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The Most Elegant Wedding; Meet Anne and Preston!

Me Ra Koh

Brian and I had the honor of shooting the most elegant wedding in Colorado.  On a warm summer day, Anne and Preston celebrated their commitment to each other.  And being able to capture every tender moment, especially the subtle ones, always gives me such life inside.

If ever a wedding had details, this three day event was thought through from beginning to end.  Kathy Vaughan was the incredible wedding planner who worked side by side with Anne and Anne’s amazing mom.  You will LOVE seeing what these three organized!

All the linens were gorgeous custom designs.

A local artist painted original water color for each place card

and menu.  Champagne Peach Juleps were served with napkins that had the recipe imprinted.

Even Anne’s amazing grandma (a woman who taught herself to paint in her eighties–and is an amazing painter!) made homemade peach jam as a gift for each guest.

But no one had anything on the kids’ table!  That was definitely the spot to be!

But aside from all the beautiful decor and details, Anne shined.  She was simply stunning.  This is one of my FAVORITE shots of her!

And this is a classic Brian shot that shows the beauty of “less is more”. (How does he do that, every time!)

There are so many more to share!  I had the most wonderful time creating Anne and Preston’s slide show.  I think I cried every five minutes!  If you want to fall in love again today, grab some Kleenex, turn up the volume, and CLICK HERE to watch a wedding of elegance unfold.

Dearest Anne and Preston,

Thank you for inviting us to photograph your wedding event.  We have loved getting to know you both these last two years.  You are such a wonderful couple, and your wedding will always be one of the most enchanting!

And Alice, thank you so much for your southern hospitality, humor and wonderful wisdom.  I look forward to spending more time together!

much love to the family,

Me Ra

*To watch Anne and Preston’s wedding slide show, CLICK HERE!

**To watch more wedding slide shows, click here.


  1. Anne says:

    Me Ra! These are so beautiful! I just love them. And they are especially amazing because you had to take all the ones of us at 1 pm in the middle of the super bright sun! Thanks so much for sharing our wedding with us, especially in the middle of every other exciting thing you have going on.

  2. denise karis says:

    the first and the second to the last are my favorites! What a beautiful couple!!
    What charming little details too! I love wedding details 😛

  3. Tammy Snyder says:

    Absolutely stunning! The slide show is precious and what a beautiful couple that seem so in love with each other. Great job Me Ra and Brian!

  4. Rhonda Kane says:

    I always look forward to seeing your slide shows after a wedding – beautiful pictures, moving music, FABULOUS all around.

  5. Delanae says:

    My daughter just got married (July 24th) and I just got to see her photos!!! They are so beautiful but I just LOVED looking at your photos too and your presentation is so great! (Love slideshows with music!)

    Super great job, as always! 🙂

  6. jen armstrong says:

    so enchanting…kind of took me to another world. lovely!

  7. Linda says:

    Absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. Amazing. Did I say stunning….?

  8. jeramy says:

    gorgeous. i love the dreamy feeling of the dance floor shot.

  9. Karen Casey says:

    as always Me Ra, beautiful pictures! I am working thursday (what a surprise) so my DVR is set and I cannot wait to see you!!

  10. Alice says:

    Of course, we love the pictures, but we also loved having you and Brian with us during the big weekend. I wish I had a picture of Brian on the roof taking the shot of the tent! You guy, you guys. Thank you for giving us the memories.

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