9-Day Photography Workshop and Adventure Tour of Thailand

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$ 1,000.00$ 5,600.00

Next Tour Date: January 2026

Arrive: Saturday, 1/17/2026 & Depart: Sunday, 1/25/2026

Spend 9-days with Me Ra and Brian on a dream photography workshop & adventure tour that takes you through the exotic country of Thailand! You’ll photograph colorful markets, experience the beautiful people of Thailand, live among the wildlife in the jungle, visit the most breathtaking white sand beaches you’ve ever seen, exotic landscape and seascape, night photography, walk beside elephants, and do a bit of underwater photography of their world-famous marine life! Plus, our last three nights are at Me Ra and Brian’s secret, gorgeous jungle home in Thailand!
Their family has been exploring Thailand for ten years, and they are THRILLED to take you to their favorite off-the-beaten path locations, as well as, MUST-SEE locations (like the limestone cliffs that jet out of the water where snorkeling and diving is one of the top three places in the world! Yes, they’re ending the 9-day tour with an excursion day of snorkeling/diving!) at their favorite, secret place! See Thailand, experience Thailand, capture your own Portrait of Thailand on this unforgettable trip!


Join award winning photographers, Me Ra Koh, and her husband, Brian Tausend for an unforgettable 9-Day Photography Workshop & Adventure Tour of Thailand!

Next Tour Date: January 2026

Arrive: Saturday, 1/17/2026 & Depart: Sunday, 1/25/2026


They will bring hands-on instruction and teach you how to capture the light, vibrant colors, wildlife and more in this exotic country.

Portrait of Thailand Photography Workshop Tour, Me Ra Koh

The Thai people are some of the most kind people you’ll ever encounter which is why their country is called “The Land of Smiles”.

Thailand Photography Workshop and Tour with Me Ra Koh

This 9-Day Photography Workshop & Tour of Thailand follows their popular Italy & Greece photography workshop tours.  Escorted by Me Ra Koh (Disney’s Photo Mom and Sony Artisan of Imagery) and her husband, Brian Tausend (award winning photographer and cinematographer), prepare for an adventure of a lifetime!

Me Ra and Brian have taken their kids to Thailand over TEN times because of how much they LOVE this country! It’s become a second home to them.


Sleep in boutique hotels, floating bamboo huts in a very “off-the-beaten path” location, and beautiful Thai houses on stilts at Me Ra and Brian’s secret place.  Photograph an amazing encounter with the elephants, breathtaking landscape of limestone cliffs to a boat excursion for underwater photography of their world famous marine life!

Brian and Me Ra are even going to take you to their family’s secret getaway in the south where the white sand beaches, snorkeling/diving and rock climbing is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! 

Your dream trip starts in Bangkok. Experience the mystery and wonder of a culture so foreign from your own.

The king's palace in Thailand, Me Ra Koh, Sony Artisan of Imagery

We’ll visit their famous, colorful Floating Markets. Eat fresh mangoes, noodles, and sticky rice!

Floating market in Bangkok, Thailand, Photography Workshop and tour in Thailand with Me Ra Koh

Then we visit an ethically run elephant sanctuary before going south to an off-the-beaten path location of spectacular lakes and limestone cliffs in Khao Sok National Park. It’ll feel like you’ve entered Jurassic Park!

Best Selling Photography Workshop in Thailand

Sleep on floating huts and take a jungle trek with us to a lagoon! (We’re not joking! Just read the reviews! This trip is EPIC!) Your last destination is at Me Ra and Brian’s secret, beautiful spot (yep, we’re not telling you until you’re registered) where you stay in gorgeous Thai style homes on stilts.

camera bag for travel photography, Me Ra Koh

The country’s orchid fragrances, sing-song language, sounds of the jungle’s wildlife, and amazing food will inspire your senses and photography in a way you’ve never experienced. You will not be able to put your camera down! This 9-day Thailand photography workshop tour is a dream for both Me Ra and Brian. Their family LOVES Thailand, and they can’t wait for you to fall in love with it too!

This looks like the most amazing photography workshop tour in Thailand with Me Ra Koh! I have to go!!


This tour is designed for ALL levels of photography. No matter how much of a beginner you are, by the end of Day One, you’ll be out of auto and shooting in manual! Guarantee! Every shooting location for this Photography Workshop & Adventure Tour of Thailand has been scouted out by Me Ra and Brian.  They’re going to set you up for success regardless of whether you’re a beginner or paid pro!

Me Ra and Brian have been teaching photography workshops and traveling abroad for over two decades. Me Ra is one of the select Sony Artisans of Imagery, inspiring both beginners and pros. Brian is an award winning, published photographer and cinematographer.

This looks like the most amazing photography workshop tour in Thailand with Me Ra Koh! I have to go!!

Whether you are a newbie who simply loves taking photos or a pro wanting to be creatively refreshed, they will take you to new levels with your camera proficiency and creativity while exploring the most gorgeous areas of Thailand.

Portrait of Thailand Photography Workshop Tour, Me Ra Koh

You will learn hands-on how to capture your journey through professional instruction, photo reviews in the evening, and inspiring daily photo assignments that help challenge your skills.

Plus, true to Brian and Me Ra’s workshops, we promise that you will laugh MORE than you ever bargained for while having your creative well filled and acquiring new technical skills with your camera!


If your spouse, kids, relative or friend are not photographers but want to experience Thailand, they are more than welcome to join us!  There’s plenty to do! Whether they sit by the pool, enjoy the white sand beaches, or explore, Thailand is AWE-mazing!

