haha! The gift that you have given my wife, is un-paralleled. Thank you SO much for this. I thank God every day for you and Brian. You guys are an AMAZING team, who do AMAZING things. Shine on!!

  7. Rhonda says:

    Yay Lindsay!!!
    You are amazing and have amazing things ahead of you.
    And I just LOVE all the pictures of you on your new site.

  8. Idie A says:

    Tell Kyle his photos are amazing! Your website looks great! I am thankful to you and the other girls for putting yourselves out there and sharing your journey with all of us. I know it’s been said before, but each of you has been such an inspiration. Thank you MeRa for putting all of this together!

  9. Genie says:

    Lindsay with an ‘A!” Beautiful. Model could be added to your credits. Love that you’re giving yourself the freedom to be you. To me, that was all that was holding you back. Your creations, photography, ideas, are inspiring, colorful, imaginative, beauty-making.

    So real and so honest. I know our minds can be so crazy-making it’s sometimes hard for me to know what’s the truest path. The video of your home was such a great lesson in being true to oneself. You amaze me Miss L. Love you lots…genie with a ‘g’. And Kyle! Was that your photography? You rocked it too!

  10. Lindsay,
    Congratulations on the completion of your SOAR year! You are amazing and there are only many great things to come for you…and your family! I love your website front…awesome pics of you! Completely cute!

  11. Freida says:

    You did it lady! You trucked right through this year – and my goodness is your website lovely! Images are just beautiful!
    Like your site says, “Shine On”
    Much love,

  12. Cyndi says:

    Wow, Lyndsay! You are so blessed! I loved seeing your video and it hit home, because I am in a similar situation- my husband also suffers from permanent injuries from an assault in 2009 that almost killed him, and he also has had numerous surgeries with more to come. Thank you for sharing your story, I could see me in you. And, if you can survive and your husband can survive with your two beautiful children( I have two young boys), then I believe I can get through this too. I am so glad you were picked and you seem like such a wonderful and beautiful person.
    Congratutlations-now Im off to see your website!!

  13. christen says:

    You have finished the race with great strength and I look forward to seeing how your marathon SOAR experience unfolds from here… I am so excited for you that you had such a beautiful experience with other amazing women and you will step out together. Your boldness is beautiful.


  14. Julie Watts says:

    I’d like to highlight how stunning Lindsay is in her portraits of herself on her website. What a glorious truth she’s revealed to us about her energy and intention!! Lindsay you’ve been on a wonderfully trying and exciting journey of self-discovery and creativity. Congratulations….you deserve it.

  15. Addie says:

    How amazing to see the culmination of your year of hard work and discovery! You, Jen, and Linda are all three amazing ladies who have blazed a trail. And what a beautiful trail you have illuminated!! It will be exciting to watch where your individual path will lead from here. You have given so many of us who have followed your story courage and inspiration and the possibility to even think about dreaming beyond our own comfortable boundaries. Thank you for sharing yourself and your accomplishments.

  16. Lindsay,
    You are so blessed! I LOVE the pics of yourself and THANKS for being REAL! May you continue your journey with everlasting wings!

  17. Charisse says:

    Way to rock it Lindsay! I loved your website! You nailed it! Your style and personality totally transcended the pages and it felt like you were coming through the screen! Kyle is so sweet too and I just know you are going to make waves on your journey! I am so happy for you all! Sail on…

  18. Lindsay says:

    Under advice from my dear Soar sisters I sat back and relaxed today, and by relax I mean getting my Facebook page up and painting my new dining chairs ; )
    Haha, probably not what they had in mind.

    So now it is 8pm and the power is out and branches are hitting our roof in a regular pattern. I am warm and cozy in the darkness of my powerless house, and as my battery on my phone dwindles I was able to read all of you kind and loving words, and

  19. Lindsay says:

    ….feel wrapped in all the love that has been poured down on me. Now the warmth from the fire also radiates to my soul, and I thank each and everyone of you for that. Thank you for this blessed day!!

    Shine On,

    P.S. Cyndi please know you are not alone and my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and your husband. Stay strong, and rest assured there is a light at the end of the tunnel shining on, and waiting for you to reach it.

  20. Cyndi says:

    Thank you Lyndsay for your kind words and prayers-we really need those and know that is what gets folks like us through these trials and tribulations! I just shared your video with my husband, and it brought him to tears-he also was shocked at the similarities with our stories. I will also pray for you and yours.
    BTW-Your website is so uplifting, beautiful and fun to look at-unique! Congratulations again on your amazing and successful journey as a photographer, and as a woman, wife, and mother.
    You give me hope.

  21. Lindsay says:


    Hold tight to that hope, it is what got me through the toughest times. From the moment this journey started we both knew that we wanted our story to touch others, and in this moment it is that much mire worth it. If ever you or your husband need anything please feel free to reach out to us. (

    Shine On,

  22. Me Ra says:

    Linds, you shine through the hearts of so many. Your playfulness in all those photos of you on your website…simple freeing–they make me feel more beautiful inside just looking at you feeling beautiful in your own skin. What a gift you will be and already are to your clients.

    I just love you and am so proud of you.


  23. Lindsay says:

    Thanks Me Ra!! I can’t believe that those words are being used to describe me, and I don’t think you are pulling my leg ; )!! A second say in the dark without power has show me how blessed I am by giving me quiet moments to just breathe in all that has been said. Thank you Me Ra, for helping me find myself this last year!! I love you to pieces my friend. Love, love, love!!

  24. Jessica says:

    Congratulations Lindsay! Thank you for sharing your journey, life and lessons learned. Your website is the perfect example of authenticity. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  25. kara says:

    Congratulations, Lindsay! Love your work and how supportive your husbands have been. This is great for us applicants this year to see. Thanks for your hard work!