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Starting the Master Cleanse (gulp)

Me Ra Koh

I did something crazy yesterday.  Brian did the “something crazy” starting Saturday.  We’ve started the Master Cleanse.  Have you heard of it?  To my surprise, almost everyone at the Natural Health Food Store has either heard of it or done it.  My neighbor has friends who have done it.  Brian’s sister has coached several people through it.  One man “turned off” his cancer when only given weeks to live.  But for me and Brian, this is our first time.  Where have we been?!

Hello Lemons!

For ten days you drink a lemonade concoction for what Burroughs calls a “master” cleanse.  This is how it works.

You wake up in the morning and drink 32 oz of warm, un-iodized salt water to flush your system out.  (This has been the toughest (aka I WANT TO GAG!) part.)

Then you mix two tablespoons of fresh, organic lemon juice, two tablespoons of organic Maple Syrup and 1/10 tsp of Cayenne Pepper in 10 oz of water.  The taste is surprisingly yummy.
That is your meal for the next ten days.  You drink this 12 times a day.  No foods, no supplements, no vitamins, no nothing but the homeade drink of lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It was strange for me, since I used to take supplements like cissus for joints and other benefits, that I usually purchase at Amazon.

This cleanse has been around for decades.  It is known for curing ulcers, turning off cancer, killing cravings, healing unending colds and most of all, resetting your body.  I’m on day two. April 10th seems like years away.  I’ve fasted before in the past, and it seems like the first three days are the worst because of the habit of eating, not necessarily the need.  Yet, the lemonade concoction gives you everything your body needs for the cleanse, so you don’t feel hungry and your body is staying well nourished.

Why are we doing it?

We’ve been traveling A LOT for the last few months.  Our last trip was in LA with the kiddos for nine days.  Now that we are home, I’ve dusted off my desk and LOVE that I can unpack my suitcase.  The Spring is here with budding cherry blossoms, and I feel like there is new life to be had, to embrace.  Tomorrow’s post will talk about that more…a 20 year milestone I’m excited to share with you.  But we also have a handful of things that are inviting us to prayer.  Ideas, questions, vision that we want to saturate in prayer–dedicate time to listening.  So it feels like it’s not only time for a physical cleanse but a spiritual one too.  I’m pressing in to heaven’s throne room with questions and anticipation of answers.

So, does anyone want to join me and Brian?  🙂

Let’s just say it’s a different kind of Spring Cleaning, but our bodies are going to love us for it! We’ll be cleaned out, reset and ready as ever for the Minneapolis Workshop in two weeks!  🙂  Since it’s the last workshop for several months, we want to do it right!

But seriously, if you are interested this is the book, The Master Cleanser.  You can get it on Amazon for like $3!  🙂  Pretty amazing read.  And we can all meow on Twitter together as we go through the ten days.

Happy Monday!



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  1. Shannon says:

    Goodluck, did it 3years ago, did wonders for me, I keep wanting to do it again!!

  2. Michelle S says:

    I’ve never done it, but have friends that have. I could probably use the cleanse, but do I have the will power to not eat for 10 days??

  3. I did the MC for 30 days. At 14 days I added protein powder to the lemonade so I could try to keep some muscle tone but it was the best I had felt in a longtime. I was havin food sensitivities that I didn’t know I had and was always uncomfortable. The master cleanse cleaned me out but in all honesty if you TRULY want to cleanse your intestines I recommend “” (not for the queezy to view this site) but it is a true cleanse and not just a fasting, which is what I would consider the MC. good luck! It’s mind over matter

  4. I tried it before, not impressed with it. Mayb I’ll try it again … hmmm.

  5. Me Ra says:

    Thank you so much ladies! This is so encouraging! Shannon, when you say it did wonders, what do you mean? And Christina, you went 30 days! That’s AMAZING! I’ll check out the site! So inspired by you ladies this morning!