BUT, plan to rent a camera for them because they will not be able to hold back when they see the beauty of Thailand! (Kids must be of a certain age to join us and strong swimmers. Reach out to us for more details on that.)

Non photographers enjoy photography workshop in Thailand with Me Ra Koh

This is one of my FAVORITE photos!!! Two husbands (Rick who is smiling and Nick who is on his stomach for the shot.) Both of their wives are the ones who love photography. They were adamant about not taking any photos. As you can see, Thailand lured them in to falling in love with photography! LOL

Beautiful locations in Thailand during Me Ra Koh's Portrait of Thailand Workshop and Tour

This is what they were learning to take a photo of.


Accommodations are in boutique style hotels, floating huts and end with luxury Thai style homes on stilts suites in the most beautiful place on earth. Most breakfast and dinners are included. All levels of photography are welcome.

Portrait of Thailand Photography Workshop Tour with Me Ra Koh


Q: Is the airfare included?

A: Airfare is not included.

Q: What other expenses should I plan for?

A: Daily lunches, a few breakfasts, and one or two dinners, spending money, tipping if you feel inclined to tip our driver or guides, drinks at our favorite sunset bar, and airport transportation at the end of the trip.

Everything else is covered; transportation throughout the trip (except to departure airport), our guide in Bangkok, our jungle guide, temple and Grand Palace entrance fees, our special day at the elephant sanctuary, a jungle trek to a hidden lagoon, and our snorkeling excursion, etc. (YES! We are really doing all these AMAZING things!) Most the time, we eat lunch spontaneously where we are photographing or exploring.

Q: Are we taking a plane, van, bus, train?

We have a private shuttle that becomes the “party van”. LOL Then we fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to the southern region. We love to take our group off the beaten path!

Q: What will I love shopping for?

A: Ohhhhhhh, let me count the ways! Mango shakes, coconut shakes, and all kinds of special finds at the night market and little shops we visit! You may also want to try rock climbing during your free day at the end of our tour. We’ve helped numerous people set this up with the BEST guides! They take incredible care of beginners, as we are ending our trip in one of the top three places in the world to experience rock climbing!

Full, detailed itinerary of this 9-day Photography Workshop and Tour of Thailand is provided to attendees before we leave! It’s epic-epic!

Portrait of Thailand is Limited to 14 people.

Note: Me Ra and Brian’s Portrait of the World Photography Workshop Tours tend to fill up within a few days, so we recommend booking well in advance with a $1,000 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.

p.s. The food is AWE-mazing!!!! If you like Thai food in the states, get ready!!!

Receipt of a non-refundable deposit, $1000 per person, is required to hold your reservation. The balance is due 90 days before departure. For bookings made within 90 days of departure, payment must be made by certified bank check or credit card.

If you decide to cancel any component of your land reservation, there is no refund for the unused services.

Days Prior Start of Travel Workshop and Tour Services Cancellation Charges
201 days or more is $1000 per person
200 – 181 days 25% of total travel workshop price
180 – 151 days 50% of total travel workshop price
150 – 121 days 75% of total travel workshop price
120 days or less 100% of total travel workshop price

*If the attendee is able to replace their spot with someone else, or FIORIA/MKP is able, they will be refunded for everything minus a $500 change fee. FIORIA/MKP will do our best to reach out to our Waitlist, but we do not guarantee or are obligated to find someone to replace the spot. International travel is something people often prepare six months minimum for. Replacing a spot within a few months is most likely not going to happen.



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  1. Rebecca

    If you love photography, nature, a bit of adventure and want a life changing experience, then you need to travel with Me Ra and Brian and their Adventure Family to Thailand!
    This trip was of course the best learning experience, but it was way more then that.
    The depth in which Me Ra and Brian are open with their life stories, struggles, accomplishments and dreams make you see that your life can be what you want it to be.
    But I think the most important thing about this trip is that I felt heard like never before.
    Me Ra and Brian listen to you and not in a casual way, in a way that I have never experienced before. They feel your happiness and your pain, as they they were there while you were going through it.
    As for the knowledge of photography whether it’s night shooting of the stars with Brian, time lapse, telling the story with Me Ra, composition, editing, etc…they are by far the BEST instructors you could ask for!

    -Rebecca, Washington
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017
    CONFIDENCE Workshop Grad

  2. Jennifer

    Thailand was never on my bucket list, but because Me Ra and her family love it so much, I wanted to see it through their eyes and experience Thailand as they know it. I certainly wasn’t disappointed!!!
    In addition to the wonderful places we visited and photographed, the other workshop attendees were phenomenal and made it an even more enriching experience that will never be forgotten!
    -Jennifer, Nevada
    Portrait of Italy, 2015
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017
    CONFIDENCE Workshop Grad

  3. Denise

    The Portrait of Thailand trip was EPIC!!!

    Being able to travel throughout Thailand with Me Ra, Brian and their kids as our guides was an experience of a lifetime! While I knew Me Ra and Brian from the Confidence Workshop, this was my first time meeting their kids, Pascaline and Blaze. I’m delighted to say that they are a true extension of their parents. Their spirit, knowledge and assistance throughout our travels enriched the overall experience.

    We had so many wonderful adventures over the nine days, and our photography skills were strengthened all along the way! One of the highlights for me was the night photography sessions with Brian. I had always been frustrated when attempting to capture the stars or other beautiful nighttime images, and not getting the results I wanted. Needless to say, amazing breakthroughs occurred when Brian taught us some simple tips and tricks on two separate late night excursions to capture beauty in the darkness. A midnight hike through the jungle allowed me to capture one of my most cherished pictures from Thailand.

