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Come Hear Me Ra Koh Speak and Shoot Alongside Her in October!

Me Ra Koh

Come hear Me Ra Koh speak in October!

Do you live in Boone, NC, NYC, Madison, WI or Minneapolis, MN? If so, you are invited to a special event!

Hear Me Ra Koh in October

Sony and their partners (B&H, National Camera Exchange and The Camera Company) have invited Me Ra to do Mini-Workshops in Boone, North Carolina, Madison, Wisconsin, NYC and Minneapolis, MN!

If you’ve never been able to attend Me Ra’s 2-Day CONFIDENCE Workshop in Dallas, you can experience a two-hour taste of it when you attend one of these Mini-Workshop events! Some events involve a 2-hour photo shoot demonstration where you can shoot alongside Me Ra as she breaks down her creative vision for capturing the spirit of family with model families and babies.  See below for details on each location. Registration required for all events due to limited space;

Boone, NC:10/4: Promoting Passion Convention w/Brooke Shaden
New York City: 10/7, 10am-12pm, Capture the Spirit of Family and Book Signing at B&H
Madison, WI: 10am-3pm, 10/10, Capture the Spirit of Family and Hands-On Photo Shoot
Minneapolis, MN: 10/16 and 10/17, Capture the Spirit of Family and Hands-On Photo Shoot

Book Signings and Q&A will be at the end of each event.

Baby and Family Models Needed for Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN. First come, first serve. Email janna@fioria.us if you’re interested.

*Sponsored by Sony.

Excited to see you there!


p.s. Early Bird Price of $999 versus $1249 for our 2-Day Confidence Workshop in Jan. 2016 ends October 15th!

Come Hear Me Ra Koh Speak in October