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Photo Essay: Decade of Photographing Children

Me Ra Koh

How does one compile over a decade of work into fifteen favorite images?  Photo Essay: Decade of Photographing Children is my attempt.

For every single image you see, there are a thousand behind it.  From starting with a roll of film to evolving the craft when digital photography first came on the scene, I have found the magic of storytelling with a camera. I have had the opportunity to pause and see the single moments that make up a child’s world.  Most of all, I have documented my own children and their many stages of wonder, exploration and magic.

Portrait photography is a vehicle of healing, confidence and voice.  Through a single, captured moment, you can be a voice for a child.  Through creative collaboration, you can ignite the imagination of your pre-teens and teens.  By letting go of control, you can ask a two year old where he would like to sit in the family photo and be delightfully surprised every time.  I can’t think of a more powerful, artistic medium that not only gives the artist voice but those who are being captured both during the photo shoot and drawn in after.

This body of work spans from 2002-2012.  The second decade is in the works!

Inspiring to see Me Ra Koh's work Photo Essay: Decade of Photographing Children.