    In addition to the beautiful sights and sounds, I met many wonderful people on this trip and created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

    Thank you Me Ra and Brian! Thank you! Thank you!
    -Denise, Illinois
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017
    CONFIDENCE Workshop Grad

  4. Kelly, Washington

    I signed up for Me Ra and Brian’s Portrait of Thailand trip, not knowing anyone else that was going, but trusting that no matter what we did it was going to be fun. I was not disappointed!
    From the culturally unique markets of Bangkok to the white sand beaches of Southern Thailand, I woke up excited each morning to see what we would discover. It was an adventure of a lifetime.
    The group on this trip quickly became a tribe, and I will forever hold many of our shared experiences close to my heart. The beauty of the photography we all captured is that we can look back over our combined images, and re-live our laughter and awe…from this magical place called Thailand.
    Koh Pun Ka, Me Ra and Brian!
    -Kelly, Washington
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017

  5. Peggy

    Traveling to Thailand with Me Ra and Brian is a thrill! It’s not your average tourist trip! The location and events give photographic opportunities that are interesting and unique.
    Be ready to learn from Me Ra and Brain, and also from your fellow participants!
    -Peggy, Texas
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017
    Restart Your Creativity Grad

  6. Chandra

    Every piece of this adventure was more than i expected — from Bangkok to our final evening walk through the waters down south. It was INCREDIBLE!
    Thank you to both you + Brian for your inspiration, motivation and guidance during Portrait of Thailand.
    I loved Brian’s enthusiasm during our late night photoshoot + learning to capture the stars in the night sky! i can’t wait to practice more!
    Thank you also, for allowing my son, Graison to join in the adventure. Your generosity to him and teaching him right along with the rest of us was — for me, one of the highlights! Seeing him connect with not only you, but also make a real soul connection with Blaze was such a gift. Neither of us will ever forget it and I know that Blaze + Graison will be friends for a very long time — it was an experience we will remember forever!
    I went to Thailand with an open mind + heart and was gifted so much more than I could have ever asked for. Yes, I captured some amazing images, but the best piece of my journey with you is the connections I made with each of you and the wonderfully beautiful women in our group. These are friendships I will always treasure.
    Thank you doesn’t seem adequate as our time together was wonderful, and I loved seeing beautiful Thailand with you and your sweet family!
    Keep shining!
    Your family is AMAZING!
    -Chandra, Washington
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017
    CONFIDENCE Workshop Grad

  7. Graison

    This trip was life changing! I loved the company of Blaze and Pascaline because they were kids’ my age who travel lots and are tons of fun! I loved meeting all the amazing ladies. I loved the people, places we visited, and everything else! Brian, Me Ra, Pascaline and Blaze were all fantastic hosts and super fun to be around!
    Me Ra and Brian’s Thailand is an amazing place that anyone and everyone will enjoy. I have made amazing connections with fantastic people that will last a lifetime!
    Thanks Brian and Me Ra for this amazing trip with my mom!
    -Graison, Washington (7th grade)
    Portrait of Thailand, Feb 2017

  8. Robyn

    I would recommend this trip to anyone! I enjoyed the culture, food and environments. I enjoyed getting to know all of the people on the tours, as we all came from different backgrounds, and yet really bonded as the tour went on.
    -Robyn, Texas
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017

  9. Wendy

    I was one of the last people to sign up for this trip. It was a trip I had hoped to take “some day”, but didn’t think this was the time for my family or me for a lot of reasons, and I put it out of my mind. Many things fell together, including an unexpected opening on the tour, and a month later I was going to Thailand!
    The trip exceeded all my expectations, and I came back home a new person in so many ways. This is more than a photography trip, it is an adventure-reflection-friendship making-photography experience. What better way to see such an exotic place like Thailand than to have Me Ra and Brian show you their favorite places?! Every day was amazing in some unique and wonderful way. The locations were stunning, as were the new friendships that will last a lifetime.
    From the photography side, I appreciated the photo assignments, the photo shares, and the one-on-one time with Me Ra or Brian. Me Ra and Brian create such a safe place for which to share. A hidden gem was the night photography and time lapse nights with Brian. It was so empowering to capture the night sky, and do something with my camera I had not done before. Besides, Brian is a riot at that time of night!
    I know this review is long.
    It’s hard to capture in words how amazing this trip was for me.
    -Wendy, Wisconsin
    Portrait of Thailand “Savage Squad”, Feb 2017
    Restart Your Creativity

  10. Sue

    Me Ra and Brian are so patient with every level of photography and can maneuver changes on different camera models and brands. They always answer with smiles.
    I’m so surprised that I shot ALL my photos in manual mode!
    I never felt like I needed to change back to auto, even with the challenging lighting at the Lantern Festival. Even though that night was challenging, it was AMAZING.
    I learned so much about light and how to capture it.
    The night photography was so fun, and I think I could now do it on my own!
    All our accommodations were different and enjoyable.
    There isn’t any thing I would change.
    We had just enough down time.
    And if I laughed any more I would have broken ribs!
    We had the most amazing group!
    -Sue, Florida
    Portrait of Thailand, Nov 2017
    Headed to Portrait of Greece and Portrait of a Winter Wonderland in 2018

  11. Parker

    I think you guys should earn infinity in stars!
    I loved the boat trip, and I did three back flips and one cartwheel off the boat. I loved all of it!
    I learned a lot about the Rule of 3rds with taking photos.
    You couldn’t make this trip any more fun!
    This was my favorite trip by far.
    Keep up the good work guys!
    -Parker, California
    (Nick and Teresa’s daughter)

