9-Day Photography Workshop and Tour of Greece

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Next Tour Date: April/May 2024 (Request to be put on the Wait List at info@fioria.us.)

Spend 9-Days with Me Ra and Brian for a dream Photography Workshop and Tour of Greece that takes you through iconic, breathtaking destinations in old Athens, Milos and Santorini.  This trip is designed to take you both off-the-beaten path through beautiful villages but also show you the most breathtaking spots in all of Greece.  Sleep in boutique hotels, friendly family-run guesthouses, and luxury cave villas on Santorini.  Prepare to laugh more than you ever imagined!  Take your photography to new levels.  ALL LEVELS WELCOME.  And if you dare, jump into the pristine, clear turquoise island waters with us!  This is the trip of a lifetime! Oh!  And pack your favorite dress for a special photo shoot at sunrise (yep, we’re doing it ladies!)!

For more information, email info@fioria.us.


Join celebrity photographer, Me Ra Koh, and her husband, Brian Tausend (award winning photographer and cinematographer) for an unforgettable 9-Day Photography Workshop and Tour of Greece!

Greece is a bucket list destination if you love taking breathtaking photos!

Greece Photography Workshop and Tour with Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

This 9-Day Photography Workshop & Tour of Greece follows their popular Italy & Thailand photography workshop tours.  Escorted by Me Ra Koh (Disney’s Photo Mom and Sony Artisan of Imagery) and her husband, Brian Tausend (award winning photographer and cinematographer), prepare for an adventure of a lifetime.


You will discover the ancient history of Athens and explore its most picturesque neighborhoods before heading to the iconic Greek volcanic islands of Milos and Santorini.

Pink, orange, and gold hues reflect off the sugar cube, stacked cave villas at sunset. Iconic blue church domes sit perched high up on the cliff tops overlooking the Caldera.

Photo Tips and Camera Settings for Santorini, Greece from Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend, Sony Artisan of Imagery

With our swimsuits and a packed lunch, we rent open air jeeps and explore the most sleepy, gorgeous island!

Portrait of the World in Print Reunion in NYC with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend

Sweeping, white rock formations rest in the clear, turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.  The beaches and crisp blue skies in spring make for fantastic photography!

Portrait of the World in Print Reunion in NYC with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend

Bring your bathing suit and sun hat!

Portrait of the World in Print Reunion in NYC with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend

This is a DREAM, BUCKET LIST trip!

After being sun kissed, take your camera and get lost in the romantic, vine covered back streets of villages where you meet friendly locals in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere.

Greece is one of the most ideal settings for a photography workshop!


Every shooting location for this Photography Workshop and Tour of Greece has been scouted out by Me Ra and Brian.  They’re going to set you up for success regardless of whether you’re a beginner or paid pro!

You will learn hands-on how to capture your journey through professional instruction, photo reviews in the evening, and inspiring daily photo assignments that help challenge your skills.

Is Greece on your bucket list? Explore it for 9 days with award winning photographers, Me Ra Koh and her husband Brian Tausend! Trip of a lifetime! All levels, even green beginners, are welcome!

Plus, true to Brian and Me Ra’s workshops, we promise that you will laugh MORE than you ever bargained for while having your creative well filled and acquiring new technical skills with your camera!

Rest and Savor

Accommodations are in boutique style hotels, friendly family-run guesthouses and end with luxury cave suites in the most beautiful village on Santorini island. Most meals are included, including some special food & wine tastings. All levels of photography are welcome.

Full, detailed itinerary of this 9-day Photography Workshop and Tour of Greece is provided to attendees a few months before we leave! It’s going to be epic!

Add On: Sunrise Photo Shoot

Pack a favorite dress for a special sunrise photo shoot!  After Me Ra visited Santorini, she knew she wanted to give the ladies and couples an opportunity to do a special photo shoot with the most gorgeous, romantic backdrop in the world. Me Ra has her own portrait from Greece on the wall of her office to see everyday. Imagine seeing your own!

Angela has this printed big on her wall, and she says it makes her smile every single day. Her mom had to order her own too!

Me Ra will take you to a few special spots where the backdrop is breathtaking. Heidi brought her favorite dress and hat!

*Pricing/Details for this special Add On will be sent to attendees!

Portrait of the World in Print Reunion in NYC with Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend

This is a special treat that you don’t want to miss!

Portrait of Greece is Limited to 15 people.

Note: Me Ra and Brian’s Portrait of the World Photography Workshop Tours tend to fill up within a few days, so we recommend booking well in advance with a $1,000 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.

p.s. The food is AWE-mazing!!!!

What are you waiting for? Let’s GO!!!!!!

Receipt of a deposit of $1000 per person is required to hold your reservation. The balance is due 90 days before departure. For bookings made within 90 days of departure, payment must be made by certified bank check or credit card.

If you decide to cancel any component of your land reservation, there is no refund for the unused services.

