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Blog Circle: Meaning of the Color Red

Me Ra Koh

This month’s blog circle with our beautiful CONFIDENCE Teachers is all about the meaning of the color red.

When we first thought of this idea, I LOVED it.  After all, February is the month of sweethearts, being in love and celebrating Valentine’s Day.  How hard can it be to capture the meaning of the color red?  Then February rolled around, and I started looking in my home, through my clothes, at my favorite trinkets, and nothing was red!  NOTHING!  Can you believe that I don’t even own one piece of clothing that is red?  I had no idea!  (that’s a reason all in itself to go shopping, right?!)

This unexpected challenge made the blog circle photo exercise that much more challenging and fun.  I knew I needed get out of the box, and that is when I decided to walk.

So let me ask you this…Do you ever feel like your mind is running wild with confusion, fears, doubts, unending questions and you can’t see straight?  That is what I’ve been fighting off these last few weeks.  It’s as if all the chaos in my mind wants to crawl across my brain, take up all my creative space, and cloud all my judgement.

Anyone relate?  If yes, this is what I found on my walk for the meaning of the color red!

the meaning of the color red, Me Ra Koh, SONY NEX-7Shot with SONY a7R

This perspective felt so empowering.  My heart leaped inside.  I need to stand up and yell STOP! to the chaotic growth of confusion in my brain.  All those wintry, bare branches are like spider webs trying to crawl across my every thought, robbing my peace of mind.  I’m saying STOP!  I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but when I looked up at this stop sign and saw the tangled, twisted branches–holy cow, I saw my brain.  And that red stop sign, that is the meaning of the color red for me this month!  That red stop sign is CLEAR, BOLD, SIMPLE, and STANDING TALL.  These are all attributes I can focus on versus all the confusion.

Between the family all being sick for over two weeks, not sleeping well from coughing or throwing up, to all the rain, snow and rain, to all the change in our business, to trying to process how to pack this home and start saying goodbyes, to getting a million logistics together for leaving in March, to not having any answers to a million more questions, to all the fears that accompany stepping into the unknown , to finding out a few days ago that I’m flying to FL tomorrow for a morning show…holy smokes friends…I am officially overwhelmed.  I feel like I’m pregnant all over again and about to give birth.  But here is the truth.  I was two weeks late with Pascaline, and I went a little cuckoo during that two weeks.  I started feeling like I was going to be the only woman who would never give birth but be eternally pregnant instead.  That’s how I’m feeling with trying to push out this family travel show vision with Brian.

I need to plant my STOP! sign in my brain and heart.  I need to ring my YES bell again, and ring it LOUD.  It’s not enough to ring the YES bell once, sometimes we have to ring it again and again until all those cobwebby fears and doubts stop growing.  What’s a YES bell?  Check out my Babble post to see the unexpected YES bell I found in a forest recently.  Powerful.  We all need a YES bell.

We all need a red STOP! sign, not just in our neighborhood but captured and posted to our wall.

Thanks for listening everyone!  I’m sure that our CONFIDENCE Teachers will have way more to share both in words and visually on the meaning of the color red.  They are always so inspiring!

Follow the blog circle by going to Neyssa’s blog next!  You are going to love her use of RED with Square Templates!

Cheers to embracing the STOP! in our brains!





  1. helene says:

    I haven’t visited your blog in a very long time & I needed some special “something” to keep me strong today & the rest of the week..I had a sudden impulse to check it out & see if you had written anything recently that I could relate to …your thoughts lifted me up, inspired, grounded me & worked their magic…thank you so much MeRah for sharing yourself in your posts. I plan to catch up on your older posts tonight to find out about all of the new things you & your family are involved in …Your are amazing!!!

  2. Julie Watts says:

    I LOVE these posts. “STOP” is an excellent option. Thanks for reminding me I had it!