  12. Baylor

    My favorite parts of the trip were swimming, kayaking and hiking in the jungle.
    Would I change anything? Nope! It was AMAZING!
    5 Stars!
    -Baylor, California
    (Nick and Teresa’s son)

  13. Nick

    Photography was not a part of my past.
    To share the experience of learning more about this with my wife, Teresa, was an incredible experience.
    We now have something new to bond on and share together.
    I definitely think I caught the photography bug!
    My favorite parts of the trip were riding Mongolian horses through the jungle with the kids, seeing my daughter do her back flips off a Chinese Junk Boat, and watching my kids play in the river with elephants bathing nearby.
    We expected it to be a great experience, but Brian and Me Ra gave us an adventure above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined.
    -Nick, California
    (Parker and Baylor’s dad 🙂
    Portrait of Thailand, Nov 2017

    p.s. The night photography was great! Something I wouldn’t have done on my own. You guys are great!

  14. Teresa

    This trip was epic in so many ways I did not expect.
    I thought my family would be bored at times, and I never thought Nick would catch the photo bug so quickly!
    This experience was a much needed time to reconnect as a family, and seeing all the experiences through their eyes has been so fantastic!
    Thailand has been a bucket list trip for our family, and I’m so grateful that the kids were able to come on this adventure with us!
    I LOVED the diversity of this trip from the mountains to the jungle to the seas.
    The surprises Me Ra and Brian planned for each place was AWESOME!
    Their detailed planning of the trip was incredible! Each place builds perfectly for the next place. We definitely want to come back for more!
    Me Ra and Brian, your energy and patience as teachers is like no others!
    Thank you for this unforgettable adventure!
    -Teresa, California
    (Parker and Baylor’s mom 🙂
    Portrait of Italy, 2015
    Portrait of Thailand, Nov 2017
    Portrait of Greece, 2018
    Proud Confidence Grad

  15. Rick

    If anyone has a chance to take a trip with Brian and Me Ra…GO!!!
    They are so much fun and so knowledgeable, but you never feel intimidated by lack of knowledge.
    I just came along with my wife, the photographer, but learned so much and feel like I left with some great basic knowledge. I loved seeing my shots after learning these basics! And I always felt included and never left out EVER!
    The small group and the people on this trip made it so special. I feel like I have a whole group of new friends.
    The last two stops we stayed were the most amazing places ever! I would love to do it again!
    My wife and I are well traveled, and our friends always ask us what our favorite place is.
    Portrait of Thailand has outdone anything we’ve ever experienced.
    5 Stars on EVERY THING!
    Encounters Travel made things easy before the trip and answered questions.
    Brian and Me Ra were so much fun and guided our group perfectly without a hitch.
    Of all the places in the world I’ve been to, Thailand and the locations we stayed at are definitely the most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced!
    -Rick, Florida
    (Karen’s husband)
    Portrait of Thailand, Nov 2017

  16. Karen

    Brian and Me Ra did the most phenomenal job from Day 1 all the way through to Day 9!
    They met each and every one of us where we were in our photography knowledge.
    There were several different levels of experience in our group, and I never saw one bit of difference in their approach to us individually.
    We all laughed at our successes and our failures! I’ve never in my life laughed so much on a trip where I didn’t know everyone!
    I can’t wait for my next photography tour with Me Ra and Brian–wherever that may be!
    My husband and I have taken a lot of tours but nothing like this–the places that we went to are places we would never have been taken to with a tour company.

    With my photography, learning to shoot in manual is such a huge game changer for me! I feel so much more comfortable, learning that some of the things I’ve been taught as “must do’s” are simply not necessary!
    Learning how to do long exposure photography at night was such a huge moment for me because it’s something I would never do on my own.
    I always shot in Aperture-Priority mode before this trip and not only am I now shooting strictly in manual mode, but I can’t believe the SUCCESS I am having with my photography! Manual mode doesn’t freak me out any more!!!
    In fact, I’m feeling more confident in getting sharp shots because I’m understanding how to get my camera settings dialed in.
    We had the BEST guides we could have ever imagined in Brian and Me Ra! We’re ready to sign up for the next one!
    -Karen, Florida
    (Rick’s wife)
    Portrait of Thailand, Nov 2017
    Proud Confidence Grad, 2016
    Brian’s Custom Photo Organization Course, 2017

  17. Amy

    Dear Me Ra & Brian,

    I want to thank you again for such a fantastic trip. SO fantastic!

    You showed us the real Thailand, up close and personal. It’s obvious how much thought, care, and love you put into planning this trip. It was so stress-free and I just sat back and enjoyed.

    I was apprehensive about traveling solo and being with a group of strangers. But you two brought the group together and made the dynamic of our group just work. I never felt left out or lonely and always felt cared for and protected.

    Me Ra you are so warm and open and have a beautiful energy. Brian you are so funny and kind and protective. I’m sure it’s not easy being married, working together, and traveling with the group but you two made it look effortless.

    And then add photography to the mix. I loved the way you stripped it down to the basics and got rid of all the bs and really focused on creativity. I needed that. I was burnt out and at a dead end (which is one reason my husband really encouraged me to go on this trip).

    It was amazing working side by side with both of you and I hope that some of your photography genius rubbed off on me. Me Ra — our conversation in the ocean about my takeaway will stick with me and inspire for a long time.

    I could go on forever about how much I loved this trip and getting to know you but I will spare you. Just know that this trip far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to our next adventure together. And my husband is on board with Egypt!

    Please feel free to use this email as my review.

    Hugs to both of you!
    Amy, California
    Portrait of Thailand, Nov 2017
    planning on Portrait of Egypt, 2019!