Days Prior Start of Travel Workshop and Tour Services Cancellation Charges
201 days or more is $1000 per person
200 – 181 days 25% of total travel workshop price
180 – 151 days 50% of total travel workshop price
150 – 121 days 75% of total travel workshop price
120 days or less 100% of total travel workshop price

*If the attendee is able to replace their spot with someone else, or FIORIA/MKP is able, they will be refunded for everything minus a $500 change fee. FIORIA/MKP will do our best to reach out to our Waitlist, but we do not guarantee or are obligated to find someone to replace the spot. International travel is something people often prepare six months minimum for. Replacing a spot within a few months is most likely not going to happen.



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  1. Lynda Smith

    Me Ra and Brian are both so patient. I love how they both take the time to make sure you find success with your camera, and we get to experience amazing places along the way.
    I loved the opportunity to learn so many different photography techniques.
    The slower pace, to have the freedom to explore the many treasures of Greece, was incredible.
    Driving the jeeps was amazing too!

    -Lynda, TX
    Portrait of Italy, 2017

  2. Kelli McMaster

    Traveling with you two is the best. You have an amazing capacity to cater to a wide swath of personalities. You make everyone feel welcome and cared about.
    I leave your trips filled with joy, inspiration, and wanting to spend more time with you both.

    I loved having my portrait taken by Me Ra. Despite feeling awkward inside, Me Ra brought out the best in me and the pictures I received were AWE-MAZING! I looked confident, strong and pretty.
    It’s a special gift to be photographed by Me Ra.
    I also loved watching the other women on the trip get photographed. The grace, love, pride of seeing beautiful pictures of themselves was inspiring and very moving.

    My photography skills are improving each time I am with Me Ra and Brian. I absorb more and more.
    The hidden locations you took us too, the spectacular beaches, amazing restaurants, fishing villages, the beach that looked like we were walking on the moon, our early morning at the Acropolis, all of it was incredible!

    -Kelli, CA
    Portrait of Italy, 2016

  3. Angela Troy

    Me Ra and Brian provide a “family” feel that really enables a single traveler an extraordinary experience.

    Brian’s energy is unreal. His ability to teach photography at all times of day and night is awesome! The fact that he can do sunrise with you, and sunset, and then take you out to shoot the stars for astro-photography–he never runs out of energy!

    I came on this trip as a complete beginner, and I’m leaving with an excitement to learn even more about photography. They both teach in a way that makes sense for every level.

    Not only did I learn about photography, but I feel like I really rested and had the most incredible vacation. The beaches, hidden places they took us too, the open-aired jeeps and local restaurants they shared with us—INCREDIBLE

    -Angela, WA

  4. Kim

    I loved the mix of photographing and being photographed as it helped me with understanding the other side of the camera.
    Shooting alongside Me Ra and Brian was so helpful.
    Milos island was my favorite, I loved the authentic feel of Greece, our night photography session and the JEEPS! They took extra care to create a super smooth and easy travel experience for all of us.
    The group dynamic was so supportive and fun.
    I’m leaving feeling inspired and encouraged not just as a photographer but as a woman.

    -Kim, WA

  5. Kristina

    This was a trip of a lifetime!!! I can’t thank you enough!

    The work Me Ra and Brian put into the trip is AMAZING.
    They’ve scoped out the best spots along with the best time of day to be in those spots. But there is also a great balance of planned outings/shoots versus free time to explore.

    I loved the astrophotography adventure with Brian, and the photography and lighting techniques we learned with sunset, bright sun, etc. I feel like I really came to understand the extremes of my camera settings and feel more confident than ever.
    These were photos you could not capture on an iphone.

    This is a wonderful gift to yourself and family. You get gorgeous portraits shots taken by Me Ra. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera.
    And you come home refreshed and inspired.

    -Kristina, CA

  6. Charlotte

    This was a beautiful trip with amazing opportunities and a fantastic, supportive group.
    My photography has improved leaps and bounds!
    Milos was my favorite. So much fun to share the open-aired jeeps and go exploring together.
    And I loved trying astrophotography.

    -Charlotte, UK
    How to Capture Magical Light

  7. Jamie

    A Portrait of Greece was an incredible experience!
    The natural and architectural beauty of Athens and the islands were perfect for practicing our photography skills. There was plenty of time for adventure and downtime as well, as we enjoyed the pace of isle life through swimming, exploring, cruising in our open-aired jeeps and enjoying amazing Greek food.
    Brian and Me Ra were the perfect hosts and teachers, providing daily laughs, adventure and inspiration.
    This is absolutely a can’t-miss trip!

    -Jamie, OR
    Portrait of a Winter Wonderland

  8. Teresa Rish

    The beach on Milos was a highlight for me because it was so unexpected.
    The landscape was like nothing I have ever seen before. At first, I was struggling with what to even take photos of. It was so nice to hang out, swim and be there for a while to experiment with new types of shooting. The shots I took at this beach are some of my favorites of the trip! Seeing how the polarizer and filters work with the sky and water was a great learning experience. It was a totally different type of photography than what I normally do.