  6. I tried it and lasted less than 24 hours. Good luck, I have friends that swear by it.

  7. Melanie says:

    Gosh – I’d love to do this. Do I have the willpower???? Good luck!

  8. I have a friend who does it with her husband once a year. I really enjoyed having a glass of the “lemonade” last time she did the cleanse =)

  9. I did it for two weeks straight and never felt better! Lots of energy. Since I don’t have children at home, I found I had tons of time on my hands too!

  10. Jennifer Leigh Tacbas says:

    I, too, started somewhat of a cleanse on Valentine’s Day: Eating non-processed foods, focusing on protein and veggies, limiting gluten, exercising 4x a week, and rewarding myself at the end of the day with a piece of dark chocolate. I threw out all the “crap” food in the fridge and pantry. That was a liberating action! I feel better than ever and even lost 2.8% body fat in my first month!

    I’ve had a few friends who have done the lemon cleanse before and they dropped a whole ton of weight and felt great overall. Just remember…it’s mind over matter. Good luck you two!

  11. I think you are really better off learning how to juice for yourself and then incorporating into your life. Buy a Vitamix and make green smoothies. Eat less meat, no processed food, and start eating clean. It will change how you feel ALL the time, not just for a few weeks. Good luck. It really is incredible how you will feel when you make these changes.

  12. Laurene Klassen says:

    No easter bunnies for you Me Ra! But, I bet you’ll have more energy and will be “hopping” around more than most of us! Good on you! I may try it after our family vacation.

  13. Good luck! And Easter is such a perfect time for reflection and prayer. Blessings for both of you…

  14. Beryl Young says:

    Last month we bought a juicer and attempted a green juice fast. The fast lasted all of one day. This was inspired by the documentary ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead’ (have you seen it?! Incredible.) Adding the fresh green juice into our diet however helped us feel AMAZING!!! We just couldn’t handle a full on 10 day fast. I might jump on board with a Master Cleanse during the summer, but right now with full time work and a busy toddler at home it just doesn’t make sense. Summer will bring the time and space I need to truly focus inward and tune into cleansing my body and soul. Good luck with yours. xo.

  15. Kelli Kalish says:

    My sisters did this cleanse several years back…I laugh thinking about it… They wanted to KILL each other by the end! I agree with making a more permanent change.. Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks Over Knives. These two docs will change your life! These cleanses are great but they don’t mean much if you jump right back into old habits after. I have been juicing, drinking green smoothies and eating a plant based diet for over a year now and the energy I feel is constant.. And the best part is I still get to eat! This type of diet has turned peoples diseases and sicknesses around in unbelievable ways! You will see proof of this in these movies! I could go on and on but will spare you:)) All I know is making it a lifestyle change as opposed to a temporary fix is really the smartest thing to do.. There is no reason to put yourself through the agony if you are not planning on following through with changing your eating habits…you will only end up voiding what you just did:))) Good luck!

  16. Me Ra says:

    So fun reading your comments today! They are like little bits of encouragement as I go along! 🙂

    I want to say that I totally agree with the temporary fix being simply temporary. Regular patterns of eating healthy are much more beneficial. I’ve been Gluten, Dairy and Caffeine Free for a few years now. Those diet changes have made a WORLD of difference! I pretty much love Korean food–go figure! 🙂

    I’m doing the Master Cleanse as more of a short overall body cleanse to enrich and nurture the eating habits I already have. In fact, i think being Gluten free has helped maintain my energy while traveling. You would think it would be only more difficult to maintain with travel, but it’s actually been so beneficial!

    I’m a big juicer too! Saving up for a Vita Mix though because I want to expand my RAW diet! I love the idea of making soups warm through a Vita Mix! I’ve been trying to convince Brian and the kids to go RAW with me, but they roll their eyes and say “NO!” 🙂

    Just wanted to make sure you all knew where I was coming from. Brian’s diet on the other hand is a different story. LOL! 🙂 I’ll make sure I pass some of your comments on to him!


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