  18. Kathy Williams (verified owner)

    Going to Thailand with Me Ra and Brian was the trip of a lifetime. Thailand wasn’t even on my bucket list when I saw Me Ra’s post about the trip. I had only briefly met Me Ra and Brian at a photography conference years ago. I do have some of her books, thank you for helping me to photograph my grandchildren, and I have followed them online for years. I have loved following the Rising Phoenix series. All of their posts are inspiring and full of positive energy. I am an amateur photographer and knew I would love the trip. Although my husband always supported my photography, he was not interested in being a photographer. We also knew that he would probably be the only husband going on this trip, except for Brian.

    Turns out it was one of the best decisions we ever made! Brian was able to teach my husband how to use the camera we rented for him. He was shooting in Manual from day one. Turns out he has a good eye and his photographs are amazing. He really enjoyed learning how to use the camera, grabbing it and doing it on his own. As an amateur photographer it was awesome to have two professionals helping with camera settings and teaching me new things; nighttime shooting and time lapse.

    This trip was so much more than a photography workshop. The group of people on this adventure were amazing, we became friends right away. Me Ra and Brian’s love for Thailand and adventure was evident and contagious for all of us. I know what we experienced would not have been as good if we had planned a trip by ourselves, or even through a tour group. They have made so many friends in Thailand, I know we received “special” treatment from the best guides in Thailand. Everything was so well planned, even allowing for enough time for us to explore on our own. Although, many of us in the group would hang out together on our free time.

    The sites were amazing. The places we stayed were all perfect. The people in the group were lovely. Brian and Me Ra were amazing hosts. So much fun! It was so very hard to leave. I would go anywhere with Brian and Me Ra, and i really hope to go on an adventure with them again. Next time, I will be the wife tagging along with the photographer!

    Kathy Williams, NC
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  19. Murray Williams (store manager)

    I had one of the most unique experiences of my life during a recent trip to Thailand. I tagged along with my wife for a photography extravaganza hosted by Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend. For me this fulfilled two bucket list items. The biggest being a celebration of nearly 42 years of marriage to Kathy, and there was the opportunity to see a part of the world and culture unknown to me beyond reading in books. Of course, the potential for learning some photography skills was also a plus noting I am not a photographer. When Kathy approached me regarding the trip, we jumped on it. Kathy knew Me Ra via a photography conference a few years prior. I knew absolutely no one, and mind you, outside of Brian, I was the only other husband present on this trip with 12 women, and two teenagers. …I mean what could possibly go awry?

    So now fast forward…what a blast and adventure! I can’t begin to describe it all and keep this concise, but the experience was nothing short of awesome every single day!

    So here in one run-on paragraph is what we did! We visited various markets including those you walk through to those where you move out of the way for a slow-moving train coming within inches to those you visit via long boat. There was a visit to a sugar farm, as well as touring a palace and temple. Then there was also a trip to the Elephant Nature Park (a sanctuary park) with 120 elephants ranging from youth to one aged 96! Add to this a night on a lake in floating huts following an hour boat ride and observing wild elephants and monkeys along with a cave excursion. Then we toned it down a little heading south and spending the last three nights at a beach resort (boat assessable only – 20 minute ride) with lots of monkeys. So much great food, beverages and company including a snorkeling trip around some of the surrounding islands. During this time, I had the opportunity to challenge my extreme fear of heights via another cave tour ascending towards the top with the exit being to repel down. …scary, but mission accomplished!

    This trip was accomplished solely through the efforts of Me Ra and Brian. I cannot begin to express my sincere thanks to them for this amazing endeavor. Brian is absolutely Mr. Entertainment, and Me Ra has the best laugh ever! …and the laughs are continual for everyone! I absolutely recommend anything involving these two. They are absolutely wonderful people! I would welcome the opportunity for another adventure with them.

    …and yes I did learn a few things involving photography! Looks like I might have to advance from my iPhone to a real camera!

    So there you have it!

    Murray Williams
    Charlotte, NC
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  20. Jen K (verified owner)

    The Portrait of Thailand trip was an absolutely incredible and amazing experience! As a very frequent traveler, I was quite nervous about venturing to the other side of the earth to Thailand. I have very little experience taking photos in manual mode and would consider myself a novice photographer. My camera came right out of the box and into my bag. Me Ra and Brian quickly eased all of my fears, anxieties, and doubts that I had of this photography excursion. They helped each individual person with their camera settings. They spent time looking at our photos and teaching us how to use the different settings in manual mode. By the end of the week, I had so much more confidence in taking photos in manual mode, that I will be able to continue to do so on my own. Their cultural knowledge of Thailand was astounding! They took us on some of the most excellent adventures that I would never have been able to do on my own. The places we visited and photographed were simply breathtaking! Me Ra and Brian are just SO much fun and they definitely know how to plan an adventurous photography trip!
    This trip is definitely a 5-star trip of a lifetime!
    -Jen, MN
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  21. Sean R

    Good greeting to who ever is reading this This email goes to the review of Thailand with the main guides, Me Ra and Brian. This trip was so nice because they taught us how to take great pictures and the different type of setting for different occasions. For example a dark setting will have low iso and high shutter speed. Brian is also very funny and picks the best food in the area. But if you want to focus whatever your taking a picture of you have to lower the f stock which is good for taking pictures of elephants.

