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Part 2: How to Live like Ancient Jewish Shepherds on Ass Avenue

Me Ra Koh

How to Live like Ancient Jewish Shepherds – Family Travel Inspiration for Your Future Trips

If you’re looking for things to do in Israel, experience how to live like Ancient Jewish Shepherds on Ass Avenue!

Part 2 is here! How to Live like Ancient Jewish Shepherds on Ass Avenue

Adventure Family goes back in time to experience the history and day-to-day activities of ancient shepherds from what they wore, milking goats, making fresh food in the wilderness, riding donkeys and sending messages home with pigeons. But we also learn heart lessons from our wonderful host, Menachem Goldberg, about leadership and the value of knowing where you’ve come from to know where to go.

Talking Points for the Family, Classroom and Homeschoolers

  1. When you think of visiting Israel, what do you picture seeing?
  2. What are some of the activities ancient Jewish shepherds did 2,000 years ago?
  3. How long do you think it took to make bread from gathering wheat seeds to cooking the dough versus buying a loaf of bread at the grocery story?
  4. Why did the shepherds throw the seeds in the air and then dance with the seeds?
  5. How many minutes do you have to grind wheat seeds to get 2lbs. of flour?
  6. Would you have fun grinding seeds into flour?
  7. What’s the Hebrew word for telling donkeys to walk? Did the donkeys listen? 
  8. What special lesson did our guide share with us for knowing how to live?
  9. What was the most interesting part of this episode? (We’d love to know in the comments!) (THANK YOU!!!)

Did You Enjoy How to Live like Ancient Jewish Shepherds?

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