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9 Photographers Inspire You to Capture New Life: March Blog Circle

Me Ra Koh

Today is the First Day of Spring, and it’s my sweet Pascaline’s birthday!  She has organized so many different birthday celebrations in the last two weeks that I almost forgot her birthday was actually today!  This girl knows how to stretch out a birthday!

On Saturday, we had a bunch of 12 year old girls over for a special 6 course birthday dinner, and turned our house into Chez Deguise (French for the “House of Disguise”).  Brian, Blaze and I dressed up and pulled out all the stops for a French evening, narrated by Brian with a distinct Pepe Le Pew accent and Jacque as his little server.


We had hours of giggling girls.  It was the BEST!

But back to what today’s post is about…Since today is the official calendar day of Spring’s beginning, the CONFIDENCE Teachers and I thought it was the perfect day for inspiring you with images of newness!

For this month’s Blog Circle, the theme is “New Life”.  With our CONFIDENCE Teachers being around the country, we know not everyone has beautiful Spring weather right now, but how can you capture the theme of New Life?

Egypt_Baby Ducks-1

Nothing says New Life like baby animals do.  While in Egypt, Pascaline made fast friends with this baby duckling.  No matter where we travel, the kids come most alive when they encounter wildlife.  Whether it was back in 2009, and Pascaline found a kitten during our Eco Tourism stay at a village in Thailand


or the baby duckling in an Egyptian village.  New life experienced through animals has always captured her heart.  I look at these two photos, and my mama’s heart has to pause.  This little girl, whose personality has always been so big, is evolving into a beautiful young woman.  Isn’t it amazing how fast our own babies grow?

How would you capture New Life this month?  Your weather may be dreary.  But regardless of the weather, how is New Life presenting itself to you during this amazing season with Palm Sunday and Easter around the corner. How has hope resurrected in places of your heart where you were once convinced could never live?

Click here to continue the Blog Circle and see Allison’s photos and interpretation of New Life, and then follow the next CONFIDENCE Teacher after Allison.

May you be inspired through our teachers’ photos for this month’s Blog Circle.  But most of all, may your spirit be encouraged that New Life is possible–even when the winter seems to never let go.



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