    The elephant exhibit was so pretty and it’s just so amazing that we get to see elephants before they go extinct and out travel guides showed us all the backstories of the elephants. As well as the water buffalo are also awesome cause they just mind their own business and don’t get the attention they should. Other than that the elephant exhibit was an amazing experience. Speaking of elephants we were at the Khao Sok going on our early morning safari and you won’t believe it.. we saw wild elephants on the way! It was truly amazing as we didn’t just see bamboo moving in the trees we actually saw a family walk out into the water and move to another island. Me Ra say not once in her years of living she have ever seen that happen before, and she was really happy and jumping for joy.

    Moving from the elephants, the scenery was much to appreciate as the views of the mountain terrain, great waters on the boat, and the sunset on Krabi Beach by the bar that opens at 5:30 and closes at 8ish. Just appreciating the mountains and land that was untouched by humans is truly amazing and the fact wild elephants and other animals live in there just blows my mind. Sometimes I just thank God that he made this beautiful earth for us to look at and appreciate.

    The houses at Krabi beach were truly amazing as it was right there beach side and next to lots of nice shops. My personal favorite is the bracelet shop with Aom and Len. Each house at the beach club is its own design and unique. It’s so nice going there and seeing your house it’s like a surprise every time. The houses are very open which I love and the fact almost every house has a hammock is just lovely. The triangle pillows you can also lean back on are just awesome for doing your work in your house. Just make sure you close your windows or some monkeys will take your food and make a mess everywhere. The beach club is just so relaxing to be cause it’s safe, enclosed and the people there are just so nice.

    Me Ra and Brian are also great at teaching swimming as they taught me how to tread water which it’s mostly in your legs like a scissor but also moving your arms in a semi circle using your shoulders. They taught me in the great lake of Khao Sok which has beautiful scenery from your floating hut. The floating hut was comfy and cozy, it may look small but very nice and pretty. But make sure you close your doors before you leave the house or mats will be all over your bed. But other than that it’s so beautiful cause it feels like your one of those instagram models that open the curtains to see the pretty gold sunrise as the birds chirp and the water sloshes it’s so pretty. The tour guide Num was actually so hilarious as his jokes make the scenery even better and he tells you literally everything you can think of in the jungle. Like he knows about monkeys, plants, birds, spiders, caves and so much more and he teaches them in such a fun way.

    Me Ra and Brian also teach in a fun way as we take pictures and present them to the group which is a neat way to put your presenting skills to test and see how other people see things in their perspective. Me Ra is a bundle of joy and is so nice and can answer any questions of photography. She also has the best stories to tell as they are very engaging and entertaining. And Brian omg he is so funny because he can think of the craziest things and it would be so funny, his laugh is also very unique and it’s cool to hear it. And they are both a dynamic duo that will just keep adding on to your laugh, they are also very organized as every time they explained we’re going to move locations and hotels everything’s is just set up like a perfectly fit jigsaw puzzle. And there energy is amazing as they get up early every morning with not one bit of anger, just happiness. And there just two great people to be around with cause they’re so understandable and funny which is like two things that are good

    Other than that the places they placed us at were just beautiful and the way things were set up were perfect. And this Thailand trip was also perfect with the right group and the right travel guides. I loved every single part of it and would come back every chance I can,

    Thank you for such an amazing trip Me Ra and Brian!

    From, Sean (14 yrs old), NY
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024 with his mom

  22. Sheryl M (verified owner)

    I recently took an incredible opportunity to go on an epic photography workshop travel tour of Thailand with my teenage son, and I can confidently say that it was a life-changing experience for both of us. From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted people. The workshop was a perfect balance of photography instruction, cultural immersion, and adventure. Me Ra, Brian, and our local guides led us to some of the most breathtaking locations in Thailand, and Me Ra & Brian gave us valuable insights and tips to enhance our photography skills. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the stunning beauty of Krabi, each destination gave us a unique opportunity to capture the essence and soul of Thailand.
    One of the highlights of the tour was the chance to witness and photograph the elephants both in the sanctuary in Chiang Mai and in the wild in Khao Sok Lake. It is definitely an unforgettable memory and left us with countless stunning images.
    Beyond the photography aspect, this tour also allowed us to immerse ourselves in Thai culture, connecting with the locals and gaining a deeper understanding of their way of life. Whether it was interacting with the locals, exploring vibrant markets, or indulging in mouthwatering food, every moment was an opportunity to grow, learn, and appreciate the beauty of diversity.
    The accommodations throughout the tour were comfortable and conveniently located, providing a much-needed respite after long days of exploration. The tour group consisted of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for photography, creating a supportive and inspiring environment that fostered new friendships and creative exchange.
    I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the opportunity to share this experience with my teenage son. Not only did we create lifelong memories together, but we also learned and grew as photographers and individuals. The workshop tour of Thailand surpassed all our expectations, leaving us with a renewed sense of wonder and a deep appreciation for the power of photography to capture the essence of a place and its people.
    Thank you Me Ra and Brian for sharing with us your passion. You guys have touched every person to have crossed your path and it is definitely a blessing.
    -Sheryl (Sean’s Mom), NY

  23. Melanie (verified owner)

    5 stars!!! This trip was amazing! I am a planner-planner-planner, But I decided to just let myself not think about anything and be surprised by all of our plans. Everything was meticulously planned out and taken care of. First trip abroad for me, and everything felt safe and taken care of! Best group of people!
    Brian and Me Ra are the best!!
    -Melanie H
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  24. Jenn

    The Portrait of Thailand trip is truly like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my many years of traveling the world. In addition to the trip being outstanding, learning new ways to photograph in a variety of settings was invaluable. This is my third trip to Thailand, yet Me Rah and Brian brought us to unique locations I’ve never visited. Even some I had no idea existed. From a boutique hotel in the heart of Bangkok to a secret jungle hideaway, this journey was full of delightful surprises and hidden gems.