    The portraits that Me Ra took of us were incredible. I always take away Me Ra’s calmness when photographing other people.

    My photography goal for this trip was to focus on composition. I struggled with the big, wide shots, especially at sunset. But as we got towards the end of the trip, I felt more and more confident in my choices which feels amazing! And Santorini…Santorini was the win!

    I love traveling with Me Ra and Brian. They are the experts on making everyone feel special and make the trip so fun. (You guys crushed it! Thank you!)

    -Teresa, CA
    Portrait of Italy, 2015
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017

  9. Sue

    The best thing about these Photo Workshop / Adventure / Experience Tours with Me Ra and Brian is that everyone goes at their own pace. Nobody is pressured to do more than they are comfortable with. And nobody is expected to be a SME (subject matter expert) on their camera,
    Me Ra and Brian are so patient and make time for everyone that has questions or needs help.

    The group shares tips and tricks so everyone has the best opportunity to get great photos. If someone has a problem the group will gather around and try to solve it. All types of photography outings are scheduled to help everyone gain confidence.

    What did I learn?
    I learned on this trip that I am technically sound and know what ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed to use. I still need to work on composition.

    What did I love?
    If I had to choose one highlight from each location it would be as follows:
    Athens – taking photos of the Acropolis during the day up close and in the evening at Blue Light.
    Milos – tooling sound in the Suzuki Jimmys with the entire group. And exploring with Gena & Heidi; getting lost and finding beautiful Windmills and Churches.
    Oia/Santorini – Having portraits taken of myself by the paparazzi (our group). I was so hesitant to do it but was so encouraged by everyone to Just Do It. After posing this way and that way in the most spectacular settings I walked through the town singing to myself “I feel pretty, oh so pretty”.

    A very close 2nd is was the boat trip to the Savor the Sea restaurant and the amazing Nikolas who greeted us like we were long lost family.

    The Experience, Confidence and Friends made are invaluable to me.
    This is my 3rd trip with Me Ra & Brian.
    I have made lifelong friends that cannot wait to get together again. Preferably on a Me Ra and Brian Portrait of…. Tour.

    -Sue, FL
    Portrait of Thailand, 2017
    Portrait of a Winter Wonderland

  10. Heidi

    I so enjoy my trips with Me Ra and Brian!
    (Thank you so much for giving of yourselves, abilities and experiences.)

    My favorite things;
    Athens: enjoyed wandering through Anafiotika after exploring the Acropolis
    Milos: The open-aired jeeps were such a fun idea! They added a whole new dimension to the trip. Dinners in local spots were great! Loved the photos we shot at the beaches, fishing villages, and the time to explore.
    Santorini: I loved the portrait experience, what a fun experience to have you take our portrait. Loved the night shoots, our boat trip and free time to wander.

    This was a learning trip–yet a fun learning trip–like Italy’s trip it was such a great experience with you both! Everything I learned in Italy was re-inforced . The efforts from how you both teach are so gratifying–building on each technique.

    -Heidi, TX
    Portrait of Italy, 2017

  11. Gina

    There is no better way to travel than with people who care about the experience YOU have.
    Brian and Me Ra made my dream come true! I had no idea travel could be like this!
    Every place we visited, every activity we did, just fit with who I am.

    We stayed in places off the beaten path and and walked into adventure and surprise around ever corner. There was nothing left, I don’t want to say unplanned, but nothing left unthought of.

    The kind of care put into this trip–from accommodations to food, from transportation to activities–fostered the most friendly, inviting environment. These two are creating a travel culture that encourages exploration, connection and creativity. Because of how Me Ra and Brian put together these trips, I had an experience I’ll never forget–traveling with the most wonderful of people.

    There really is no other way to travel, as far as I’m concerned.

    Thank you Me Ra and Brian!

    Oh yeah, I’m also leaving with increased knowledge of how to use my camera!
    My photographs are EPIC!

    -Gina, CA

  12. Erika

    Everything about this trip was dreamlike and filled with laughter.
    I really needed that and you two create a space for learning and bonding like no other.
    You both helped me re-establish my love for photography and why I originally wanted to create a photography business.

    Highlights for me were navigating the narrow streets and pathways through small villages. Everything about Milos!!!! Driving jeeps, hiking up the hills for night shots, and visiting locations off the beaten path that felt other-worldy!

    Santorini was surreal and a must have for photographs!
    I loved shopping and bonding on the first night. I loved photographing each other in our unique finds later. It was great to give each woman a portrait of themselves.

    I never felt rushed and it was such a special moment to see individuals inner beauty be drawn out and shine in photographs.

    Lastly, the critique portion and editing we did was extremely valuable!

    -Erika, WA

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