    Highlights for me included eating delicious Thai food at every stop, visiting an elephant sanctuary, staying in floating houses, seeing wild elephants and monkeys, spending the day on a pirate ship, and then repelling with a few other attendees after climbing through a bat cave. At the end of the trip, I had time to wind down and enjoy the beach and our secret hideaway. Our accommodations were outstanding at every place but the last beach was extraordinary! Truly beyond all expectations! By the end of the trip, a calm came over me like I rarely experience. I never wanted to leave.

    None of this would have been possible without our incredible guides as well. Teaching us about local history, sharing their own experiences, and just being really extraordinary people made everything we did with them a delight. They made me smile until my face hurt. They had such a zest for life and a desire to impress us with their personal slice of Thailand. They were so much more than just tour guides. By the end of time together, each one of them felt like a new friend.

    Last, but not least, nothing compares to the incredible people in our group. From around the country, and different backgrounds, we cherished our similarities rather than our differences. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. I always trust that I can show up as a solo traveler on one of these trips and leave with new friendships that are sure to last a long time. I especially loved meeting Abigail and Sean (two teenagers who came with their moms). Seeing everything through their eyes added to the wonder I was already experiencing. So, thank you Me Ra and Brain for another adventure I will forever cherish.

    Overall, it was the best vacation I’ve had in years, and I have the two of you to thank for it. I can’t imagine what an enormous task it was to pull this trip together on your own. You did an outstanding job. Thank you!

    Jenn from Massachusetts
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  25. Alisha M (verified owner)

    Looking to fill your cup? You’ll want to go on this trip to Thailand with Me Ra and Brian. Portrait of Thailand has everything from action, adventure, creativity, nature, food, relaxation and more! I came on this trip to experience and photograph Thailand and WOW, I got so much more! Brian and Me Ra know Thailand so well and guide the group to all their favorite spots taking amazing photos along the way. If you are looking for the photo trip of a lifetime, this is it – just go!

    Alisha M, Naples, Italy
    Portrait of Italy, 2023
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  26. Cece Pele

    EPIC EXPERIENCE!!! Portrait of Thailand was such an AMAZING and UPLIFTING getaway. It was a packed itinerary with some downtime to explore on our own. MeRa and Brian did an awesome job with the detailed planning from the day we arrived until the day we departed, which made it stress free for us all.

    One of my goals this trip was to get out of Auto Mode and I did just that! Shooting in Manual Mode gives you complete control over your camera settings and thankfully I have a better understanding of that. Before visiting the many sights, MeRa and Brian shared photos and the settings they used which was very helpful. After this trip, I will always feel confident shooting in manual thanks to MeRa and Brian’s direction.

    Thailand was above and beyond anything I would have ever imagined! We had the best tour guides that took us to these beautiful places and gave us a little history behind each one. It was simply breathtaking! We covered so many incredible sights and activities within the 9 days and it will be something I will always treasure. Encountering the gentle elephants and monkeys was definitely one of my favorites, especially the baby monkey. The people in our group were pretty amazing too and it was so great to make new friendships.

    Thank you MeRa and Brian for this memorable experience. This was a trip of a lifetime!!

    Cece P, WA
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

  27. Angela Troy

    My journey with the Portrait of Thailand was nothing short of magical. From the moment I arrived, every minute was filled with excitement and awe-inspiring moments that left me with the most amazing memories. I feel truly revived, blessed, and thankful. I feel like this picture says it all for me…take me back!!!

    Let’s start by saying that I had some fears about traveling to Thailand due to some deep-rooted fears related to snakes! That turned around in no time! I felt so safe, so comfortable, and so overjoyed each day.

    Me Ra and Brian are absolutely exceptional. Their blend of humor and genuine helpfulness added a unique touch to the trip. They not only guided us through the art of photography but also made the experience incredibly enjoyable. Their passion for photography is infectious. They played a pivotal role in making this journey unforgettable. From the beautiful (and I wish I could think of an even stronger word) landscapes to the vibrant, friendly culture of Thailand they were able to make a reality for all of us, every moment felt like an opportunity to capture something extraordinary. I came home with pictures that I am so proud of and that truly captured how I felt in each special moment I took them. I will cherish these not just because of the picture itself but the feeling I get from each one.

    One day we took the coolest pirate ship out to a reef for snorkeling, paddleboarding and so much more. Here, Me Ra took some pictures of those of us that wanted them that made me feel like a superstar. She has this knack for making you feel your own power and beauty and making it a reality. I did the Portrait of Greece previously and had a similar experience – I left feeling empowered, free, and more beautiful than ever. I really love that feeling. Thank you, Me Ra.

    If you’re looking for a photography trip that combines skill-building, laughter, self-growth, and breathtaking scenery, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience with Me Ra and Brian. They are true experts in their craft, and their commitment to creating a remarkable experience for their clients is second to none. Thank you, Me Ra and Brian, for making this trip to Thailand an absolute masterpiece of memories!

  28. Becky H (verified owner)

    Joining the Portrait of Thailand Photography Workshop and Tour was like stepping into a dream. From our first day in bustling Bangkok to the serene moments in Me Ra and Brian’s “secret” hidden paradise, every detail was crafted with care, making our journey unforgettable.

    Imagine being amidst the chaos and charm of Thailand’s floating markets, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors, on a boat skipping through the water between the various market stalls. Here, under Me Ra and Brian’s guidance, we learned to capture the soul of Thailand through our lenses. Their tips turned ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

    We had a heart-touching encounter at an ethically run elephant sanctuary. Witnessing the gentle giants and their playful babies up close was magical. The entire experience was crafted to ensure that we respected these beautiful creatures while capturing their essence on camera.
    Then we headed into the jungle, a realm out of time, its ancient limestone cliffs and emerald lakes a perfect canvas for our photography. Here, we stumbled upon a scene that felt plucked from a dream—a herd of wild elephant mamas with their tiny babies swimming across the lake to an island where they would sleep for the night. This moment, so rare and serene, is etched in our hearts forever.
    Amidst this, my 16 y.o. daughter’s journey was its own unfolding story. Having never ventured beyond phone photography, she dove into the world of cameras with an eagerness that surprised us both. Brian became her mentor, patiently guiding her through questions and techniques. Watching her confidence bloom as she captured her first “starburst” and many other stunning images was a joy. Her adventure took an even more daring turn as she climbed two rock walls, then venturing up and into hidden caves before rappelling back out with a triumphant smile. It was more than a workshop; it was a passage of discovery for her. Watching her overcome her fears and thrive in both photography and physical challenges was a joy beyond words. Several individuals came up to me remarking about her confidence – a descriptor I hope she truly heard and continues to embrace.
    Me Ra and Brian have a gift for creating a space where everyone, photographers or not, feels part of a community of friends—this is actually my second trip with them and it has happened each time even though the attendees change. Their laughter and passion infused our days, making every moment one to cherish. It wasn’t just about photography; it was about connecting with Thailand’s heart and soul, its landscapes, and the people we experienced it with.
    This workshop is more than a learning experience; it’s a transformative journey that binds you to the land and its stories. For my daughter and me, it was a treasure trove of moments that challenged us to see the world through different lenses—literally and metaphorically.
    If you’ve ever wanted to explore photography or simply witness the beauty of Thailand through new eyes, this trip is your gateway. It’s an adventure that promises not just growth in your artistic and creative skills but in your soul, leaving you with memories and connections that last a lifetime.
    -Becky, Va
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024
    Portrait of Italy, 2023

  29. Crystal K (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted to go to Thailand with Me Ra and Brian for YEARS – even before I met either of them! I knew this wasn’t going to be just a photography trip and it turned into more than a vacation. This Portrait of Thailand became an opportunity for me to further explore my own identity and abilities. I spent time getting lost in a new city and learned how capable I can be in unfamiliar territory. I traveled across the ocean completely alone and found confidence and inspiration to solo travel even more. I learned that I am Not very good negotiating a good deal on souvenirs (yet!). I conquered my fear of street food in a foreign country and planted seeds which grew into the start of some incredible new friendships. All this before the trip officially began!

    This experience was the perfect blend of a creative refresh, relaxation, and fun! The Portrait of Thailand was a wonderful and exciting time to dive into a culture and environment so different from my own. Nearly every moment was its own mini adventure. From choosing which food vendors to eat at to finding that perfect souvenir to just wandering down the never ending vendor stalls in awe of all the colors and textures, there’s no shortage of interesting and exciting things to do and see. I ended the trip excited to pick up my camera and explore my own city with new eyes. Me Ra and Brian’s joy, excitement, and knowledge of Thailand and photography made everything even more incredible. Their teaching style seemed aimed to equip us with the skills to capture images that inspire each of us individually. I tend to look around and marvel at the beauty surrounding me but now I’m inspired to capture that through my camera.

    This wasn’t my first “solo” trip I’ve taken where my group consisted mostly of people I’d never met. But it was the first trip where I didn’t know ALL of the details before hand. Me Ra asked me what I was hoping to get out of the trip to which I responded, “to let go and be present.” Little did she know I’d been working on the letting go part for months prior to stepping on the plane. The overwhelming need to be “in control” was slowly tempered by my desire to actually enjoy the journey.

    If I had to choose a single word to describe my prep for the Portrait of Thailand experience, it would be trust. It takes an incredible amount of trust to go halfway across the world with a group of people you don’t know, to a country you’ve never been to, with only a brief description to indicate what to expect. But from what I know about Me Ra and Brian, it’s that I can trust that they know what they’re doing and they know how to ensure Everyone has an incredible experience because these are the experiences they would want for themselves and their family. Why trust me, a stranger? You don’t have to. Instead trust in Brian and Me Ra’s 15+ years of experience in Thailand! They’ve been vacationing there with their family for so long, they’re practically locals. They exude confidence and comfortability that it instantly put me and all of my worries at ease. From day one, I was able to let go and be fully present at every activity and meal.

    The ONLY thing I would’ve done differently would seem like common sense but I must’ve left some of mine at home – to bring my “souvenir money” with me to Every market. We were advised we would not need not to bring it to one market and later our tour guide recommended we purchase our souvenirs and snacks there because the next stop would be much more expensive for the same things. Lesson learned.

    Before (and even during) the trip, I would recommend not getting too caught up in the itinerary. Instead truly be present in the moment and be open to a little flexibility. Brian and Me Ra have everything handled! Plus, it leaves room for unexpected and wonderful adventures along the way! Like the market that wasn’t on the itinerary but Me Ra and Brian thought would be exciting for us to visit (and it was indeed, very cool!) No two trips will be exactly the same and I can’t wait to go back!

    To anyone on the fence about attending, I’d ask, “What’s keeping you from an experience of a lifetime? Now tell that thing to step aside because YOU’RE GOING TO THAILAND!”

    Thailand is the Land of Smiles – I’ve realized this isn’t just the smiles you see on the Thai people; it’s the smiles on your face and the faces of every person traveling with you every day of this experience!

    -Crystal K, NV
    Portrait of Thailand, 2024

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